Al Franken Letter to the Justice Dept, Treasury – Investigate Foreclosure Irregularities and Criminal Misconduct

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Al Franken Letter to the Justice Dept, Treasury RE Foreclosure Fraud


“I haven’t seen any widespread problem” Sasser said

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  1. Bob G says:

    Don’t get “Too excited ” . When Critical Mass is achieved by us and even the Shoeshine Boy is versed on this Issue, then, Dear Leader Chairman Mao Obowma will simply , NATIONALIZE the BANKS ala Benito Mussolini .

    Just as he “took over ” Government Motors . Where were the Left Wing Liberals when for the First time in the History of US Law he kicked the ” SECURED ” Investors to the CURB + gave the Demotard run THUG
    Autoworkers UNION what they wanted. For Libtards the translation is millions of Americans who had 401 K money etc. invested in “SECURED” GM debt Instruments now were worthless + wiped out by Dear Leader and his merry band of CROOKS ( 70 % are Clinton Regime RETREADS )
    Not a word from Al Frankenstein, Barney Frank, Bill ” Nut Job,God Hater ” Maher + the Usual Suspects .

    So don’t start Partying just yet . One Financial expert that gets it , says there is not enogh money in US Banks to reimburse all the harmed Borrowers. 63 Million loans out there. As a Nation we are Totally Bankrupt
    so it goes without saying there is no money to pay us for the BANKSTERS Fraud .

    Libs continue to believe Obambi is against Wall Street . Really. He continued TARP started by BUSH + Paulson. Then borrowed TRILLIONS….more Moolah than all the DEBT from George Washington to end of Bush’s 8 yrs ….Don’t confuse the FOOLS with the FACTS.

    All the DOUGH was given to Wall Street ,Banksters , + Trans National Corp.
    Nothing in Credit was given to the small businessman which provide 70 % of all jobs. Nothing .

    That’s why all the Kool Aid drinkin’ Obama Zombies have no Jobs 20 months after Messiah arrives

    • indio007 says:

      No one borrowed anything. When is the last time you redeemed a Federal Reserve Note?
      Do you understand the concept of divide and conquer? It’s working well on you. The give away is your usage of labelings and demagoguery .

      The banks are already nationalized. There is already single payor economy. What do you think income tax is? It’s an excise tax for the priviledge of using private credit. When you don’t pay taxes you get a NOTICE of tax lien. Why a notice? The lien already existed the entire time with the FED in first lien position becuase they paid for everything you purchased with FED notes , NOT YOU. They have subrogated to all your rights.

    • As an “Obama Zombie” would say, “True dat!” The pile of B.S. just gets deeper. Anyone got a shovel?

  2. Bob G says:

    Pretty SCARY when AL ” Frankenstein” is involved . But , we can use all the help we can get .

  3. Absolutely NOTHING will be achieved politically! To even dream it can is a strong delusion. The moment we begin to think of ways other than through the political system then there is hope for change. Thieves and liars do not give back, or tell the truth. As long as they control the media and the money supply, nothing will change. When groups of organized and armed people take the houses of the top bankers and politicians, then and only then will the change begin. A military coup is in order. The Fed must be seized immediately. All assets all over the world of the top bankers and Wall Street houses of finance must also be seized. All debts must be canceled and possession must now become 10/10ths of the law, and a family should have the right by that law to protect their possession with force if necessary, with the back up of the police. Families, homes and the welfare of real people, not fake money loving lying thieving a**holes, must now be the priority, if this nation is to survive.

  4. Elyse says:

    I am soooooo sick of this talk about it’s the Republicans!! Or the Democrates!! It’s all of them, they are ALL controlled by the Wall Street Banksters….

    In order for real change, New Rules must be created to eleminate ALL LOBBIEST and eleminate all CONTRIBUTIONS for elections! Let those who wish to represent us in Washington get out and stand on their soap boxes in City’s around the Country and ask for our votes! It’s the “money thing” that has brought us to our knees…
    We do not want to vote for politicians who are PAID IN FULL any longer! It’s not that one party is better than the other…when you go to the polls this November, let your concience be your guide and not if they are Republican or Democrate!!

    Who would have thought a Democrat comedian like Al Frankin would be the first to stand up and yell?? Certainly not me!

    • indio007 says:

      It’s all of them. The bottom line is regardless of the political party , they have not been DOING THEIR JOB. MERS is not new I knew about this crap before the crisis and it’s not even my job! It’s there job to protect the public at large. They are all too busy enjoying the perks of the job instead of working. The fact is they are all just plain lazy.

