MERS® InvestorID System is Now LIVE – Get to Know Your Investor

This is a HUGE update to the MERS® Servicer Identification System. It now identifies the INVESTOR on your loan.

How much do you want to bet that in almost all foreclosure cases the Plaintiff is not the Investor…

Just a random sampling of cases will reveal that the Plaintiff is not the Investor.

We are going to use it in a case this afternoon where the Plaintiff says it is the owner and holder of the note but the investor on the MERS InvestorID system says otherwise.

How to look up your loan

1. First check your mortgage documents online in the public records or from your court file.

2. Locate the MIN number in the top right hand corner of the document.

3. Go to

4. Search by MIN, or if you do not have your MIN number, Search by Property Address/Borrower Details (not as accurate)

5. And there you have it. It should list your servicer and your investor.



13 Responses to “MERS® InvestorID System is Now LIVE – Get to Know Your Investor”
  1. Sar says:

    I am interested in buying a house that is going through foreclosure. I would like to know who the investor is. I have the mers id# but I can not see the investor is because I obviously dont have the home owners ssn. When I look up the mers id# it says inactive. Ive called mers, wells fargo and everyone else I can get a hold of and no one seems to own this house or know when it will be on the market. I tried to buy it in shortsale but the homeowners just decided to leave it and wished me luck on purchasing it. If only I could find out how!

  2. Don Day says:

    HUGE QUESTION: PLEASE RESPOND!!! I have a letter that lists my Investor as DEUTSCHE FFMLT 2006-FF16(732). with a notation in upper right corner that gives the following “C3_1908 Investor Inquiry – GSE 14870 05/02/2012” I was told by BANA that this loan is a GSE under Freddie Mac though it does not come up in search of Freddie Mac. I was foreclosed under power of sale by DEUTSCHE BANK NATION TRUST COMPANY AS TRUSTEE FOR FIRST FRANKLIN MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST 2006-FF16 (FFMLT 2006-FF16). CAN ANYONE GIVE INFO ON THIS, HAVE TO HAVE APPEALED FILED IN 8 BUINESS DAYS!!!!

  3. Greg says:

    Can someone tell me how to respond the lawyer for BOA, i requested production of the note. They came back with some case law stating that all they need is a contract to proceed with foreclosure. Im no legal wiz but my gut is telling me that something in the milk aint clean.

  4. agage46 says:

    Mers is a fraud, and you cannot believe anything they say or post it’s just that simple .

  5. A.R. says:

    I get the same thing about my loan.
    “This investor has chosen not to display their information. For assistance, please contact the servicer.

    Contact the servicer ? But I don’t trust anything the servicer tells us ! Now what.

  6. Arpad says:

    “This investor has chosen not to display their information. For assistance, please contact the servicer. ”

    This is what i am getting from MERS. No help at all.


  7. Truth Seeker says:

    Just checked the MERS® InvestorID System. It says “This investor has chosen not to display their information. For assistance, please contact the servicer. ” The servicer claims to be the owner and plaintiff in the foreclosure complaint. Wouldn’t they be listed as the investor on the MERS site if they were? Fraud here?

  8. Darla says:

    Why is MERS suddenly providing information on who the investor is? Hmmmm. Anyone have any theories? It’s as if they no longer want to be the mortgagee of record because they don’t want the repercussions that that brings with it.

    I looked mine up and it says that Fannie Mae is my investor.

  9. you’d be better off asking the tooth fairy who owns your loan – these MIN #’s are not even close

  10. KeyWestT says:

    OK, I couldn;t get this to Matt Weidner but will post here – don’t know if this is helpful when they say:

    “This investor has chosen not to display their information. For assistance, please contact the servicer. ”

    Please get to Matt?


  11. Maia says:

    This is a ploy to get us to believe the Investor is the plaintiff–I checked several mortgages–always the plaintiff on the summons listed as investor on the MERS site–its another TRICK from the MASTER TRICKSTERS–don’t fall for it.

  12. Teri says:

    Thanks for the info. I just searched my MIN and the investor is Us Bank Trustee? This is who is suing me but solely in it’s capacity as Trustee for the certificate holders of FFMLT 2006-FF14 . If they are the investor than I guess that can be found out in Discovery…they had to put it on their balance sheets ?
    Blah, I’m thinking this would only be potentially useful if the “Investor” named is different than who is suing you.

    • Elyse says:

      I too searched and even called MERS because the lenders name is still hidden? As I understand things, US Bank and MERS and B of A and Citi have all been involved in the dicing of loans selling them off to who knows who…thus, they have no idea either!

      The NOTES have been seperated from the MORTGAGES so there is no paper trail and never will be and that is why they are being so forceful with the fraudulaent foreclosures…they lost the NOTES and the only way to recover them is to create new NOTES with new buyers!!

      I cannot understand why the ATTORNEY GENERAL is not on this….this is the crime of the decade and 60 million homeowners are going to become homeless!!

      WHAT A MESS!

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