Huber v GMAC – Robo-signer Class Action Filed in Florida

Huber v GMAC

First some excerpts…

St. Petersburg Times

Tampa Bay homeowners claim GMAC ‘robo-signers’ drove their foreclosures

By Richard Danielson, Times Staff Writer

TAMPA — Four Tampa Bay area homeowners are suing what used to be GMAC, claiming the company used “robo-signers” to foreclose on their homes illegally.

The plaintiffs are Geoffrey Huber, who owns a house in Spring Hill; Beatriz D’Amico-Souza of Land O’Lakes; and Michael and Tina Unsworth of Hudson.

Their $5 million lawsuit was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Tampa. It seeks class-action status for “tens of thousands” of Florida homeowners with mortgages serviced by GMAC, now known as Ally Financial.

The suit accuses the company of an “abusive, fraudulent, deceptive and unfair scheme” to obtain the plaintiffs’ homes “by systematically fabricating evidence in the form of fraudulent affidavits” used in foreclosure cases.

An Ally spokesman said in an e-mail that an internal review of foreclosure sale files in 23 states, plus an independent review of the company’s overall foreclosure process in all 50 states “found no evidence of any inappropriate foreclosures.”

“The average property is not foreclosed on until the mortgage is unpaid for 18 months,” Ally spokesman Jim Olecki said. “Additionally, the borrower has the ability to contest the foreclosure and bring the loan current at any time.

“We believe the claims in this lawsuit are meritless,” Olecki said, “and will examine and defend it appropriate to the circumstances.”

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Huber v GMAC Robo-signer Class Action Complaint

10 Responses to “Huber v GMAC – Robo-signer Class Action Filed in Florida”
  1. Recoveryless Recovery says:

    Signs You May Be Living in a Third World Craphole:

    Your national financial entities engaged in granting massive, widespread FRAUDULENT LOANS while individual deadbeat borrowers fraudulently ACCEPTED THEM …and now EVERYONE asks to be saved while they point their fingers to accuse EACH OTHER.

  2. housemanrob says:

    Check the records where you live. In palm beach county, population 1,000,000+ for the period including july. aug and sept. 1 FORECLOSURE CASE WENT TO TRIAL. THIS IS ONE GIANT MORGAGE CONSPIRACY and we may all have to go EMPTY before it’s over!!! EVERYBODY goes broke on this one methinks.

  3. Mo says:

    The courts in Tampa are known to be the most corrupt in Florida, this is not going to fly!

  4. pelucheven says:

    the banksters and their foreclosure mill attorneys and contractors as well as loan officers, title agents and real estate agents working with the foreclosure industry, have people dedicated to post comments on any news outlet with their self preservation propaganda.

    as all of us must realize, they get paid to lie, cheat and steal and they have hired firms that have people writing scripted material on blogs and news comment areas.

    we need to keep spreading the truth be relentless. We need to hit them everywhere, at thr local level, go to your local court house and talk to the clerks and registrars at the land records office. put them on notice that their failure to enforce the law as far ptoperty liens and conveyance, they are depriving the county of much needed funds everytime they registered MERS as the mortgagee, and educate them. Go to your county and city coucil meetings and ask to speak , go with a larve group, educate them.

    go to your news papers offices and meet with the editors and journalists, educate them on loan and foreclosure fraud, go in a group , bring the evidence of the fraud, help them understand.

    go to your sheriffs office ib group anf talk yo them, give a letter and notice of the cromes being perpetrated agaonst their boss the residents of the county, city and states.

    go to the local media, sey up seminars, sit down with your neighbors, educate them, they are also feeling the pain, sjow them facts.

    stop banking with these banksters and let the merchants know that you wilno longer patronize their business as long as they do bisiness with the bankers.

    if we do not act as an orhanized army of victima they win. Democrats need a cause, they need something to reconnect with the people, they need your pain and your victories yo comeback. Republicans need to do the same.

    go to your AG office on group. go your legislature in group. get activated, get emotional, get connected.

    protest, scream and write everywhere and if you vanmot write, well then learn to cut and paste.

    Fight, and never give up,

  5. joe parisi says:

    All well and good but how about criminal charges brought? If the average citizen did this, the FBI would be knocking on their door.

    Anyone interested in class action against Indy Mac One West please contact me at above address. We can also pursue criminal charges against them.

  6. erkme73 says:

    I clicked through to the Tampabay website that hosted this story. To read the comments there is disgusting. Everyone is blaming the borrower – they just don’t understand the implications of the document fraud – that it affects even those who pay on time or those w/o mortgages. I wish just once a reporter would go below the surface and address the clouded title issue on any home whose mortgage was touched by MERS.

    • At least they are reading, talking, discussing.

      Refuting propaganda takes time.

      The first step is engagement in a conversation.

      Believe me, for every negative comment, plenty of others read and nodded. Last figure I heard, 1:36 homes in Florida are severely delinquent or in foreclosure. As the economy worsens and more jobs are lost, more of “them” will become more of “us”.


      First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. ~Ghandi.

      Once we broke through being ignored, I knew we were on our way.

  7. And the mortgagee (and its successor in interest) has the right to foreclose if the mortgage is in default at anytime without committing a crime. Failure to pay a debt does not confer a license upon the creditor to effect repayment through criminal misconduct.

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