Too Bad This Isn’t Baseball – Could use a “Three Strikes You’re Out” Rule!

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Thank you to member Shirley who assisted in the research for this post.

Shapiro Fishman.


Shapiro Fishman, foreclosure mill extraordinaire, is a part of the “Shapiro Family” headed by Godfather Gerald Shapiro who has a foreclosure of his very own to “keep it real”.

In a separate case, Shapiro Fishman filed a document admitting that Linda Green, a class act robosigner, had no authority to sign on behalf of MERS on 10/17/2008.

Very interesting admission.

Let’s take a look at another Shapiro Fishman foreclosure case.

Martin County, Florida. Clay Wade’s foreclosure.

Linda Green had no authority to sign on behalf of MERS on 10/17/2008. SF corrective asg.pdf

It is unclear if she had the authority to do so on 9/18/2008, but assuming she did not…

STRIKE ONE: Assignment of Mortgage #1: DocX Linda Green on behalf of MERS dated 9/18/08 Wade SF-LINDA-GREENMERS-AOM-REC9-15-08.pdf

STRIKE TWO: Assignment of Mortgage #2: Shapiro Fishman AOM dated 4/30/10 based on the transfer detailed in the incorrect DocX AOM from 2008 Wade AOM-REC-4-30-10-TONYA HOPKINS.pdf

STRIKE THREE: Assignment of Mortgage #3 Shapiro Fishman Corrective AOM, that is facially incorrect in and of itself, referring to US Bank’s capacity on AOM#1 (US Bank was not mentioned in AOM #1), referring to the AOM recorded on April 30, 2008. (There were no recorded AOMs on April 30, 2008. The previous two AOMs were recorded on SEPT 18, 2008 and APRIL 30, 2010.) Wade CORRECTEAOMREC6-23-10.pdf

What in the heck is going on over there? I guess we should stay tuned for AOM #4 Shapiro Fishman Corrective Assignment of the Corrective Assignment?

Most Florida judges have no issue with this insufficient, inadmissible, hearsay “evidence” upon which a family is evicted, dispossessed of their home and storehouse of wealth. Gotta clear 62% of the foreclosure case backlog above all else! JUDGES AGAINST THE BACKLOG UNITE!

The moral of the story is simply this, another family loses their American home in a wrongful foreclosure.





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  1. Love the editorial on the biggest SCUM BUCKETS OF THE WORLD! Most Judges and Attorney’s have outright lied to EVERY AMERICAN! There is NO REMEDY for THEFT of your home when these guys are involved. I’m so HAPPY FLORIDA is AT LEAST DO SOMETHING!

    I could only wish I could be there as an expert witness to their 1st hand CRIMINAL ACTS! Adding to the posters vast information they still need Christopher Cox affidavit about the FRAUD they produced without his permission. Very enlightening!

    Even more enlightening is the research I’ve done on my ancestry. It seems my family goes back years for having a feud w/the dept of justice. I just can’t figure it all out. But I know this much there’s major money involved. Dont think these lying bastards don’t know everything they’ve been putting in is pure fraud!

    Try to STOP IT? My own attorney refused to file an adversary in my behalf against these thieves. So I made my own and filed a copy of his into the record. Then someone removed his adversary except the 1st page stating it was a rough draft. So I didn’t like what he did cause he lied about me all the way around. So I sued in a counterclaim after the bk judges action for letting them produce the fraud upon me.

    I was SUMMARILY DENIED AS FRIVIOLOUS for trying to STOP the MAYHEM. In this complaint they removed a page as well. Here’s the wording for the page they removed from the court record.


    There we’re times we were told to act on his instructions, and ignore legal issues. In these positions we collected on defaulted mortgages that for whatever reason Chase or Citi decided not to foreclose on. They were written off as charge offs. Mr. Christensen on a regular basis was very demeaning to us.

    These actions of Mr. Christensen made me inquire with a former employer that I knew, about his methods. What I was told was repeated once. I was told that he was instigating similar circumstances that he had been terminated for in his prior position. I was then lead to believe that he would tell more when given a more “casual” opportunity, concerning the unwanted advances towards other employees and such. This person then went to Mr. Christensen to inform him of what I said and Mr. Christensen then approached me. At this time he threatened me with suit.

