We Hear You: Losing Ballots, Stiffing Landlords, and Rethinking Afghanistan

Dear Daily Signal: GianCarlo Canaparo’s analysis is so accurate in his commentary about the Biden administration’s extending of the eviction moratorium (“Kavanaugh Eats Crow on Eviction Moratorium”). Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh permitted unelected bureaucrats to steal from rental property owners.

I invested in a small number of rental houses to supplement my retirement. I rent them at half the market rate to help less fortunate people.

All include appliances. Broken things get fixed ASAP. And I pay all utilities on all but one.

When everyone was locked down during COVID-19 and I got the $1,200 stimulus check, I gave my renters a month’s free rent and utilities.

I didn’t receive the $1,400 stimulus check my renters received recently, but they all have jobs and can afford to pay rent.  However, one has decided not to pay rent, which includes all utilities.

I feel betrayed because of the new (illegal) eviction moratorium. I wish I could tell Kavanaugh about the impact his decision had on rental property owners. We have bills too.

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