Florida Attorney General Subpoenas to David J Stern, Marshall C Watson and Shapiro Fishman

Just added the Subpoenas to the Attorney Generals Press Release

Link –> KABOOM!!! Florida Law Firms Subpoenaed Over Foreclosure Filing Practices



Foreclosure Fraud David J Stern Attorney General Subpoena
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Foreclosure Fraud Marshall C Watson Attorney General Subpoena
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Foreclosure Fraud Shapiro Fishman Attorney General Subpoena
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15 Responses to “Florida Attorney General Subpoenas to David J Stern, Marshall C Watson and Shapiro Fishman”
  1. Mildred Snukis says:

    Notice to Edward Alan Crespo
    836.04 Defamation.
    Whoever speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

    • Edward Crespo says:

      Notice to Mildred Snukis and Guillermo D. Jalil

      • Mildred Snukis says:

        Please stop bothering me. I am not your girlfriend. I am not your friend. You are a man who has issues with women. Not interested. Stop the threats. Stop the letters. I am filing for a restraining order if this goes on. This is not funny. Please leave me alone.

      • Edward Crespo says:

        Looks like your phony lawsuit didn’t work out so well. NO damages award whatsoever! LOL….again! Judges don’t become judges by being stupid, naive or gullible! Are you starting to figure that out, “Mildred”, (aka, Guillermo D. Jalil) Now it’s my turn! Allow me to show you the CORRECT way to file and prevail in a defamation suit. Everything you’ve done gives me all the evidence I need. Thanks for being so “helpful”.

  2. Mildred Snukis says:

    836.04 Defamation.
    Notice given. Florida 836.04 Defamation.
    Whoever speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

    • Edward Crespo says:

      I see that Guillermo D. Jalil is still indulging in his one-man terrorist campaign of harassment and defamation while hiding behind the name of his girlfriend, Mildred Snukis. Rather transparent and cowardly in my opinion. I see you recently posted my depo video on yet another website. By the way, I read all about you in David Rathman’s book, “AS GOOD AS A DOG”. Chapter 44, “THE INFORMER” made for some particularly interesting reading. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying that ratting out (an alleged) high level methamphetamine manufacturer like Mike Spadafora to the Exeter Township Police is a BAD thing….it’s not. Meth is a very bad and dangerous drug. But according to the accounts in David Rathman’s book, apparently you did it primarily to help your associate, Harry Hall II in his custody fight with David Rathman’s daughter, Kristen. Not very honorable when one considers your TRUE motives. You TRIED to do the same thing to me….and FAILED! Once again, and in my opinion, you made yourself look like an incompetant idiot to the entire law enforcement community with your unverified and inaccurate information about my identity. Your retractions and apologies to the Federal Court made for some very enjoyable reading. And now you’re trying to introduce a Bill in the Florida House? What a JOKE!!! You weren’t even able to get the Broward State Attorneys Office to take you seriously or act on your request. Do you honestly think you’ll do any better with the Florida House of Representatives? I seriously doubt it, especially after I provide with full documentation of your history and the transcripts of judge Kaplan’s opinion of you, your motives and your actions in the stalking complaint. And that includes the newspaper stories about you in the Reading Eagle. Two can play your game, Mr. Jalil.

  3. Mildred Snukis says:

    Ah, Edward Alan Crespo of Hollywood, Florida. Edward Crespo, DOB 08/19/1952, was arrested, tried, convicted and incarcerated for drug offenses under the false name of Alan D’Amato (fake DOB is 07/10/1950). Case file in Broward County Clerk, 92019802CF10A. The Dept of Corrections and the DA never corrected the record and probably never will. He obtained clemency in 2003 from the Governor of Florida without correcting his false court records. I supposed the Governor’s Office doesn’t care that people are convicted under a false name. The court records and the Department of Corrections continue to refer to him as Alan D’Amato. I think Florida needs a new Governor who cares about the public enough to keep them safe. Accurate public records empowers every day citizens to make informed decisions about others. He has sued three debt collectors in federal court! He refuses to pay his credit cards and screams fowl when they call to collect. He records the debt collectors when they call and nitpicks them into a lawsuit. Crespo says he’s the victim, of course. He sued one of the debt collectors because they called as he claims, and that his girlfriend Sheila Piper left him, and she cancelled the wedding! Wow, you must have had a weak relationship with your fiance if she’s willing to leave you over a debt collection call. Over a debt collection call? That’s what the Edward Crespo said in his deposition. Silly! Nonsense. He sued for damages and got nothing! Nothing! And now he’s complaining about living in a property he doesn’t own, because he didn’t pay the bank for it, Shame shame shame shame shame! Harass a woman and this is what you get…the truth Mr. Crespo! Any other Crespo victims out there? You’re not shutting me up. Here you are complaining about Stern. At least Stern has a job and Stern didn’t lie about his name when he was busted for drugs. Pay your mortgage or get out! Knowing Crespo, he’s going to complain about this posting. In Crespo world in Hollywood, FL, Crespo can say anything he wants but you can’t!

