Doubling Down With the Derricos’ Deon Derrico starts selling tee-shirts with family name as home goes into foreclosure

DOUBLING Down With the Derricos star Deon Derrico has started selling branded tee-shirts with their family name on them.

Deon, 50, took to Instagram to show off the striking orange tops, which feature the Derrico family name in large print on the front.

On the back, family values including “love”, “faith” and “strength” are listed for fans to proudly wear in support of the TLC family.

Deon announced the shirts on his Instagram grid, telling his 68,000 followers that the tee-shirts had been a “dream” made into a reality.

“Many of you have been asking and requesting the ‘DERRICO Love T-Shirts’ and now the wait is over,” the father-of-fourteen excitedly wrote.

He went on to explain that they planned to give a portion of the profits away to charities supporting “women, children and the elderly”.

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