All Aboard!!! Class Action Against Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, U.S. Bank National Association, Lender Processing Services, Inc. and DOCX, LLC

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Supporting Facts

The Whole Country is BOGUS – Fabricated Mortgage Assignments All Over the Country


Lender Processing Services, Inc. – FORM 10-K – EX-21.1 – February 23, 2010 Legal Proceedings


79 Responses to “All Aboard!!! Class Action Against Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, U.S. Bank National Association, Lender Processing Services, Inc. and DOCX, LLC”
  1. Cresente Santos says:

    Deutsche Bank Nat. Trust.must go down to hell.

    • Molly says:

      But trying to find a attorney to take the case and not want a lot of money is worse that looking for a needle in a haystack

      • Linda Hartsock says:

        Deutsche bank refuses to modify, even though my husband has been waiting for his social security disability benefits for 4 years. The don’t can

      • Linda Hartsock says:

        meant to say they don’t care,

  2. Amy Blackmon says:

    I am in court now fighting Douche. I did mot default and it was them who defaulted me and still in court but they still day they own my house.

    • Jennifer Sager- Pittsburgh, Pa says:

      How do I join the lawsuits against Deutsche Bank? They sold my mortgage to different mortgage companies they own(HomEq & Ocwen). The issues are still same and have been playing the never ending forecloser and modification game since 2005! I need help, I have fought valiantly for the last 8 yrs off and on with each mortgage company but feel they are gonna win in the end due to me being tired of the fighting for my home and not actually accomplishing anything, nothing has changed and still owe almost the same amount after living in my home for over 10 yrs now. Where is the help for the common people who fight everyday to just feed their family, pay bills and have a home for themselves. Tried programs after program but in the end the Mortgage company wins.

  3. william moon Sr. says:

    Forget the lawyer and demand your constatutional right to a jury trial no lawyer will get your property against these big banks but a jury will see this coruption.This is the biggest organized crime group I have seen.

  4. Lawyer here wanting to join against Deutsche Bank dba U.S. Bank, NA, 2006 – see no assignment – sold it out 2 months post filing bankruptcy – see no chain of domentation – wondering if mers who holds title has them – any news would be helpful – I believe another theory in this is that they sell off to a group that has tighter regulations for refinancing in order to force foreclosure as servicer continues to say they have to follow investor guidelines and I can’t see to find the PSA that is in effect for the pass – American Mortgage Network had the initial mortgage and assigned title to MERS – then it got passed to Deutsche for US Bank, NA the trustee who says they have nothing to do with the modifications or refinancing – its all up to ASC who is also part of Wells Fargo

  5. Please contact me about joining this lawsuit against Duetsche Bank and Saxon Mortgage. You can contact me at

  6. Molly Farace says:

    ok talking on the web is one thing but what about the press getting invovled bet they would like these stories… many of us are still in there home in limbo…not knowing what is next …how many of us have had a heart attack or a family member have one and now they can not work and you do not know when you will get a notice and have to get out…and is there a class action suit and what attny is handleing it…..that is my question who started this web site…

  7. Molly Farace says:

    I have been fighting this company with a lawyer for so long I have lost track and these law firm gets paid and nothing gets better I was paying my mortage made a payment in Sept of what year I forget but Have records in the Brevard county Florida…they filled a forclouser after they took my payment and I had been paying it I won and have been going round and round my house needs repairs why fix it if I am going to be kicked out…My daughter is in the Army fight so we can be free and her mother pray everytime it rains because I set in my chair with buckets around her. the plumbing is worse I can fix some of these things but why when I may be kicked out the only thing I can not understand if I would have lost they would of kicked me out….so since I won how do I kick them out……This home belong to my father it is all I have I have no where to go accept for maybe burning the house down with me in it you see the insurance is paid by me everymonth….

  8. eunice campos says:

    Please anyone help me , How can I join the class action lawsuit against Deutesche? ‘
    They just took my house

  9. Patrice Notaro says:

    Deutsche Bank, through Saxon Mortgage, foreclosed on our house in January 2010, while my husband and I were trying to modify our loan. I asked and was granted one adjournment of the foreclosure sale because of the modification package that was submitted many times and updated many times before foreclosure. I requested a second adjournment and was ignored. To this day, I have never received a response that we were denied the modification. During the entire time of the foreclosure process, we were still receiving escrow notices and other correspondence from Saxon Mortgage. How do I find a class action suit against them?

