Man Who Claimed Intruder Killed His Wife Has Now Been Indicted for Her Murder

It was all a lie, officers said. Investigators long put the couple’s financial situation under scrutiny.

“Nicholas Firkus also said that he and Heidi were behind on their bills, that their house had been foreclosed on, and that they had to be out of the house the next day,” the probable cause statement reads, summarizing the defendant’s interview at the police state. “He said that they hadn’t told any of their friends or family about the foreclosure or their need to be out of their house. He said that they had planned to pack up their house on Sunday and Monday morning, put some of their belongings in the garage to get later, and find someone to stay with.”

But authorities say Firkus apparently kept his wife in the dark about their deteriorating financial situation. Firkus had told officers that he and his wife had an April 26 deadline to get out of their foreclosed home. Officers found no evidence that Heidi knew of their serious financial situation, or even of the foreclosure.

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