One West Bank Winterizes Womans NON Foreclosed Fully Paid Gardening Business Causes $35,000 in Losses

“Unfortunately, things like this happen from time to time. We would like to rectify it.”


Then cover her damages…

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  1. Pete says:

    The bankers are just trying to show you that they will do whatever they want, whenever they want, and to whomever they want. Good luck to the businesswoman in getting compensated…they are likely to simply ignore her from now on and then have a court follow up by defending the interests of those who rule: George Soros and his buddies.

    Some animals are more equal than others!

  2. Virginia @ Ferrer says:

    Has anyone clued in Dennis Kucinich yet? If I had an opportunity to interrogate the CEO of Chase Home Finance LLC I’d be asking a lot tougher questions than “Why are you denying loan modifications…”. Yo Dennis, follow the money. This financial fiasco has trashed your constituents credit. No way they can pass a modification test… besides Chase/investors makes insurance money on the modification schemes and defaults… no incentive here to reinstate or modify the mortgage. Did ya ever see a new mortgage and promissory note agreement after a modification? If ya did it would probably cost the homeowner 1-2 points to create…if it was securitized it didn’t really matter to Chase (the Servicer) whether it was paid or not… C’mon Dennis, Foreclosures are much bigger “blight” on your communities.

    Hey Ohio – he is accessible… even when he comes to Maui he is accessible. Call his office and tell them why they need to dig deeper. Constituents have a much louder voice. Even the MERS Member Search on their website for Chase Home Finance states :

    “Primary Contact: Mers Department/ Mers Requests”

    Ya think there might be a bone here…?

    June 24, 2010
    3:18 PM

    CONTACT: Congressman Dennis Kucinich

    Nathan White (202)225-5871

    Kucinich Blisters JP Morgan Chase’s Home Finance CEO
    WASHINGTON – June 24 – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today continued his relentless efforts on behalf of Cleveland area homeowners during a hearing examining the efficacy of the Administration’s centerpiece program to assist borrowers seeking modifications of their mortgages. The hearing included witnesses from the largest mortgage lenders and servicers, and Kucinich identified Chase Home Finance, Inc. as being decried by constituents as particularly difficult to work with. He relayed his concerns directly to the Chase CEO that Chase “is especially slow to process paperwork”, “denies loan modifications without supplying a reason” and “leaves borrowers facing foreclosures in limbo.”

    At the Oversight and Government Reform hearing, Kucinich questioned the sincerity of Chase Home Finance, Inc.’s efforts to work with borrowers to reduce their monthly payments and help them stay in their homes. He asked, “Why are you denying loan modifications to my constituents in light of the fact that we have a federal program that pays you to modify the terms of the mortgages and compensates you for many of your costs?”

    “If you know there is demand and you are getting incentives from the taxpayers, I wonder how hard you are really trying. … Your explanation doesn’t cut it,” added Kucinich.

    Following this questioning, Kucinich secured a promise from David Lowman, Chase Home Finance, Inc. CEO, to work with Congressman Kucinich to address the concerns of homeowners in Northeast Ohio. If you are facing a problem with a home foreclosure modification program, please call our office at (216) 228-8850.

    Kucinich has been at the forefront of addressing issues related to the foreclosure crisis, holding ten Congressional hearings on the subject, including two field hearings in Ohio. Following Treasury’s initial announcement of the Hardest Hit Fund–which excluded Ohio–Kucinich rallied the Ohio delegation and succeeded in securing $172 million for Ohio in a second round of funding. Further, Kucinich brought Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability, Herb Allison, to Cleveland to witness the foreclosure crisis and to hear from statewide housing experts.

    He is currently working with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to reinstate a program that would allow the HUD to sell low-value, HUD-owned homes (less than $20,000) to the City of Cleveland at a reduced rate and expand it to the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation (a.k.a. “land bank”) to combat blight in our community.

  3. Michael says:

    Seriously, so get to rectifying. Cover the damages and apologize; it’s easy.

    Better yet, you can probably sue the mill that botched the foreclosure for malpractice to cover the damages, attorney’s fees, and your own costs; won’t even cost you anything. Somehow guessing the mill that couldn’t bother to verify an address — say, noticing on their title search there wasn’t a mortgage, even if you provided the bad address — may have forgotten to mention that.

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