Team 12 Investigates: Couple faces foreclosure after mail mix-up

Mr. and Mrs. Wong have lived at the same address on Rugby Road since 1979. Today — they almost lost that home in an ongoing foreclosure case, regardless of having the money to pay off their previous installments in full.

Mr. Wong, an 81-year-old retired engineer, started showing signs of dementia in 2018. That same year, the bank handling their mortgage, Citibank, changed its mortgage loan service provider to Cenlar, a third-party company.

When that transfer happened, the bank says it sent letters to the Wong home, asking them to sign off on Cenlar’s continuation of their autopay plan, but the Wongs never signed the document, assuming the literature was junk mail, and having never heard of Cenlar.

Now, three years later, their mortgage hearing delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, Mr. and Mrs. Wong’s daughter, Simone Wong, reached out to Team 12 Investigates. She’s been fighting for her parents to keep their home for almost three years.

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