DISTURBING BEHAVIOR in FLORIDA: The $67K Water Lien! Revoked Homestead!

This one is from Stop Foreclosure Fraud

Individual does not want to disclose their name. I have authenticated this to be true.

I have spoke to others and this has happened to them …but without ANY violations.

Could this be the way that the MBA might get around to allow banks to foreclose on “Non-Homestead” properties??


1. Non-Creditor places a Lis Pendens

2. County/City revokes your HOMESTEAD

3. County/City issues code violations

4. County/City places a lien on the subject property

5. County files a Foreclosure Notice for unpaid Code Violations (ie: not getting a $2-3K sewer connected that turns into $67K FAST and growing …while in Lis Pendens)

6. County sends you a letter letting you know that they CANNOT foreclose on a homestead residence.

GUESS WHAT? They revoked it! So now they can foreclose and get in first place of the bank(s) foreclosing… Kick you to the CURB!

Bank now pays the “County/ City” off. It can be any violation…Did you clean your pool? mow the lawn? ANYTHING!


But why you ask…

It’s the only property you own!

It’s the only “Primary” residence you have!

This one is from Stop Foreclosure Fraud

It’s the only mortgage in the Country….So why is this not your Homestead property?

Good thing they weren’t working on a “Loan Mod”.


Don’t believe me see for yourself…

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3 Responses to “DISTURBING BEHAVIOR in FLORIDA: The $67K Water Lien! Revoked Homestead!”
  1. What is the legal authority for and procedure by which, if any, by which a unit of local government can revoke a homestaed exemption?

  2. Alina says:

    This has happened to me as well without the water lien. My homestead was revoked after they claimed they mailed a letter to me and I failed to respond. Never received anything from the County. I have been trying to get them to reinstate the homestead exemption since. I have case law that sttes that a homestead cannot be unilaterally revoked.

    They are acting just like the banks. Every time I send in the documents requested, they either do not receive them, cannot read them, and/or are incomplete. I have appealed to the VAB only to be told that I have to go through the property appraiser’s office first. I tole the VAB secretary that I have contacted the property appraiser’s office many times and I am getting the run around.

    This is the only house I own and is my homestead.

    Would like to get an attorney’s take on this.

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