    This wasn’t the only issue I had with Mr. Christensen as we seemed to continually butt heads. He knew I knew my job. So did Mr. Patterson. So much so that when Citi Financial brought auditors into the office I was the main one besides Mr. Christensen and Mr. Patterson of management who spoke with them. Besides, Mr. Patterson I was the main one to do reviews on our files to make sure they met adequate working compliance for best-worked efforts by both clients Citi Financial and Chase.

    Mr. Christensen on a regular basis acted like a tyrant. Anyone, besides me can even attest to this. In my employment with NARS I birthed two children. After my fourth child in December 2003 I went back to work, and shortly thereafter I received a telephone call from a woman named Nancy Tedeschi. She informed me that Chase had given her our number to contact us about purchasing defaulted mortgage notes. We were always informed that we had the capability to sell mortgage notes for Chase. We ended up selling her some of the notes we knew were available for sale.

    The selling of these notes this time something different happened, besides a delay in the usual assignment of mortgage from Chase, or a phone call from an angry investor, still waiting after a couple of months for the information.

    Apparently, after Ms.Tedeschi paid the XXX for the defaulted non-performing mortgages she immediately sent a foreclosure letter to a defaulting debtor Mr. Pandolfi. She did this without waiting for assignment letter, or the by law required “hello-goodbye letters” to be sent. This immediately made Mr. Pandolfi file suit in PA. This is when it came about that NARS never had it in their contract to sell mortgage notes for Chase.

    In employment with NARS we were told the minimum requirement we could accept on any mortgage note was $5,000. We were to try to get more if we could, but if capability lacked to do the best effort, then if necessary sell the notes to the investor’s who inquired about purchasing such notes. However, we had no way to verify if the investor was legitimate or not. It’s not like there were several investors we worked with.

    Another excerpt from my “Motion to Vacate” at the Federal Level against Corrupt Judges

    Being a mother of four my income is important to my family. My job was everything to us, until I was initially contacted by Ms. Tedeschi . I came to NARS with collection experience in credit cards and mortgages. I knew and know a lot of collection laws. I’m not an attorney. These court experiences are new to my husband David and me.

    See, we’ve never attempted to come to such a situation in our life like the majority of people. However, Ms. Tedeschi introduced me to her way of business practices. She offered a part-time job. I thought I could possibly make extra money to support my family. I’ve never not worked this long in my adult life. I haven’t tried to get SSI or anything with the injury I’ve suffered. In our difficulties we’ve only once received food stamps for the children. I obviously have lacked good judgment in believing anything read or anyone has told me in my lifetime. I didn’t know the harm that could be put upon me with the type of business practices she introduced me to.

    I didn’t per se’ have a contractual management position with NARS. But I did have one of the better positions within their firm. NARS management on a regular basis made me question their business practices. While Mr. Patterson some times did attempt to give advice in difficult files most times I’d be told “Collect The Money” the client knows they placed it here now collect it. He did not want me to uphold FDCPA laws or other laws and regulations. This caused me concern, and raised questions about the ongoing business practices.

    So much so it got to a point that I’d have to call the client Chase or Citi Financial. Most often it was Chase files. I’d have to literally call Chase to request if it was supposed to be in my file or not. If I did not do this I would have been forced to break the FDCPA and other regulations. Therefore, after I’d call, and after my questioning Chase would call, and pull the file.

    NARS- is a collection agency that until this year had Gerald Shapiro and Dave Kreisman down as the “Board of Directors. Now I know why I’ve faced what I have and I refused to be silenced for the way I have to pay my bills! NO ONE should have their HOME STOLEN! The fact that mine was because of utter corruption is beyond comprehension for all the homeowners with no way to make amends.

    I sure hope people WANNA KNOW! Maybe we should put my “Motion to Vacate” into the courts and see if these judges uphold their oaths of office better than those here in St. Louis or if they chicken out against the corruption! Maybe they should requests these judges to come in that have allowed the corruption to happen! That would be a TRIAL NOT TO MISS!


