Deadbeat Bank | Raw Video of Sheriff Serving Writ of Possession on Bank to Seize All Property Including ALL Cash

Deadbeat Bank Gets Served

Above is the video of the service of writ on a Deadbeat Bank for failure to pay attorney fees to a foreclosure defense attorney. The bank involved in this mornings event was Virtual Bank in Palm Beach Gardens FL.

I posted earlier that it did not include the cash in the writ but it DOES, plus all ATM’s.

Basically the background on this case is the bank was not able to prove it had the right to foreclose on the home, the case was dismissed and the court awarded the homeowner’s attorney his legal fees.

After months and months of unsuccessful attempts to collect, the homeowner’s attorney received an order from the court to seize the banks property since the Deadbeat Bank did not pay their bill.

Although the above video shows the writ being served, the property has not been seized as of yet but it’s definitely worth the watch.

It was pretty awesome to see all the undercover cars roll up to the front lobby and watch Police get out of their vehicles in full tactical gear and enter the bank.

Word on the foreclosure beat is that the bank caved and stroked a check to the Sheriff on behalf of the attorney for over $30,000 and fired their counsel instead of having their property seized.

Gonna get a copy of the check if possible… HA!

Although we are a little disappointed that the banks property did not get seized, the attorney that represented the homeowner finally got paid. So all in all it was a victory.

Channel 12 was on site and so was another station. The Palm Beach Post joined us as well so there might be more to come.

Will post updates as we receive them. From what I understand, they owe the attorney more money so this may not be the last we see.

The Writ is below (as soon as I get it) with the items that were to be seized. The inventory was done before Christmas and included their Christmas tree. How funny would that have been if they got to take the tree!

We have more of these planned since it is not uncommon for the Deadbeat Banks not to pay their legal bills and will post them as they occur.

Any attorneys out there that would like assistance for similar events, with full video and media coverage of course, just let us know and we will assist in anyway we can.

Sorry for the wait! Enjoy!



Writ of Possession
(will upload as soon as I get it)

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  1. mAGGIE SIMI says:


  2. a p giannini says:

    Citi group aka first interstate bank , national city bank , has been hi jack too , with the , long story short bank of america own all of these companies if bank of america is stolen all of its stolen .

  3. Alexandria Monge says:

    Is it possible to know who is the defense attorney for this case…would love to have his info. Any feedback is aprreciated.

  4. Alexandria Monge says:

    This video was AWESOMEEEE and came to me as a sweet..sweet aroma!! I really enjoyed it!! It gave me this tickeling feeling inside of seeing that it is only when we Americans make the decision of standing up and fighting for our rights and that people like you step up front can really make a difference. This video really deserves to be advertised as many times as possible. I agree with what agage mentioned…TITLE: WHAT BANKS CAN AND CANNOT DO!!

  5. LG says:

    My case is that after a 7 year fight with the bank and fraudulent servicer (Select Portfolio Servicing), I was wrongfully evicted from my home. The most interesting thing is that I never borrowed any money from US Bank or SPS, but they claimed to be foreclosing on a mortgage from the previous owner. The day after the eviction, the bank sends me an email with a letter attached stating that the trust the bank used to foreclose on my house was paid in full and had a zero balance. Since 2005!! The foreclosure was in 2008 and the eviction just took place two weeks ago.

  6. Scott says:

    It’s called Due Diligence. Whats the matter Wonton he’ll no longer throw lavish parties for you and your kind? Stop crying and do business with professionals with at least an ounce of ethics

  7. Just lil ole me says:

    Whole damned banking industry is operating outside of OUR American Supreme Law,know you?

    Honest money,please!

  8. l vent says:

    Anyone hear the news yesterday that Deutsche, A GERMAN BANK, and it is also the BIN LADEN FAMILY BANK, wants to buy up or “merge” the entire NYSE on Monday and create the largest stock exchange in the world? It will not even be called the NYSE anymore. If Obama let’s this happen he is not an American and he must be removed from office. Though these Nazi’s probably own the majority of it, it is a total mind trip for America if they put their name all over the NYSE. There is more proof everyday that this is truly the REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE. Germany is just a smoke screen. They are a very deceptive cabal. Kudlow on CNBC devoted an entire show last night about this and even he looks freaked out about this. Tune in to Kudlow at 7 pm est, it tis pretty interesting. Also, Dylan Ratigan show is reporting on the Mortgage mess this week at 4 pm est. and Dylan has been spot on this week about everything.

  9. Joyce says:

    The only thing better than watching all the undercover cars drive up to the bank and the cops getting out and going in to seize the bank’s property would have been to see the bank president being dragged out in hand cuffs !

  10. housemanrob says:

    God bless the bank’s DOUBLE LOSS!!!! (If this keeps up foreclosers will become exstinct- do the numbers?

