Death By Foreclosure – Another Fiery Suicide Caused by the Stress of Losing Ones Home

Excerpts below are from multiple reports…


“Two days before Darius was due to be evicted, he poured flammable liquids throughout his home and set it on fire.”


In August, a man was found dead in a suspicious fire on Putnam Drive in the Ogden area.

Published reports say the death of Peter Darius has been ruled as a suicide.

Darius once owned the home on Putnam Drive, but lost it earlier in the year in a foreclosure.  Neighbors said he had lived in the home for about 15 years.

Darius’ neighbors said he tinkered with lawn equipment in his garage and built things such as windmills and sheds. He painted the shed fluorescent yellow with green trim

The shed, and other additions to his property, led to a dispute with Planters Walk HOA Inc., which governs Darius’ neighborhood. Planters Walk began fining Darius $100 a day for the shed, a white picket fence and planters because they violated the association’s covenants.

Planters Walk put a lien on his home, despite Darius paying nearly $50,000 in fines. Eventually, his home was foreclosed, because Darius still owed $24,591 in fines and dues.

Disputes such as the one between Darius and Planters Walk illustrate the power, lack of regulation and lack of accountability homeowners associations have in North Carolina, according to a General Assembly committee’s draft report.

In March, the home was sold to Henry Herring Jr. for $83,578.84 at public auction, according to records from the New Hanover County Register of Deeds. The home’s appraised value was $179,233, according to county tax records.

Last week, he said, he notified Darius to leave the home by Tuesday. (Eviction Letter Below)

He checked on the home Sunday after running an errand in Hampstead. Herring said he drove down Putnam Drive, saw the caution tape about a block away, swore to himself and kept driving.

Herring said Sunday that no one called him about the fire before he happened by the scene.

“I basically had to find out on my own that the house I had just purchased – and had not been able to step foot into yet – is no longer there,” Herring said.

“They won’t let us know what all I can tell the insurance company.”

Compassionate guy this Mr. Herring is…

Someone is dead and all he cares about is what to tell the insurance company…

Sources of excerpts here, here, and here…



Darius Eviction Letter
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8 Responses to “Death By Foreclosure – Another Fiery Suicide Caused by the Stress of Losing Ones Home”
  1. Maria says:

    Imagine: you lost your wallet… Sad event! Because you lost EVERYTHING in it: money, credit cards, your ID, your Driver Lisence, important tel. numbers, business cards, check books, passwords and so on. First things you do – you CONTACT your credit cards’ companies to close STOLEN or LOST credit cards. Right? Right! Then you get new ID, another Driver Lisence and ultimately “let go” your old wallet… What should you do?
    If it is right things to do, so why did BANKS NOT CONTACT us when they lost PROMISSORY NOTES or TRANSFER DOCUMENTS from the MORTGAGE PACKAGE until our “Request for Production” in the foreclosure proceeding?! How it possible to loose EXCLUSIVELY SUCH DOCUMENTS, but no others (for example, amount of debt, address of property, names of homeowners in default or else from the SAME PACKAGE??? If you lost something from these packages – you lost WHOLE THING! You cannot foreclosure until you will PROVE these documents EXISTED BEFORE FORECLOSURE PROCEEDING STARTED. If you cannot to PROVE, just ‘let it go!” You (BANKS) LOST WHOLE THING!
    Poeple, do not kill your children or yourself. Give your children to government fostercare facilities without right to adopt your kids. Visit them every day: you are homeless, any way! Demand for your kids the best education available, FREE gov. college GRANTS, the BEST healthcare and so on. Fla. “former” residents, here is not too cold to live even under bridge! You can get FREE FOOD & shelter, if you will be lucky, at least, you can take a shover and change your clothes. Remember, it is TEMPORARILY. Do not burn your house, YOU CAN GET IT BACK! Go to public library with FREE ACCESS to computers and fight for you home. Study the laws and statutes and our precious CONSTITUTION nobody perish yet …officially. Please, DO NOT HARM YOUR KIDS & YOURSELF. Have fun & fight for your rights! People even under bridge can survive …for years! Do not afraid anything, do not be violant, though, you can make POST and PICKET the Court building (do not go inside with POSTS!) LIGALLY! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL! GOD BLESS RIGHTFUL AMERICA!

