TAMMIE LOU KAPUSTA – Tampa Tribune – Fired worker says home foreclosure firm forged documents


Fired worker says home foreclosure firm forged documents

By SHANNON BEHNKEN | The Tampa Tribune

TAMPA – First, the Florida Attorney General’s Office launched an investigation into four of the state’s largest foreclosure firms, alleging made-up paperwork and forged signatures.

Then, some of the nation’s largest lenders halted home foreclosures after discovering employees had signed hundreds of thousands of documents without reading them.

Now, in a foreclosure industry bloated by the lingering effects of the housing crisis, a former employee in one of the firms under investigation describes in detail a secret system designed for speed at any cost.

Attorneys and staff members forged signatures and changed dates, casually passed around notary stamps, and notarized stacks of blank documents to be filled in later, said the employee, Tammie Lou Kapusta, in an interview with attorney general’s staff.

At the Law Offices of David J. Stern in Broward County, where Kapusta worked, long “signing tables” were set up across eight floors and employees would process 250 documents per floor each day, she said during the interview.

Two or three employees sat around practicing the signature of Chief Financial Officer Cheryl Samons, at Samons’ direction, Kapusta said.

Company lawyers were overheard saying they worried about breaking the law or getting disbarred, but Kapusta said they worried more about losing their jobs.

Toward the end of the interview, which was conducted under oath with Kapusta’s attorney present, she also describes romantic relations among people who worked in the office, including Stern.

Stern’s office learned about Kapusta’s statement Thursday, when it was posted on the Internet and picked up on attorneys’ blogs, said Jeffrey Tew, a lawyer representing Stern.

The statement isn’t true, Tew said.

“It’s terribly unfair to circulate these allegations on the Internet,” he said.

“I’m a little astounded that the attorney general would proceed this way,” he added. “It’s not fair that we were not aware of this statement and not given the right to question this statement.”

He noted that the version circulating on the Internet, which is on attorney general’s letterhead, is not signed by anyone or notarized.

The Attorney General’s Office confirmed Thursday that the statement is authentic.

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Full Deposition of Tammie Lou Kapusta Law Office of David J Stern

9 Responses to “TAMMIE LOU KAPUSTA – Tampa Tribune – Fired worker says home foreclosure firm forged documents”
  1. VC says:

    I worked for DJS in the REO Closing Department from 6/2009 to 7/31/2010 and it is funny how easily it is to say that this ex-employee is disgruntaled. If people only knew what went on at this Firm they would be amazed! Since the first day I started there I knew something wasn’t right. We did closings without having Certificate of Titles. I am glad that she spoke out and although I worked in a different department I have no doubt in my mind that what she is saying to be true. I quit the law firm after being hospitalized and missing work for two weeks due to stress caused by the work environment. The supervisors at this firm are unethical and horrible! Wendy Potvin and James Suglio both in the REO Department would scream at and insult employees. I hope more people speak up so that justice can be served!!!

  2. Marsha says:

    I believe this person 100%. She stated that she cannot get a job because she worked for Stern. This tells me that many many many figured out what was going on there long time ago and she cannot be trusted in an honest work place. She knew what she was doing was wrong but she continued to do it. Although, she does have some guts–I actually fear for her safety.

    I think that it is interesting that Tew is complaining about an unsigned, unnotarized letter. The moral fiber of these so called lawyers is disgusting. Everyone in the law office needs to have charges brought against them if what Tammie said is true. They all participated in the theft of homes. And while I am on my rant, I wonder how many of the judges are involved in this also.

    • Dis Gusted says:

      I know Tammie Kapusta, and she is a liar. This deposition is full of lies, mistruths, and misinformation. You should know how ridiculous she is when she was asked where she got her education, and responded “David Stern”. Moron. She is scorned and trying to extract revenge or money. She is a pig. NO attorneys in that firm were ever asked to forge documents — she has no idea what she is talking about.

      • MEG says:

        Well, a happy employee would not be singing like she did. Probably the best person to tell you everything would be an unhappy employee. The way she said they treated her, I am sure a few more will come forward.

        Besides, we can easily look up these attorneys signatures and tell many of them were forged. One does not need an education at “David Stern” to figure that out.

        I also knew comments like Dis Gusted would pop up. Trying to discredit her by saying she is a disgruntled employee, etc….God only knows they will probably rip through her whole life to make her out as a liar.

        Obviously they hired her and put her on the floor with all the action. They must have some confidence in her……We probably could have done without the details of David Stern being a sexist pig, but hey, might as well throw all the cards out on the table.

      • Yeah right says:

        Hey Dis Gusted, apparently you are one of his little puppets!

        I know Tammie and she spoke the truth and not enough of it – you are the reason why David Stern was able to abuse the public and do what he did. Im hoping that the rest of us get a chance to tell our truth!

  3. MEG says:

    I believe her 100%…something many of us suspected, but did not have the evidence to prove it. I believe if they were to subpoena some of these new attorney’s she was refrencing, that they would crack and tell the truth as well. Daphne Tako, Kim F Stevens, Carrie Goldstein, Marla Killmon, Kerry Cummings…just to name a few.

    If she is correct about forging military social security numbers, well you don’t go any lower than that. I am sure with a little research this will pop up as well.

    I believe anyone who is not honest and tries to deny it should be disbarred if it comes out they were lying. I think that is fair. Tell the truth or lose your license!

  4. Michael says:

    We’ll find out if it’s true soon enough Tew, with my upcoming “bust the bank” game that allows people to compare real signatures with other one’s bearing the same name. We’ll even post results in real time. Hopefully you didn’t just lie about Tami .. but we’ll know soon enough.

  5. Bill says:

    Hey Stern – Don’t do the CRime if you can’t do the time!!

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