  2. [youtube=]

    If the United States is a government of, by and for the people, why do we have to beg law enforcement and a prosecutor to prosecute crimes committed against us? Were those Framers so clueless that they didn’t think of any way for citizens to hold criminals, including ones in government, accountable for their crimes?

    I know that might be hard for some to believe especially since injustice is the reason cited most often for declaring independence. See the Declaration of Independence at However, the Framers obviously did not consider that law enforcement, regulators and prosecutors might just say a crime is not a crime and refuse to do anything about it, or did they?

    Are we to believe that those Framers didn’t know anything about obtaining redress for grievances even though so many were lawyers? Are we to believe that when they said that they wanted to establish justice, they didn’t know how to do it? Are we to believe that these great men who were so concerned about tyranny and injustice would require victims of crime to beg aristocratic government agents to seek redress for them?

    We are told constantly by TV and the government controlled educational system that if a crime is committed, we are supposed to report it to the authorities. Since there is almost no mention of the authorities not taking action, we don’t ask whether the Framers wanted to put the sole power to enforce the law into the hands of the government. The Framers really trusted a powerful government, didn’t they?

    Wait, was something left out of our education? Could our teachers have failed to teach us how we were supposed to obtain redress for crimes committed against us because their teachers failed to tell them?

    Could it be that the powers provided for the people to hold government accountable have been usurped and that even the knowledge of these powers has been censored?

    The Constitution provided us with the means to control the government, but the two most powerful means for holding government agents and criminals accountable have been stolen. If you want to know what those two means of controlling our government are and how those in government get away with violating our rights and ignoring our wishes, see Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes? at and don’t miss my short speech.

    If you take a look, you’ll learn why those in power get away with violating our rights, abusing their power, and committing horrible crimes. My article on torture includes a link to the U.S. Supreme Court case which explains how one of our stolen rights makes the difference between justice and injustice, between freedom and slavery.

    It explains who we were supposed to be able to ask to initiate a prosecution when a crime had been committed, and if you think about it, you will realize why Patrick Henry said after the Bill of Rights had been ratified that he has comfort that his neighbors will protect him and why President Lincoln said that we are a government of, by and for the people.

  3. Lori Bangor says:

    On 8/30, I had a Summary Judgment Foreclosure hearing on Palm Beach County’s “Rocket Docket”. The judge spoke for 14 minutes to the crowd, of mostly pro se defendants, about how they should just agree to the summary judgement and the plaintiffs, (whose attorneys (Shapiro & Fishman had a dedicated courtroom and to whom he referred to as “my attorneys”) would be gracious (Ha!) enough to allow them to stay in their homes for 120 days if needed (even though the statute says he only has to give them 30). When it came to hearing arguments which were fully briefed and provided to the court (pursuant to the instructions of the Divisions head judge) he only allowed 30-60 seconds for argument, failed to read any of the papers, failed to review the plaintiff’s foreclosure package,flatly ignored the Affidavit filed in Opposition, ignored my plea for a trial, signed the judgment and dismissed me. I never was permitted to even read the proposed judgment or to examine the “newly discovered” allonge which Shapiro’s counsel said I had no right to see. Thank God I had a court reporter!

  4. Laurie says:

    I agree with you–it’s about the backlog, the money, and everyone complains. Our governement bails out the banks, even paying them to “process” loan mods (whether they are “approved” or not and as we all know, most loans are just another bank ripoff).

    Here’s my wild crazy idea–What if everyone just stopped paying their mortgage for one month (the same month)? Maybe the Banks would fall to their knees? Maybe if homeowners got together by the masses and protested (peaceably) at their courthouses? Interesting that they are no class action lawsuits…why is there no Task Force to investigate the Appraisers, Mortgage Companies, and Investors/realtors that worked in cahoots? I’m not saying ALL of them, but so few are investigated by the FBI.

    These foreclosure mills are getting away with forgery and more. And many Judges can’t keep up with their caseloads, let alone the law itself.


    Remember this one? A real knee-slapper here!

    Thank you for everything you do Mr. 4closureFraud. You are one fine investigative reporter.


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