GROUNDBREAKING Report on Fraudulent & Forged Assignments of Mortgages & Deeds In U.S. Foreclosures

Friends and colleagues…

Attached please find my updated report on assignment fraud and forgeries.  It dovetails my reports over the past decade as well as provides ammunition for all of you.  Enjoy, I dedicate it to all of you who have worked hard in battle and who inspire me!

Nye Lavalle
Pew Mortgage Institute



Report on Fraudulent & Forged Assignments of Mortgages & Deeds In U.S. Foreclosures
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12 Responses to “GROUNDBREAKING Report on Fraudulent & Forged Assignments of Mortgages & Deeds In U.S. Foreclosures”
  1. usjustice4all says:

    The federal government is also reaping great rewards for this, Income tax deductions are down to nothing with no payments and people are feeling it on that level. But 10s of thousands for each individual owing more taxes, times the millions of homes. The Math is easy. The Property taxes, the local governments are suffering. Values are dropping but I wonder, after a foreclosure, does the bank or owner of the home pay property taxes? At what value when the banks are recording, some I have seen at $100 for the out of the old homeowner and in with them as the “owner”. I have followed a lot of filings and it is strange to see that someone claims they don’t own it until after the foreclosure, then they do after the auction to which nothing was paid? Can a Judge please explain that one to ME?

  2. Sam says:


    The United States D O J should of shut the court system down ( foreclosure – rocket docket ) The individual county courts should have immediately started filing criminal charges against the banks ( the paper their holding to foreclosure on you is WORTHLESS, fake pieces of shit! ) but NO! Mr. Banker Go back and get the correct documents you idiot! W H A T !!!!!

    SLAM! should have went the gavel! Mr. Banker you NARCISSISTIC FUCK have just openly COMMITTED FRAUD ON THIS COURT! …… Charges should have been filed by the judge.

    It would be quite comical to watch I’m sure cause you know how the banks just throw an attorney in there and they have not a fing clue about anything, their just the attorney representing the bank..

  3. Nye Lavalle says:

    Thank you all for your comments. I hope this helps each of you!

  4. Ruth D. says:

    Awesome work Nye!!! My husband and I have a UD hearing (filed by US Bank National Association due to a fraudulently assigned NOD by Specialized Loan Servicing) on Sept 9, 2010 and a related civil case we filed initially against SLS, US Bank NA, MERS, and a few others is to be held on Sept 29, 2010. Your report here only substantiates all of the arguments we intend to raise…and thank you so much for your devotion to uncovering this atrocity perpetrated upon the American public! Hats off to you! If only the judicial system will listen to what you have been trying to say for over a decade! It should have already been obvious that this terrible fraud was occurring, but that the courts would not recognize it nor make rulings according to the evidence. Perhaps now all the homeowners involved in fraudulent foreclosures and even those who have already lost their cases and thus their homes can go back and “undo” the robbery that took place! Can they get their homes back…free and clear? Again, thank you so much for all you have done and surely will continue to do for our country! ~Ruth~

    • usjustice4all says:

      I also have a loan with SLS and US Bank, MERS. I wonder if we have the same pool. This one is my second but when I looked up the pool it showed both lenders there, but my first was with America’s Servicing Co which is also Wells Fargo in Disguise. I read that the SLS is owned partially by Bank of Tokyo. The pool is Its CMAC (i think)2007-1 trustee, US BANk, NA.

    • Jemill says:

      Hi my name is Jemill from Philly i am now going through what u have been through please can u help me save my home i know the r fradulent trying to take my home the same way i have a legal aide lawyer but some things they dont know were do i start to help win my case i have read the that help me out so tell me more please……….

  5. PJ says:

    I’m left speechless… this is tremendous work… light and supreme love to this individual…have just finished writting a letter to the oversight board of FM… copied to the DOJ, HUD and the US AG regarding many issues raised here with an emphasis on LOGS, and the enrichment of the Gerald M. Shaprio Trust…. with the American Taxpayer’s money… this validates everything with reference!

  6. yvonne says:

    Wow!!!! As taxpayers we are being defrauded in so many ways like indentured servants….by being deceived at the closing table, and bailing out the deceivers with stimulus money….who bails us out? The windfall for the financial institutions is obscene….

    It is not disclosed at the closing table that the note would not be recorded,or that our signature created a negotiable instrument, or did it? And how much money was gained by the lender when the keep selling the newly created negotiable instrument? Also, the agreement with the note is not the same as thei nitial agreement with the lender and borrower at the closing table so why should the borrow be the only one in default if at all and not the lender for breaching the mortgage agreement?

    Also, I believe they should allow the homeowners , esp those that owned their homes for so long to walk away with clear title and loan fully satisified to to it already being sold so many times to so many others….I am thinking that the homeowner should have recourse to request how much money was gained off their signature to the note and how much may beowed to the homeowner after the note was satisfied by selling off the note without the homeowners knowledge….your thoughts….

    Also, what about the issue of satisfaction of mortgae? What if there was a refi and the previous lender did not file / record that satisfaction until a year after the refi….who has the note during that time? Should it not have been given back to the borrower? Or assigned back to ????So there was a floating note out there during the time not recorded??? Technically there were 2 original notes floating out there unbeknownest to the borrower who was never sent a copy of the satisfaction of the mortgage.

    Another question, what about the status of the note…all notes are not negotiable I understand…especially if there are conditions attached to the note including late fees….

    Also, if the attorney for the plaintiff after affidavits showing newly signed assignment in an amended complaint…and creating makeshift notes attached to their forclosure suit after almost 2 years suddenly ‘found’ and recorded an ‘original’ note for review…suddenly materializing…from David Stern office should there not also be the original mortgage attached to the note also to compare signatures esp if the recorded mortgage is showing a tampering in changing the date signed to matched the date on the note?
    Your thoughts….

    • James Smith says:

      Malik Basurto is a robo signer for my friends property at 830 N. Anderson Tacoma, WA 98406. Someone needs to stop this fraud and put these signers and fake notary signers in jail.

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