The New Untouchables: The Pecora Files 

This series is an up-close-and-personal account of the heroes introduced by Eric Vaughan and Patrick Lovell’s “The Con” which took a simple but revolutionary approach to explain the epidemics of elite “Control Fraud” driving the great financial crisis of 2007-2008 and continuing today. 

Bruce Jacobs, a veteran prosecutor and defense attorney in Miami, joins Patrick Lovell, Steve Grumbine and Eric Vaughan for a discussion beginning with the concept of integrity.

The story of David vs. Goliath has been memorialized throughout history and popular culture as each generation puts its own spin on the timeless story to translate for that era.  The same can be said now through the story of Bruce Jacobs, a former Miami prosecutor turned defense attorney who has committed his life to the noble pursuit of justice.

As has been unpacked throughout each episode of The New Untouchables is the stark reality of the corruption most Americans are intuitively aware of, but now can understand clearly. We live in a system where the law serves upward and comes down hard; how the country can finance criminal fraud and then cover it up in the courts.  However, you have yet to encounter a more straightforward revelation of what’s happened to millions of the most vulnerable until now.

Bruce Jacobs is a modern-day David combating the Goliaths of Bank of America and Chase that have outsized influence in the country and actually argue “Privilege” to prevent discovery of their criminal activity in the courts when pursuing foreclosures.

The truth has been presented time and again throughout The New Untouchables; from Addie Polk to Cindy Brown, to elderly women everywhere, and now Ms. Anna Rodriguez, a Senior Cuban woman who like everyone else was set up by the massive crime wave that constituted the 2008 Financial Crisis.

It never ended. What’s happening now with Rental Evictions and Forbearance Moratoriums ending is the exact same recipe.

See for yourself the up close and uncomfortable truths our judicial system leans heavily towards, the power of the county as they railroad the most vulnerable in bulldozing liberty and justice for all.  Mr. Jacobs isn’t standing for it.  Will you after learning the truth?  

Only time will tell.

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