    • edward crespo says:

      Hello Mildred Snukis, or should I say Guillermo Daniel Jalil of Blue Delta Investigations, LLC who undoubtedly posted the Oct. 8th. comment about me. It’s your unmistakable style of writing that gives you away, Mr. Jalil. Remember, I’ve seen it many times before. Did you REALLY think your impersonation of Mildred Snukis would fool anyone? Guess again! Rather interesting that you are now “hiding behind your girlfriend’s skirts” by attaching HER name to YOUR malicious and defamatory internet postings. Or maybe she really did it with a little “help and coaching” from you. What are you afraid of Mr. Jalil? Worried that I might file another stalking complaint against you? You didn’t fool judge Kaplan the last time you were in his courtroom. He saw right through your B.S. and stated it in no uncertain terms on the record. I see you are still trying to make a big deal out of a minor $20.00 drug possession charge that happened TWENTY YEARS AGO in 1992. How pathetic! Is that the BEST you can do as far as “digging up dirt” to try to damage me with? Old and irrelevant public record and you have the audacity to try to BLAME Florida’s governor because YOU “shot yourself in the foot” by trying to use unverified and inaccurate information in a series of FAILED attempts to cause me legal problems. How pathetic! Your continued actions clearly indicate that you are still a vindictive and malicious interloper and a predatory stalker! You shouldn’t be allowed to post ANYTHING on this website since you apparently don’t even OWN a house. This website is for homeowners who were the victims of lender perpetrated mortgage fraud. You reside in various rented houses and apts that belong to other people or in hotel rooms. All your so-called “businesses” that you’ve registered all over the country appear to be FAKE. None of them come back to a REAL address….just rented mailboxes and non-existent “virtual” offices like the one on N. Orange Ave. in Orlando. Oh, by the way, please accept my condolences on your FAILED attempts to become a REAL Law Enforcement Officer. What a shame….all that time and money spent to get a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Penn State just to wind up being REJECTED by the law enforcement community! Looks like your short-lived career as a juvenile probation officer in Berks County, Pa. didn’t go too well either! I obtained a copy of an interesting story about you that was published in the Reading Eagle, your old hometown newspaper. The caption reads….”FIRED PROBATION OFFICER SUES OVER TERMINATION”. I also found out that your lawsuit was DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE. Maybe you should think twice before making any future comments about other peoples lawsuits. My batting average in that catagory is considerably BETTER than yours! I heard a rumor that the REAL reason you were fired from the Berks County Probation Dept. was because they found out about that sick twisted sex ad you posted on ALT.PERSONALS.FAT while at the same time interacting with at-risk kids as a juvenile probation officer! Maybe your superiors decided that anyone who “trolls the internet” advertising his search for “large submissive women” for sex should NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO ANYWHERE NEAR OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN! I agree. I saw your ad which included an invitation to view your picture on your No-Drugs.Org website. It’s definitely you! I guess you really gotta be careful when you advertise any degenerate sexual preferences on the internet! YOU NEVER KNOW WHO’S GOING TO SEE IT!

  4. That's right! says:

    Correctomundo is right! These people claim someone is wronging them! You good for nothing crazies are probably living in the house you say the bank doesn’t have the right to collect on? Well? If there was no proper mortgage, or if the bank doesn’t have the paperwork, GET OUT! THAT’S RIGHT! GET OUT OF THE HO– USE! Oh…..you are pointing the finger at the bank as you live rent free? Oh…..you are living in a house without paying the property taxes and you’re the victim? And that’s not stealing because why? Good for nothing freeloaders. You guys are good for nothing freeloaders. Evidence….getting free rent is all you got going for you. Really, you guys have everything else all messed up. Yep! You’re sitting there ruminating about your screwed up life and looking for someone to blame. You don’t want to look in the mirror so you point at the bank! Yes! The bank made me do it! The bank made me take out that bad loan! The bank brainwashed me to sign those bogus documents they don’t have originals to! Yes! The bank is evil for attempting to collect on a house for a note they purchased. But they didn’t do it correctly…you know…they didn’t keep the original paperwork…those evil people. Don’t you love those technicalities when they come up? Like, you owe on that credit card balance but you already went on that trip! But can they prove you drank those margaritas? Maybe it was someone else! Or, that car loan you couldn’t pay? The car! What if the bank forgot to keep the orginal paperwork….you could driving around for years for free! No? What if the gas station forgot to give you a receipt, does the world owe you free gas? Is that a human right now? Look at yourself you pitiful group of nothings. Keep complaining about the banks. Sooner or later you’ll be completing another application for a loan….on your knees….oh please….please….I need the money for a medical procedure because the govt won’t pay the bill…..or….I need the money to help my fmily member for this and that….then it’s back to bank baby! Time to be nice until you can’t pay again. All of a sudden they aren’t evil anymore…because you want something for nothing again. But it’s ok! You’re not paying the 20+ percentage points on the credit cards. But you pay more for food because the farmers can’t get affordable financing. The farmers go out of business and sell out to the large commercial operations…who produce Genetically Modified Trash disguised as corn, tomatoes, and wheat. And you get sick…get diabetes because your body can’t recognize the genetically modified tomatoes as tomatoes….your body turns it all into sugar! Diabetes here we come! You eventually pay one way or another. And why not? It’s what you spun. Then you know the drill….hide under that rock of, “show me the paperwork!” Look at the unemployment. Look at the moral decay of thievery, rationalization, and backstabbing…and you think you’re the victim? ha! the joke is on you. and you played the joke on yourself! I can’t wait to see how this turns out. A long line of nothings with no money, no job, no business going to houses they don’t own but the bank can’t recover. What a fine picture of prosperity you’re painting for the rest of us who actually pay our bills…..and return what we can’t pay for. Now, go the grocery store and buy your genetically modified food at twice the cost of last year for a smaller box. Go make money for the pharmaceutical industries. Don’t forget to get that loan to pay for those medicines! You’re gonna need it! Kapish?

