You Will Never Retire, Here’s Why…

Recent reports have found that less than 30% of American workers are on track to retire at all, and even fewer think they will have a comfortable retirement and they might be right.

I know you didn’t want to hear this, but there are a few BIG factors at play in the world today that are going to act to keep most younger generations in the workforce indefinitely.

This is all before considering the major hiccup that the covid 19 pandemic has been.

A global event that has actually worked to widen the gap between younger generations with fewer assets and more precarious employment, versus older generations which tend to be more secure.

Now you might think you are different, you contribute to your 401k, save diligently, subscribe to How Money Works and even invest regularly into the stock market.

Well that’s all great, but I might still have some bad news for you.

There are lot’s of issues at play here… Housing, the stock market and a series of broader economic conditions which might threaten the general assumptions we make about indefinite growth.

So it’s time to learn how money work’s to find out why we will all be on that grind until we are 120 years old.