One Year After Netflix Documentary, Murderer Chris Watts’ Home Remains in Purgatory

The Colorado house where Chris Watts strangled his pregnant wife before leaving to murder his two young daughters remains in legal purgatory.

The horrific crime received national attention and became the focus of last year’s Netflix hit documentary “American Murder: The Family Next Door.” Yet, a year after the documentary aired and three years after the crime, the five-bedroom house sits empty in limbo—even as Watts languishes in prison.

And the primary reason is not what most might assume: deep squeamishness at the idea of inhabiting a home that was the site of a notorious murder. No, instead the home is now haunted by wildly prohibitive finances.

The 4,200-square-foot house in the Denver suburbs where Watts lived with his family has become a local tourist attraction, drawing carloads of looky-loos who stop to take photos—or even attempt to break in—several times an hour.

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