Man Forges a Deed, Has it Notarized, Files with County, Gets Arrested – Banks do the Same and Get Billions

Now I’m am not condoning squatting but, but, isn’t this what you just call a document irregularity???


Couple under arrest

UPLAND – A couple living in a five-bedroom home on North Euclid Avenue were arrested Tuesday after investigators suspected an illegal case of squatting on the upscale property.

Richard and Pamela Scott were arrested by Upland police on suspicion of felony forgery, burglary and filing a false document with the county recorder’s office.

Richard Scott allegedly had forged a deed trust document for the property, in which he claimed ownership of it, and filed the document with the county, said Vance Welch, a deputy district attorney with the San Bernardino County District’s Attorney’s real estate fraud unit.

Scott had tried to cloud up the title owner sequence for the property by indicating on the deed that he was

granting the home to the Moorish Science Temple of America, and they were in turn granting it back to him, Welch said.

“What Mr. Scott did was doctor a false document and he had it notarized and he filed it in the County of San Bernardino,” Welch said. “At that point, your victim is not (only) the person who owns the house. The victim is the county because it impedes the county’s record-keeping ability.”

Police officers, who arrived with an arrest warrant Tuesday morning, had trouble getting the couple to open the door so they forced it open.

Richard Scott had run to the back of the house, but police were stationed behind it.

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19 Responses to “Man Forges a Deed, Has it Notarized, Files with County, Gets Arrested – Banks do the Same and Get Billions”
  1. lisamarie says:

    Before I let my property go into the hands of HSBC, I have every intention of filing a satisfavtion of mortgage on my house, signed by the original lender cause it appears they were the only entity that ever laid eyes on my original note! Then it was sold a couple of times (supposedly) But the note never surfaced again. Was claimed to be in MERS possession and turns out it isen’t/ nobody knows where it went! My deed is also missing! I thought the court house keeps that? Anyway, i’b burn this sucker to the ground befor I give it to persons who have been nothing but rude and condesending to me, tell lie after lie., even lying to me about the terms of my loan right up til signing day! cannot prove any rights to my property, didn’t even have the desciption right, I should have kept them in bankruptcy court where they were (unsecured creditors) tar as I’m concerned I don’t owe these shysters a dime!!! Theres even more to this story but I don’t have the payience today, maybe another time. Peace out!

  2. lisamarie says:

    All forms of fraud found in the court room should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extint of the law. How dare these educated law men try some little magic tricks , a slight of hand;, conjured up loan documents and fraudulent notes., forged documents . forged loan apps and financial statements Anything else is unexceptable. We need some AG’s and big Judges with cahonies t to set the record straight.This is the biggest hiest ever in american history, our government is pussified if they just sit back and allow these fraudsters to operate. Are they scared of the big bad banks!? Do not allow these banksters to desrroy our property rights and recording system, so its forever clouded! Stop the Maddness!!! PLEASE, Stop it now!

  3. lisamarie says:

    Right. Leave em alone. They haven’t done anything the upstanding bankers haven’t done. Probably got the idea from them. Don’t prosecute them until its fair to prosecute everybody whos doing the same thing. Fair is Fair. I’ve thought about running down to the court house and filing a satisfaction of mortgage on my property, I just have to decide who I’ll pay off……

  4. Phred Maldanaldo says:

    In California the Penal Code has wonderful definitions of forgery in sections 470 and 471.

    I’m surprised that it hasn’t been showing up in homeowners’ pleadings in California. After all, with the current level of political correctness exercised in California, the police wouldn’t want to be accused of ‘profiling’ poor homeowners trying to keep a roof over their heads, would they?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I always wondered and then asked myself this question along with some friends. What if? What if a person goes ahead and files lien releases and satisfactions using copied squiggle marks of the robosigners and notaries and filed them in the county records and had the satisfactions come back to a PO box created in name of Nationwide, LPS, or one of the others? What would happen? Of, if someone, before they died, went ahead and did this en masse to thousands or tens of thousands of mortgages herein in California or any other state? People could simply go and get a new loan or mortgage since the record would show they were paid off. Just curious.

    What are they going to do to the dead person, prosecute them? If the homeowner didn’t know, what can they do to him or her? How would they disprove it wasn’t a valid satisfaction? Say their other signatures are forgeries? Just a thought!!!!!!!

  6. obam says:

    The good thing is that there are plenty of caselaw to help him with his case…

  7. obam says:

    Take it to the streets people….

