Lyons brothers’ mom’s name used to file court documents in 2018 — years after they say she died

The brothers told police they buried their mother and sister in the backyard of their home in the southwest suburb, where two bodies were discovered over the weekend. The men have been released from police custody and do not currently face any charges,

Court filings raise a whole new set of questions about a case involving a Lyons home where police unearthed two bodies over the weekend after two brothers who lived there told authorities they had buried their mom and sister in the backyard years earlier.

A document entered in a foreclosure lawsuit involving the home was purportedly filed by the mother of the two men in April 2018. But the two men, who aren’t being named because they haven’t been charged with a crime, told police and reporters their mother had died in 2015.

No hearings were ever held in the lawsuit, so the mother was never obligated to appear in a Cook County courtroom. But records show that one of the brothers accepted a summons for his mother in March 2018 and claimed to a process server that she still lived at the home at the time.

The brothers, ages 41 and 45, came to the attention of authorities last week when public works officials noticed water had not been used at the filthy and cluttered home for more than a year.

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