TODAY, Feb. 3: National Call-in Day! Call your Attorney General now and tell them bank crime shouldn’t pay!

TODAY, Feb. 3: National Call-in Day!

Call your Attorney General now and tell them bank crime shouldn’t pay!

Are you sick of the big banks continuing to reap big profits from the damage they caused to our homes, families and communities? If so, join with thousands of people TODAY, February 3, and call your state Attorney General to demand a strong and meaningful settlement against the big banks.

The nation’s 50 state Attorneys General are currently investigating the fraudulent mortgage practices of the big banks. The big banks are pressing for a quick settlement that will let them off the hook for their crimes and keep the process behind closed doors. We need to fight back.

Just a few minutes of your time will send a message to the Attorneys General that we’re watching their work closely and we won’t settle for anything less than deep penalties for the big banks and justice for millions of homeowners.

National Call-in Day Instructions

  1. Locate your Attorney General at the link below.
  2. Call them and tell them you want a strong settlement with big banks who committed fraud. Sample PHONE SCRIPT below:

    “I am a resident of [STATE] and I am watching the foreclosure fraud investigation very closely. I want to make sure that the Attorney General reaches as strong a settlement as possible with the banks. The settlement must include principal reduction for millions of homeowners and imposes criminal penalties on those who broke the law.”

  3. Tell us how the call went >>
  4. And, tell others about the National Call-in Day!

For a list of all state AG’s with phone numbers click here…


8 Responses to “TODAY, Feb. 3: National Call-in Day! Call your Attorney General now and tell them bank crime shouldn’t pay!”
  1. usjustice4all says:

    I called for CA and left a voice mail. I asserted that the banks have pondered the money on bogus attempts to satisfy the appearance of modifications. Money is being wasted and people are being robbed. Not just by the banks but the people who tell you that they can help when you are vulnerable to believe.

  2. Kate Johansson says:

    I called the WA Attorney General, Rob McKenna’s office at 4:30 Pacific Time. The woman who answered would not put me through to his voicemail, but asked me if I was calling about the foreclosure issue. When I said yes, she said that they were personally taking calls and would be relaying the messages to the AG. I told her that I had voted for Rob McKenna, was impressed that he was able to do such a great job as a Republican in an all Democratic state, etc. Then I said that unlike some of the other callers might have stressed, I was not interested at all in a “strong settlement” against the banks. I said I wanted the bankers who have committed this huge criminal fraud to go to prison, where they belong. I asked why do they get to be above all law when everyone else has to abide by it. She told me that most of the other callers were saying the same things.

    Why are people asking for a settlement. Why should we aim for settling? I AIN’T Settling!

    And I hope there are more organized protests that people all across the country can participate in. We need to unify and rise against this tyranny–or they are going to get away with all of it.


  3. Blue Collar Wall Street says:

    I just called AG Paula T Dow office for the third time this month and have sent numerous letters and emails. I spoke to an assistant director of public relations named Christie. She basically had no updates, comments, regarding foreclosure fraud in New Jersey. And the banks just got another postponement. I have also spoken to one of associates at Ed Dauber’s law firm in Newark. They also have no comment as to what is going on with the state of NJ and the Supreme Court of NJ.. I reminded the assistant at the AG office that not solving this and allowing another 10%- 15% of housing prices to depress will throw millions more nationally into being underwater on their homes and encourage a strategic default. She seemed to understand that concept but still could not tell me why AG Ms. Dow had NO response to her constituency. I told the assistant that Ms. Dow’s deaf ear to this issue is dereliction of duty and an outrage. That said, she has been in the news for busting up a travel con artist that scammed a few hundred people. How out of tune is this public official in the great state of New Jersey where it is said that we have the largest amount of shadow inventory of housing in the country? Is she planning on kicking this down the road to the next AG? Three years down the road? I hope there is a solution long before then…..a lot more folks will not pay their mortgage if we have three years of 10% – 20% home price declines.

  4. l vent says:

    Who is forcing the banks to do this to the people? The banks have been calling out the Government and committing blatant fraud on the courts therefore FRAUDCLOSING, walking away form properties and did not give loan mods. because the mortgage debt NEVER EXISTED. The banks charged us a nominal fee for our homes and Origination and a second Banker charged us a nominal fee for our mortgages so the banks could take OUR COLLATERAL up onto Wall Street an participate in the BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME IN HISTORY and put into place by CONgress. The banks wanted to SHARE THE WEALTH with all of us. How FREE MARKET CAPITILISM and AMERICAN of the banks. Our homes are PAID FOR free and clear thanks to THE BANKS. Remember if you are told a lie and BELIEVE that lie those who bestow it can use it to control your destiny. Those LIVING A LIE can easily be controlled through that lie.

  5. leapfrog says:

    I couldn’t get through on the phone line, but here is my e-mail: “My neighbors and I in California are closely watching how you will handle the foreclosure crisis and whether you will sell-out to the big bankster cartel. Jerry Brown sold us out, probably because his sister was an executive with Countrywide and is now with Goldman-Sachs. I voted for you. Please do not disappoint us. Investigations into criminal wrongdoings, including fraud, fines, penalties and jail time MUST be levied against the Too Big To Fail bankster organizations and MERS who have made a mockery of justice for homeowners in this state. I know you have a tough road ahead of you in actually doing the right thing for consumers, but you absolutely MUST stand up to the plutocrats. If anyone can do it, you can. Thank you.”

  6. Catherine Mc Manus says:

    FLORIDA TOLL FREE NUMBER AG Pam Bondi 866-966-7226
    I spoke with a live person (Maggie) that took my message.
    Now I will pray

  7. N24REAL says:

    GA. I called and of course, did not get to speak with anyone except the receptionist. He didn’t even have a voice recording to take my message. I told the receptionist that I was a resident of GA, (and the rest of the paragraph) and then told her that I was fighting a wrongful foreclosure on my home as well. WASTE of time!!!!!

    • julie taylor says:

      @ -N24Real

      This IS NOT a waste of time! We need to let the AG’s know that we Vote and that they work for the Citizens _ NOT the Banks and Lawyers!!

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