Video – WOW – Good Morning America NAILS IT! Banks Freeze Faulty Foreclosures

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  1. Bust them! says:

  2. Bill McConnell says:

    Ok, so we have been through legal hell with the likes of David Stern and GMAC. We ALL know the banks have DIRTY HANDS. But, we need to be thinking ahead. My thoughts of what we just may ask for may work for most of us. It may be a hard push for any judge to dismiss the case leaving us off the hook in dealing with the BANKSTERS. Here is my suggestion… What if we “OFFER” the BANKS a choice? I intend to ask my attorney to review the following. Would we have a better shot of walking away if we offer them this deal.
    (1) The BANK PAYS ALL FEES due for legal services to date for my defense from their fraudulent actions of foreclosure.

    (2) The BANK agrees to a reduced amount now due at the rate of .20 (twenty cents) on the dollar of the original amount financed.

    (3) Interest rate will be at the lowest prevailing rate advertised

    (4) Any and ALL records that adversely affected my credit due to their proceedings be removed from my credit report

    My point is if we give them an out with dignity, and avoid going before a judge we could all be better off..

    Please offer your comments?

  3. Elyse says:

    Best morning so far!!!!

    There may be the explosion we have been hoping for…finally!!
    I am headed back to Court Wednesday morning for my MOTION TO COMPEL because the Bank has not responded to any of my written requests to produce the Note…hopefully my Judge has been reading the newspapers and watched GMA this morning…if not, it will be my pleasure to remind him that I have been asking for their proof of ownership since February!!

    To any of the homeowners in trouble, file your lawsuits NOW!!! It’s time to heat up our attack on them!

    Wait until GMA digs into MERS!!!
    Oh Happy Day!!

    Good Luck to all of us!

    • Ed Loubriel says:


      Good Luck in court. Things are starting to come full circle for us. I have sent documents to my servicer requesting assignments, SEC filings, pooling and service agreements accounting records and proof they lent me money. Three separate occasions with time to respond. Next step is court

  4. Officer of the Law says:

    The banksters committed fraud from loan orgination through foreclosure. Several state Attorney Generals are investigating these crimes, and many members of Congress are also calling for investigations and moratoriums. For an example, see Congressman Alan Grayson’s comment about rampant fraud being committed by the banksters and their minions


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