    • Maria says:

      Yes, dear friends! I forgot to tell you. If you’re thinking that you will harm your BANK by burning your house: YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! Even most expensive our house costs for huge CORPORATION not more than costs of toilet papers for their OFFICES they use …for five (5) minutes! DO NOT BURN YOUR HOME! YOU CAN TAKE IT BACK! DON’T GIVE UP! DO YOUR BEST FOR YOUR CHILDREN, NOT WORST FOR CORPORATIONS. They will not be harmed, any way! Fight, fight, fight for you children! LEGALLY!!!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    It’s so sad that people feel that suicide is the only way out and that HOA’s were ever give power that could be abused.
    This poor man wasn’t even in foreclosure, just in opposition with the HOA!
    HOA’s are not govenments nor are they gods with the power to do as they please!
    On top of that the eviction letter shouldn’t have been sent, there are steps and procedures to be followed in any eviction action taken by a landlord.
    Henry Herring should be up on criminal charges for causing this poor man to commit suicide.
    It the same as murdering him in cold blood.
    He was trying to enforce an illegal eviction and should be charged with that too!
    I hope the insurance company refuses to pay him a dime in damages.
    Henry Herring should never get another good nights sleep, maybe that would warm up his cold blood.

    • K. H. says:

      Mr. Herring has no blame in this situation. He did not know the circumstances behind the sale until after he purchased the home. It’s so easy for people to point fingers and blame and judge. Mr. Darius knew he lived in and under a HOA. He knew there were rules to follow. He could have sold and moved at any time in the 15 years he owned the home if he didn’t like it. There was obvious a feud between Mr. Darius and the HOA, and he chose to stay there and keep feuding with them.

  3. Ann says:

    After experiencing HOA-HELL ourselves, we would NEVER live in a place with HOA”S. They all seem to be on a “power trip” , for whatever personal reasons (hang up’s) they may have.

    Their harrassment is usually over petty things on top of it!

  4. Ann says:

    Ref;another suicide due to foreclosure!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is anyone surprised at this , except the BANK// and the stupid-greedy buyer trying to make money on someone else’s loss!!

    How many suicides have there been? How many more will there be – until SOMEONE- figures out that foreclosures are WRONG!

    You don’t just loose your house– you loose your HOME and your life- even if you don’t commit suicide!!

    Go try to get a; job,insurance,loan,etc. with no address,no phone , and all of the other things that go along with foreclosures! This is just sick, and it keeps going–on–daily.

  5. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    An off the cuff:

    More and more the individual is overwhelmed by forces that are larger than they are, and beyond their control. I have a suspicion that out of control HOA’s are an attempt by the HOA boards to try and regain control in their own lives, and are a response to having so little control in other areas. There is much irony in this. In essence the HOA’s, in trying to gain control in their own lives, are perpetrating the same kinds of oppressive control and victimization upon others.

    The first paragraph in Marc Adams post above speaks volumes.

    This story is truly tragic.

  6. The other homeowners in Planters Walk should be ashamed that they allowed their HOA representatives on the board to take Mr. Peter Darius’ home just because he had a shed in his back yard, a white picket fence and planters.

    I wonder how many other homes in Planters Walk have sheds, picket fences or planters. I bet that you could find many which indicates selective, and possibly illegal action, against Mr. Darius. I also wonder whether the association’s covenants really prevent sheds, picket fences and planters.

    I represented a couple of associations and defended homeowners from a couple of them. I found that almost every board that I dealt with had directors who believed that they could do anything and would pass rules claiming that things violate the covenants even when they did not and even though such rules are prohibited by the covenants and the law.

    For example, one board passed a rule providing that children could not play on the grass. After I stepped in, the board was thrown out and both the association’s management company and its attorney, Joseph R. Cianfrone, were fired. These board members obviously wanted families with children to move elsewhere and to deter others from moving in, but why would licensed professionals take action which was such an obvious violation of the covenants, their professional ethics, and the law?

    Many associations are run by petty dictators and the professionals that they hire love to help them abuse their power even though such action is unethical and often illegal. For more about abusive associations, see

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