  5. Tim Barker says:


  6. Scott D says:

    The Democrat Party has facilitated this fraud by the banks, lenders and wall street.

    Their SOP now is to faux act like they are concerned about the little peoples.

    This lender/servicer document fraud has been going on strong for over three years and these belligerant polticians act like they just now are finding out about it. Nobody is that stupid not even Al Franken.

    Remember the Democrat Party “intellectual elites” wrote the HAMP program deliberately without enforcement teeth or defined penalties for non-compliance.

    The bigger add-on story is the illegal collection of defualt insurance payments post foreclosure from compaines like AIG. Collecting twice on the loss from the AIG type insruance and the post foreclosure REO proceeds is supposed to be illegal.

    This double payment collection greed is what has inspired and motivated these frauds.

    • Michael says:

      Scott, I’m a Democrat; was a die-hard Obama supporter .. and I completely agree with you.

      Democrats voted overwhelmingly for TARP, the boondoggle that enabled this fiasco in the first place. They’re Fannie and Freddie’s — the primary enabler of the foreclosure mess — biggest supporters. The only peep we heard from the federal government after GMAC’s admission last week was an announcement of another $50 billion in corporate welfare for bankers.

      Conservative AG’s in FL and TX were the first to pick up and run with these problems (Jerry Brown’s response was to whine Fannie wouldn’t allow homeowners to secure experimental green energy add-on’s against their homes).

      Republican behavior towards big banks has traditionally been way too cozy, enabling them to prey on the public. The question is whether, if in power, they’d have allowed the free market to do to predators what happens when they over-hunt: to starve them. The banks made reckless, irresponsible lending decisions .. the market answered by sending them to the woodshed. Bush & Paulson intervened via TARP, TALF but the Republican Congressional delegation refused to support Paulson’s begging (literally, on one knee) for his recent former employer, Goldman Sachs.

      Dems … nice to have you — if you’re really here — but you have a lot of ground to catch up on. You’ve thrown a lot of people under the bus (OK, into the street is more accurate). Obama: time to open your mouth about foreclosures and hyper-focus the full power of the presidency on this issue, immediately.

  7. Elyse says:

    With more and more people becoming aware of this fraud and criminal activities with these foreclosures, there actually could be some movement to STOP THE INSANITY!! Finally!

    I might suggest that everyone involved, copy the Contact Addresses from this letter and send our own (snail) mail, registered, or overnight, to show the amount of people already aware and currently fighting for our homes through the Courts…More are loosing in the Courts, however, more and more are receiving some justice by the injunctions to hold off evictions!

    Wait until the truth about MERS comes to the mainstream! An idiot Attorney told me there is No Way MERS will be brought to justice…he said they are TOO BIG TO FAIL!! Scary people out here!

    Write your letters and send them over and over so we get their attention!!!

    Rock on …. All this will work will be rewarded…soon!

  8. Donna Hubert says:

    When is an investigation going to be done with regard to the servier’s “misconduct, scheming, and blatant disregard” for the HAMP and modification programs that no doubt took some of these people to foreclosure? It’s very apparent via numerous websites that fraud, or at a minimum, a structured plan to foreclose while beguiling the borrower is BEYOND EVIDENT. How many of these people would not have lost their homes to begin with???

  9. Donna says:

    What about their misconduct that took all of these people to the point of foreclosure?? When are they going to investigate the servicer’s “misrepresentation, scheming, and theft of homes” via the modification process??? I’m willing to bet that a considerable number of these people could still be in their homes with honest application of HAMP or other modifications programs!!!

  10. joe parisi says:

    Mortgage brokers and all lenders should be investigated!

  11. Grady says:

    Where are the Republicans on this? All of the letters I have seen have been from Democrats.

  12. Michael says:

    Senator Franken — Ask how much the FHA/HUD found when they searched for internal correspondence — email, memo’s, or meetings — when disclosed under an FOIA request signed by partners representing law firms of dozens of lawyers. The answer … nothing. They did absolutely nothing — zero — they watched Fannie & Freddie, who they oversaw, throw hundreds of children into homelessness and didn’t think twice about the question.

    You may also ask them if there’s any link between Florida’s “largest” (by his own numbers, if not ours) foreclosure filer, David J Stern and Fannie Mae. You see, Stern’s personal lawyer is in a small firm; three name partners. One represents Stern personally, another adjudicates Bar misconduct complaints, and the third is Republican uber-lobbyist and former Fannie Mae Board of Directors member Alberto Cardenas. Small world, huh?

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