Steven J. Baum | Firm Dominates Foreclosures, But Faces Growing Criticism

Firm Dominates Foreclosures, But Faces Growing Criticism
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For more on Steven J. Baum see the links below…

“The MERS Mortgage Twilight Zone” Case Dismissed WITH Prejudice – Hon. Arthur M. Schack Slams HSBC Attorney Firm Steven J Baum, PC

Federal Home Loan Mtge. Corp. v Raia – Foreclosure Fraud, False Allegations, Assignment of Bid Sets Up Steven J. Baum, P.C Foreclosure Mill for Sanction Hearing

Chase and the Law Offices of Steven J. Baum Draw Scrutiny Over Tactics in Foreclosure Cases

Another Brooklyn Beatdown – Hon. Arthur M. Schack – Plaintiff U.S. BANK Never had Standing to Prosecute this Action Because of an Ineffective Assignment

NY Judge Jeffrey Spinner Facing Foreclosure Firestorm gets Ruthless Bankers’ Attention

GMAC, Steven Baum Face New York Foreclosure Brawl – NY Post

Brooklyn Beatdown – Hon. Arthur M. Schack – Foreclosure Judgement and Sale Vacated, Case Dismissed WITH Prejudice

NY Times | Judges Berate Bank Lawyers in Foreclosures

This Judge “Gets It” Indymac Bank F.S.B. v Yano-Horoski

Class Action RICO Suit Against MERS Alleges Tens of Thousands of New York Foreclosure Frauds Orchestrated by “Foreclosure Mill” Attorney Steven Baum & Banks

Class Action Complaint – Connie Campbell against Steven Baum, MERSCORP, Inc, et al., Case #10CV3800


3 Responses to “Steven J. Baum | Firm Dominates Foreclosures, But Faces Growing Criticism”
  1. anon says:

    Steven Baum is the David Sterns of New York. A HORROR SHOW. I hope Steven Baum gets more press and then goes to jail.
    These people need to read about what caused revolutions. Preditors taking the people’s money and causing economic horror. I’m sure Baum will spend time in jail. THERE’S NO HONOR AMONG THEIVES. No one will help him in the end.

  2. anon says:

    He doesn’t look at anything. Call it what it is, A FORECLOSURE MILL. Dishonest. Total and complete PREDITOR.
    200 million a year. This is NO Harvard grad.

  3. l vent says:

    The entire mafioso ongoing criminal enterprise needs to be stopped and charged with their numerous RICO ACT Federal crimes they have committed against the American people. The American people need protection from these criminals that clearly will stop and nothing to destroy America. They have made it impossible for the people to be treated fairly and there can be no justice in a system that is entirely broken down and filled with corruption. The American people deserve a level and fair playing field and we are not getting that. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights was put in place to protect US from a TYRANNICAL Government, not vice versa. President Obama knows this is true.

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