    • Dontilla says:

      Any one please tell me who I can contact to join this Law Suit. Duetsche Bank is committing many malfeasances and getting away with it. Their Modicication process is only a sham. 92% of the applicants are denied. And they are not offering any Short Sales to any one who ask for this option.
      Their Cash for keys or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure is only written on paper, it means nothing.
      Their Customer’s Service Representatives will give one set of information annd their Law Firm will do something completely different. They should be held accountable for deceiving the public with such impurnity.

      Please tell me how I can join this Class Action Law Suit.

      • Dee says:

        Yes, Class Action Against Deutsche Bank. But can you find an honest attorney, honest judge, honest….. Nothing more than common criminals. I won’t forget. And I am tired of being lied to.

  10. Etta Hindra says:

    I would like to join your lawsuit, pls call (310) 350-3834

    • Mark & Pam says:

      We would also like to join a class action law suite also Deutsche Bank with the aide of Saxon Mortgage & Ocwen Loan Servicing stole our home/property April 2010! We have been told our home/property has already been sold as well! We would like to join a class action that is not state specific. If we can all group together we can also ask Congress to investigate these three crooks!

  11. dennell williams says:

    I need find someone to serve from Deutsche bank I can’t find any information they have already taken our house. My mother is trying her hardest to do anything she can. She has opened a lawsuit against them with very little time left. If you have any information… Any it will be appreciated THANK-YOU

    • Mark & Pam says:

      Deutsche Bk, Saxon Mortgage & Ocwen Loan Services are all crooks-we’d like to join a class action lawsuite-please email us as we lost our home/property to them also.

  12. Debra says:

    They foreclosed on my house. Barclay’s Capital Real Estate, Inc. is the one who “footed” the bill for Deutsche.
    So shady. The judges in Osceola Cty Florida just don’t give a shit about fraudulent assignments, etc. I fought pro se for four yrs only to be lied to by a judge saying I could NOT present any evidence, have any witnesses because of a default which I had responded to to get additional time for personal reasons. So the trial comes, he asks for my exhibits, witnesses, and I have none because he said I could not at the previous hearing!! I ask for a continuance because of this and he denied it. Needless to say, I am sickened by this and actually feel traumatized by how it all panned out in the end.

  13. Michael says:

    I would like to add my foreclosure by Deutsche Bank to the list. After losing my job and getting 2 months behind, I found another job and tried to get back on track with the mortgage loan processing company. They asked me to send them tons of information which I did. Then six months later they asked me to send it all again only updated, which I did. This went on for nearly two years. Then they said they couldn’t do anything and foreclosed. That was almost 2 years ago. They admitted that they don’t have the original note. Please let me know if I can supply more info and join the class action. I can be reached at

    • Ken Schneider says:

      Last time I saw this there were only a couple posts…. had I know there was so much interest, I would have posted sooner…. For everyones info, the attorny(s) that filed the class action against Douche Bank dropped the suit a few weeks after filing. I was not told why, however, my guess is the enormous amount of money it takes to do a class action. Its a David vs Goliath suit…. sorry it dissappoints everyone, it disappointed me too…

      Ken Schneider

      • Brianna says:

        This is sad news. I would like to have jumped in on the action too.
        David v. Goliath? I hope it’s as simple as that.

  14. George says:

    I found out my assignment was signed by Tamara Price and that Deutsche Bank did the assignment after starting my foreclosure. Just filed motion to vacate judgment. On my finale Judgment packet they had someone certify it was true copy even after court warned Banks not submit documents unless there sure they certified.

    New Jersey

  15. lynn says:

    I lost my home to this bank. I had to let my home go, but had found 2 buyers prior to foreclosure. Deutsche bank refused to accept the offers from the buyers even though they were $30,000 above what was still owed. They said it did not cover their legal costs.

    How do I get involved in the class action suit?

    • jinka says:

      i dont know but i want to, if i hear anything ill post on here and if you hear anything will you please post on here? i hope we can help each other.

    • Janet G. Reed says:

      Is there a class action started against Deutsche Bank? I also lost my home after patiently trying to remodify my loan for 2 years. During the 1st year, I was unemployed…they kept telling me that once I was employed where I could qualify for the “new loan” things would happen. So, after 11 months, I got a job where I could qualify for the “new loan” for the next year….I was faxing the same paper work over and over. When, at the end of that year, I recieved a notice that Deutsche does not participate in the remod process. I am in the process of moving out of my home, and found out that the “aution” that was suppossed to happen..wasn’t an aution, but Deutsche bank sold the home back to themselves. After talking with an attourney, was told. Banks that hold mortages all got some bailout money, the insurance will pay the bank for my forclorsure, and they will be able to claim all the loses on their taxes. Its a bunch of HooHoo for sure!!

