Judge Blasts Florida Default Law Group for Wasting the Court’s Time

UPDATE: The Order posted earlier was the the result from Mike Wasylik’s motion.

Below is his commentary…

Here’s a great way to end a Friday: I just got an order in one of my cases throwing the case out of court, because the bank’s lawyers disobeyed a fairly simple rule that requires them to swear that the allegations in the complaint are true.

The Final_Order_of_Dismissal blasts the bank’s lawyers and I can only imagine the judge breathing fire, smoke streaming out of her nostrils, as she signed the order. Here’s a sample of what the Court said:

It is confiscatory of the Court’s time to have to address this matter. Repeat violations by the same firm, or by the same attorney, may result in imposition of personal sanctions, and issuance of an order directed to the attorney or firm to show cause why that attorney or firm should not be prohibited from filing further foreclosure cases in this Court.

In the language of the law, that’s just shy of calling someone too stupid to be dishonest. And to add a final twist of the judicial knife, the court sent a copy of the order to the Florida Bar.

Some judges get it. This is one of them.

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4 Responses to “Judge Blasts Florida Default Law Group for Wasting the Court’s Time”
  1. I’m a man but i guess sometimes women have more sense of Justice, good for this Judge, she does get it !

  2. losing my home in florida says:

    Wow , i cant beleive it finally. Great news for america. Since florida is the forefront of robo signing every court in america watches how the cases turn out. sad that our government has admitted fraud has occured, from this mommet foward and including the fraudclosures that have already occured should be compensated. Quiet title should be given to all our homes that have had fraud commited on us this will stimulate the economy,and punish the banks. If every thing had stayed status quo i would never have found appraisal fraud. Why is it broker/agents are convicted of mortgage fraud and straw buying yet banks like wells fargo approve these loans and then our families are unable to continue paying these high mortgages because of jobloss or illness. We the people of this great nation need help and protection. Please we do not want to lose our homes we want solutons please. And thank you to the judge in florida who respect us. My heart is with you.

  3. Carolina Bagnarol says:

    It’s about time the courts wakeup, and see the fraud being conducted right under their noses. Unfortunatly, the courts across this country have perpetrated the fraud by rubber stamping and giving approval to the crimes being committed by the banks.

    Here in California in the county of San Mateo, my family is involved in a wrongful foreclosure suit against Wells Fargo Bank. They have used forged and fraudulent documents in their vicious attempts to evict three families from a compound. The judges have turned a blind eye to the proof, instead entered in favour of the bank to evict. We are filing an appeal,waiting to hear if we will be extended a stay of eviction pending the appeal. We have lost all faith in the court system, and accept that justice is not afforded all.

    Jeremy Schulman, the attorney for Wells Fargo Bank on the foreclosure lawsuit, is a lowly dirty snake. He has slithered so low, as to show up to probate court where family procedeeings are taking place – under the auspice of
    another note (in good standing) to spew lies. Anything for Wells Fargo to win a case wherein they took advantage of an elderly woman (our mother)and foreclosed on her property days before her death.

    Wells Fargo has lied from the moment they stepped into the shoes of Wachovia Bank.

    I guess you can’t expect different from a bank that launders drug cartel money, steals from customers. Fraud and forgery – right up their alley.

  4. Lit Gant says:

    About time. Let the good judges now shine forth and put all the other shysters to shame. And it takes a woman to do it. You Go GIRL….

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