  5. Private person says:

    The bottom line is that people bought homes they couldn’t afford whilst lying about their income to qualify for the loan. When they can’t pay for the mortgage as agreed, they cry foul. This often happens when perps call themselves victims. This is nothing new. You shouldn’t have lied about your income. You should’ve lived within your means. You shouldn’t have bought more house than you can afford. And you shouldn’t be screaming from the rooftops while you’re living in a house you can’t afford to pay in the first place. Simply because someone leaves their car unlocked doesn’t mean you have the excuse to steal the car. Likewise, simply because the bank misplaced the original paperwork doesn’t mean you have the excuse to steal a house. You didn’t pay for the house, correctamundo? You are probably living here, right? And you’re the victim? This is the thief society we live in now. It’s ok to steal from the bank because they have the money. Just as it’s ok to steal from a local 7Eleven as long as you’re in a gang of fifty other people. So now, those banks are shy at issuing credit and business contracts. Go ahead and continue your frivilous complaining. This is heading to one long unemployment line. You’ll be living in an unpaid house with no means to buy food. You won’t have money to buy food for your ferrett because there’s a block long line for one job at McDonald’s on hiring day. You may won the battle but lost the war. Continue on your little soapbox of how the bank screwed you. You chose to buy the house, you chose to pay what you agreed to pay, and now you’re upset because you’ve become an economic disaster. You and the country we live in. Hurray for all of you. What a group of winners you’ve become. How moral and upstanding you are. What victims you’ve become. Oh my, look on how you’re protecting our rights. Applause for you.

  6. Lawsuit claims FL’s largest foreclosure firm faked documents. Judges refuse to acknowledge a widespread problem. http://ning.it/cIypKn

  7. Alex Sanchez (President of the Florida Bankers Association) stated in his remarks to the Florida Supreme Court that notes were “destroyed”

    see here for pdf;

    *was this so they could be copied/cloned/counterfeited and sold in to multiple investment pools and insured with multiple sets of credit default swaps?

    this would make sense as to why “we the people” paid over $10 Trillion Dollars to fix a $1 Trillion Dollar problem!


    • … yet Mr. Jeffrey Tew of Tew Cardenas LLP in Miami (who represents DJ Stern) said his client is cooperating and that it is their position they have done nothing wrong.

      Mr. Tew said that in the last few years DJ Stern’s firm has handled more than 100,000 foreclosure cases, and there have been fewer than 20 instances in which documents were “inadvertently misstated” and, when found, were corrected.


      • Daniel says:

        This is great, I hope they can finally protect the American people from this money hungry law firms. I wish they could investiage all of this law firms. I know I’ve dealt with Watsons Firms and G Taylors firm out of Fort Lauderdale and they are a mess.

      • The unlawful activities of attorney David Stern go FAR BEYOND the matter of the so-called “inadvertently misstated” documents…as HE so very cleverly puts it. There is also the matter of his assistance in the concealment of the fraudulently altered mortgage docs by several of the (former) loan officers that worked for his client, Bank of America. That is EXACTLY what occured in my case, which I won in Broward County foreclosure court last month. The suit that was brought against me by B.O.A. was thrown out due to the Plaintiff’s REFUSAL to comply with 2 seperate court orders to surrender the mortgage docs as per our Request For Production. David Stern assisted Bank of America in violating those court orders by hindering the proceedings with series of “Slick Lawyer” stalling tactics and untenable motions, all of which ultimately proved ineffective. The Bar Complaint that I filed against him for violation of the Ethics Bar Rules as well as for failing to withdraw from representation when he was supposed to, has been transfered down to the Disciplinary Branch of the Fla. Bar for further action. Bank of America is nothing more than the “World’s Biggest LOANSHARKING Operation” and David Stern is, (or shall I say….WAS!) “The Lawyer To The Loansharks”! If it is ultimately determined that B.O.A. committed felony mortgage fraud through their former loan officers, then shouldn’t David Stern be charged along with his (former) clients as an accomplice after the fact?

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