    • jinka says:

      how much could they have in legal costs that 30 grand wouldnt cover it? has anyone heard about how to start a class action suit or how to get in on one? please let me know thank u

  16. please HELP!!!!!!!!! im a single mom of 2 and i take care of my disabled mother pam.we need help deutsche bank cant get awaw with what they are doing

    • lvent says:

      If you elaborate on that maybe we can help you..

      • piper says:

        HELPPPP!!!!!! we just got more crap from deutshe bank. now there trying to pull some grimey shit. i NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO A CLASS ACTION SUIT!!!! please someone anyone help us thank you. im a single mom of a 3yr and a 9 yr old i take care of my disabled mother PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us

      • piper says:

        can any one tell me how to start a class action suit against deutsche bank? they are pulling some serieous bull shit. now were getting letters saying that there not eviction notices but they are rental agencies. we owned our home they lied stole it out from under a handicapped woman and a single mother of a3yr old and a 9yr old…. what am i suppose to do? someone anyone PLEASE PLEASE help us. im scared all the time that were going to end up on the streets, my babies have had the most miserable summer there always scared if they hear a car come up the driveway they run down to nana’s room. how is that ok? they deserve a life. iv been working on a way out of the mess the bank made and i am out of options.

        PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE OUT THERE HELPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jinka says:

        help i need to talk to someone about duetshe bank they are destroying m y familys life
        can someone tell me how to get a lawyer on a contingancy plan when we dont have any money to hireone

    • Michelle says:

      Deutsch Bank should be renamed to Douche Bank. They are horrible to work with. I had my taxes and insurance in escrow and had to fight them tooth and nail to pay the taxes. It took 6 months. They paid taxes on adjoining property which was NOT part of the loan. When they sold my loan to Ocwen (another joke), they informed Ocwen that I had not made a payment for over 9 months. (2010). In January of 2011, we received a statment advising us of how much interest had been paid for in 2010. If we did not make a payment in 2010, how in the world could we have paid over 2,000 in interest? Also, this is a FEDERAL form. They tell the government one thing and their customers another. After fighting with them for months, we just let the bastards foreclose on the house. It was a heartbreaking choice, but we felt we had no other recourse. Who would give us another loan? Ocwen and Douche Bank’s idea of working with you is charging you 20,000 dollars for legal fees added to your loans and making your house payments with all of your salary for 9 months and giving you less than 100.00 to live off of for 1 month. These greedy SOB’s need to STOP. It was our government money that keeps these slimeballs in business. They should die a slow, horrible death in poverty slum conditions.

    • jinka says:

      what thell hell is going on i wait for someone to coment on anything and noone does. what has everyone been payed to keep quiet or what? i asked for help and noone can even tell me to take a hike when they dont want to let me in on info,who did i piss off? well if its not to much to ask can one person let me in on whats up i need help. and my family has suffered enough

  17. Sowhatarewegoingtodoaboutit? says:

    Does anyone know how to join this class action? because Deutsche Bank National Trust LLC stole my house from under me and my family Feburary 2010 My mortgage was with One West Bank not Deutshe Bank..One West bank was sending Loan Modification papers while Deutsche Bank was foreclosing and after filing a request for original loan documents, and multiple request of different things, (M.E.R.S is a fraud too) which they couldn’t provide and Judge Charles Maskey of the Supreme Court of NY didnt ask them for it or request that the bank produce them, because he felt I was trying to buy time. He awarded them the house, but I didnt owe anything..huh? Can someone tell me how a person doesn’t owe any monies at the end of the foreclosure battle? One week later it was owned by a local real estate company.

    • The solution to stop Deutsche Bank is to each INDIVIDUALLY file lawsuits against them. Class actions are great, but if we can find 1000 people to each file individual lawsuits against Deutsche Bank, they will go bankruptcy in defending the lawsuits OR they will start negotiating with each individuals to negotiate and keep their property.

      If you are interested in filing individual lawsuits, let me know. We work with attorneys, but your lawsuit will be in pro per therefore you won’t need that much money to begin the process. The filing fee is $390-
      $400, depending what state you live in.

      • Allison says:

        I live in washington dc. I am a dependant of an active duty service member. One west proceded with foreclosure sale to Deutsche Bank. Fighting in lanlord tenant court for possesion. Need to file lawsuit asap HELP

      • Iryna says:

        Please, get in touch with me in regards of Suing Deutsche .. I’m keeping at bay their fraudleny foreclosure for a 6 year now and need to attach them after my counter claim for Fraud was dismissed withing a main action..I appealed it.. waiting on 5DCA decision on my counterclaim.. please, advise on the attorney to choose to win Big here and for sake of everyone. as well
        My N: 352-433-2001

        Thanks for any help or contacts in advance.

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