  11. jz says:


    The affidavit from Citi is signed 12/6/2010 by the notary and the affiant from Citi. Entries on the accounting printout include later in December and into January of 2011. PLEASE< PLEAS tell me that is fraud. Additionally, is there an accounting baseline Citi must use to create the accounting document. You see, the dismissed a fraudulent foreclosure last year as I went pro se and it made them feel the need to get even. So, when you look at the accounting of my account it LOOKS like I was in foreclosure when in fact Citi only REVERSED the amounts as if I paid them. I wanted it removed and now it shows up in a sworn affidavit. So, #1 is it fraud and #2is it wrong to show foreclosure costs as if I payed them when they were reversed. There must be guidelines for #2.

    John Z

  12. jz says:

    super job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ms. A. says:

    THIS VIDEO CERTAINLY WARMS THE COCKLES OF MY HEART. Two days ago, BAC Homes Loans Servicing, LP, entered a Voluntary Dismissal in their foreclosure lawsuit against me after over a year of lititgation for the very same reason — BAC had no legal standing to bring the foreclosure action against me in the first place. I fully intend to go after BAC to recover my attorney’s fees and costs. I will not hesitate to levy on BAC’s property if they fail to timely pay the judgment.

    Thank you Woo-Hoo.

  14. abs says:

    Dead beat bank…Now its Jail time…Counterfeit, Rackeetering, Mail fraud, E-Fraud, Money Laundering, Grand Theft, The displacement of millions of american life…what the hell ,,Hang man time..Whe know this bank (lender) will not have a mercy on you. Throw in also all the politician that are getting tax payment from you and also receiving campaign contribution from this bank (bribes)

  15. John R. says:

    Ought to rename this to “Lawyer forced to use Police to collect from Deadbeat Bank!”

    You guys always do a great job!

  16. dormanmom says:

    All I have to say is Ben-Ezra and Katz you are next!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It just gives me me feel warm and fuzzy all over when I see a little JUSTICE!

  17. lucinda says:

    all the att and robo signers and mortgage servicers should go to jail fraud is fraud and there doing illegal things to us the victms they take our money and our homes illegaly,put them in jail they knew what they were doing was fraud,lock um up?

  18. l vent says:

    You guys at 4closure fraud did an awesome job. I would have liked to see what went on inside the bank. This looks like another “charade” by our Government unfortunately to make it look like they are doing something to the banks. In reality this is nothing in comparison to the HELL the whole cabal has put the people of this country through. I want to see some real punishments for the whole cabal, not just a few scapegoats. I want to see them lose their jobs, their pensions, all of their investments they thought were safe and secure, their life savings, their credit lines, and then get fraudclosed on by a mortgage servicer and get evicted out into the street.

  19. Capt. Jack says:

    Ya just can’t buy publicity like this. How long before this “bank” changes it’s name? Link it baby!

  20. leapfrog says:

    A “till tap”? Most excellent! : )

  21. Lit Gant says:

    The main thing is get the money. The lawyer was entitled to his fee. If more lawyers would go after dismissals with prejudice and then go after these large fees the banks may learn to stop their fraud. When fraud costs instead of pays, then the banks will stop their fraud. Great victory for the home owner and their lawyer.

  22. wonton90 says:

    How about Deadbeat Stern not paying his Vendors
    not paying for employees that prepared the Foreclosures he served and is invoicing the banks
    for Our company paid employees for three months and never got reembursed for our services after we paid
    the taxes and Unemployment for them …no use taking him to court and throwing good money after bad
    the big shot that he is renting space that is not being paid for, hiring people he didn’t pay for and
    shutting his doors in April if that is not a deadbeat what is

    • pparke500 says:

      He has assets that you can levy against. I encourage you to sue and get a judgment.

    • Jay G says:

      Whatever prompted you to come to this website crying to US?

      If you want to lie down with dogs, you might catch fleas. Shame on you for working with someone like Stern. Sounds like you got paid in experience, in that maybe next time someone promises to pay you to AB– USE people you’ll think twice. If they’ll abuse others don’t think you’re exempt, just because you do the dirty work.

      I hope the lawyers who filed fraudulent papers for Stern get disbarred and at least some do jail time. I’m not even FROM Florida. I’m in NY where I’m dealing with Stern’s doppleganger Steven Baum. Seeing Stern writhing and going down in flames is very satisfying.

      • Joyce says:

        I don’t feel sorry for Stern or anyone who worked for him. To put it in legal terms, “They knew, or should have known” what they were doing was illegal.

        I hope David J. Stern loses everything he has, and if he doesn’t spend the next 25 years in jail for what he’s done, I hope he ends up divorced and in a mental institution.

        He and SO MANY others should already be in jail. As a U.S. citizen I’m appalled at what these bankers and lawyers are getting away with. It sickens me.

        I loathe Obama and all of his Czars and every liberal american that put him in office.

        Americans should be rioting in the streets over what’s happening.

        Instead, they’re getting up every day, getting their stupid little lattes, going to their jobs, paying their taxes like good little Americans, and wagging their fingers at all the defaulters blaming us for ruining the economy. It makes me sick.

    • GuyFawkes says:

      Reasons like this everyone needs to consider who you continue to do business with.

      I don’t feel sorry for any of his vendors. AT ALL!

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