  8. Gregory says:

    I reported fraud to the distric attorney’s office in Santa Clara county, They told me it’s alright for someone to authorize someone to sign their signature if told to do so on court documents. Now I’m no scholar but that comment should have him looking for a new job I think. Fraud on a citizen=OK fraud on the bank=Big no no
    What a joke this government has become.

  9. Pamela says:

    I tried to report this crime of fraud through my local law enforcement agency as I was instructed to do in order to get it to the prosecuting attorneys office which since I live in a non judicial state will only take cases through in agency refferals.You should have seen the look on the officers face,he thought I was some flaming nut case.Two different police officers told me they would not even take a report as the prosecuting attorney would just throw it in the garbage can.I told both officers :in six months when your pension plan fails and your where I am right now and you remember this conversation and you may come looking for me because I’m not some nut case after all ,if I’m still here and you need my help I WILL HELP YOU,unlike how you are treating me now.What a crock of bulls**t.

  10. Joyce says:

    At the end of the continued article it said this:

    The thing that we have learned is, if you let these guys operate and start looking the other way, it will pop up like a rash.”

    So, they’re not concerned about bankster fraud comprised of fraudulently created mortgages that are securitized and sold to investors under the guise that they’re AAA paper, that are then foreclosed on using more fraud, but they’ve got to stop people from squatting in empty foreclosed homes.

    This sickens me.

  11. 2 Pirates over 40 says:

    But its OK for the goon squad coachroaches to break into the homes ,changes the locks, and steal items from the house and the local POLICE won’t prosecute due to it being a mortgage issue.

  12. leapfrog says:

    Hey Law Enforcement: ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Why the double standard? WHY no fines or jail time when the banksters forge, perjure and STEAL a home to which they have NO RIGHT? Oh that’s right, you can’t answer, because you are ALL corrupt as hell.

    • Officer of the Law says:

      We can only follow orders. We have been ordered to say that fraud committed by banksters is a civil matter.

      Only the prosecutors can prosecute, and they are on the banksters’ payroll as are most senior members of law enforcement who order us to look the other way and help the banksters rob and steal.

      Only by pressuring the prosecutors to take action can anything be changed.

  13. l vent says:

    Well, well isn’t this getting ugly? Wells Fargo had my brother-in-law evicted from his townhome via the HOA, for being a couple months behind on his homeowner’s ass. fees. Now we come to find out yesterday that WELLS FARGO went and recorded a deed 2 years after recording a lis pends, The lis pends was recorded after the release of mortgage. The deed they “recorded” is not a warranty deed as he has that. The recordings clearly show that WELLS FARGO got paid by him thru GMAC. Funny thing is I went and looked at his recordings a couple of month’s ago and none of this activity showed up on his recordings. I think they may have created a new PIN. I want them FINED, COMPENSATION to be paid to my brother in law, his STOLEN PROPERTY returned to him and I want these CROOKS THROWN IN JAIL. They almost destroyed his life. They are despicable.

  14. Clouded Justice says:

    I wonder why the “authorities” took note? Local realtor angry they can’t turn a buck? The FBI doesn’t even take note of nationwide theft, yet the police state can’t resist the low hanging fruit. This was an obvious bad move, yet the creativity can’t be denied. There are 100Ks of empty houses and many more people need housing in this country. Banksters are criminals, ’nuff said.

  15. debi J says:

    Theses poor souls got arrested because they didn’t use LPS or DOCX. Apparently doing illegal recordings is legal if u use them. This is absurd — they are forcing people to take the law into their own hands. How do u know Bryan Bly didn’t do it? Why isn’t all of LPS and NTC staff in jail? They do this every single day in multiple filings. What is the true payoff for all of this fraud? I am so disgusted by all of the fraud. These poor people were so desperate they probably felt like if the lawyers can do this and LPS and DOCX and all of their subsideraries can file illegal documents, why not them?? If all of the above have gotten away with the rape of America’s equity, why these poor souls? Guess they don’t have the money to pay off any one—or try this; Quiet title is hard to be arrested for! Debi

  16. Officer of the Law says:

    So, the prosecutor has been too busy to prosecute any banksters for filing forged documents, but when anyone else does it, they take immediate action. Who do the prosecutors work for again?

  17. thebanklied says:

    Their mistake was in reporting it to the county… Should’ve used MERS

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