Robo-lawyering | Attorney Terminates Employment with Shapiro & Fishman Who Continues to File Documents w/the Court Bearing Attorney’s Name

Well well well…

Lookie what we have here…

Attorney Terminates Employment with Shapiro & Fishman Who Continues to File Documents w/the Court Bearing Attorney’s Name

Apparently, Shapiro Fishman is like the Hotel California.  You can check out but you can never leave!

Check out the attorney name on all these notices to the court Leaving a Legacy.

She was none too pleased!

She works for LPS now.  (I withhold comment.)

Let this serve as notification to Shapiro Fishman!  Time to report themselves to the judges in all affected cases and also the Florida Bar as per the new Florida Bar order.

Anna E. Malone Cease and Desist Letter to Shapiro & Fishman

Anna E. Malone Filings After Leaving Shapiro & Fishman

Well doesn’t this come in just at the right time.

This, along with his partner Christopher Perry Booked on DUI, Leaving the Scene After Plowing Down Couple should put a spotlight on Mr. Shapiro the day before oral arguments are to be heard on the PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI RE: Shapiro Fishman v State of Florida Attorney General – Order Granting Petition to Quash.

Shapiro Fishman v State of Florida Attorney General – Order Granting Petition to Quash

For those who are unfamiliar with this, here is some background…

It has to do with if the State Attorney General has the power to subpoena or investigate law firms.

By Kimberly Miller
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

A Palm Beach County judge ruled in favor of law firm Shapiro & Fishman today, saying the state attorney general has no power to subpoena or investigate law firms.

Judge Jack S. Cox quashed a subpoena filed by the attorney general seeking information regarding Shapiro & Fishman’s forelcosure-related practices.

Cox said it is the Florida Bar’s responsibility to investigate law firms, not the attorney general.

“It should also be observed,” Cox noted in his ruling, “that the subpoena served by the attorney general is not only overbroad, vague, inconsistent and unduly burdensome, but it is both invasive and highly unlikely to reveal actionable conduct on the part of the Shapiro firm.”

Well, as mentioned above, the Attorney General filed a PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI and the oral arguments are tomorrow…

FL Attorney General Petition Writ Certorari

Shapiro Fishman Response to Petition Certiorari

What make this interesting is that another judge from another circuit DENIED David J. Stern’s Motion to Quash. Hmmm…

David Stern Motion to Quash Order Denied

So, we now have one Judge siding with the Foreclosure Mills and another siding with the Attorney General.

Let’s see why one might side with the Mills…

How about we look at this from a post I did back in August…

LINK – Shapiro & Fishman Accuses McCollum of Grandstanding, Files Motion to Quash Subpoena in Palm Beach County Circuit Court

The firm’s response came Friday in a motion to quash a subpoena in Palm Beach County Circuit Court.

Why, do you ask…

Well, I am no expert on getting subpoenaed by the Attorney General, but I do have an inquisitive mind…

Is it because Shapiro and Fishman’s attorney, Gerald Richman of Richman Greer, is located in Palm Beach County?

Or is it because Gerald Richman of Richman Greer is so tight with PBC Chief Judge Peter Blanc they decided that would be their best venue?

Quote from the LINK – Daily Business Review

After a call was made to Sasser’s office seeking comment, attorney Gerald Richman of Richman Greer in West Palm Beach called the Review. He said he “heard” about the article and wanted to speak in support of the judge on behalf of the American Board of Trial Advocates, which he said normally responds to what might be “unfair criticism of judges.”

When pressed about how he found out the Review was working on this article, he said Palm Beach Circuit Chief Judge Peter Blanc asked him to call in support of Sasser, who is prevented from commenting about pending cases and motions for recusal by judicial canon.

You can check out that full article here…

Never understood why they would send in an attorney that represents a foreclosure mill to defend a Judge that was being accused of favoring foreclosure mills, but who am I to question that decision…

I guess Blanc and Richman must be pretty good friends for him to call on him like that…

So, while we are at it, here are some more things the 4th DCA should consider while listening to the oral arguments tomorrow…

First off, Mr. Shapiro is a Deadbeat…

LINK – Foreclosure Mill Lawyer Gerald M. Shapiro of Shapiro & Fishman, CEO of LOGS Group, Faces Foreclosure

Foreclosure lawyer faces suit on office building

By: Colleen Lobner July 12, 2010

(Crain’s) — A real estate lawyer who represents lenders in foreclosure cases faces a lawsuit of his own on a small Northbrook office building.

The property, 4201 Lake Cook Road in the north suburb, is owned by a trust whose beneficiary is Gerald M. Shapiro, chairman and CEO of LOGS Group LLC. LOGS, which formerly was based in the Lake Cook building, is a network of law firms and title agencies that specialize in handling foreclosure litigation for lenders.

Heart Financial, a subtenant in the Northbrook building, moved to Schaumburg in late 2008 and the building emptied out completely in April, when LOGS relocated to Bannockburn, says Gerald Alt, president of LOGS and Heart president and CEO.

A $6.7-million loan on the property was not paid off when it came due June 1, according to a foreclosure complaint filed June 10 in Cook County Circuit Court. Mr. Shapiro also failed to pay real estate taxes on the property, the complaint alleges.

The total amount due is $6.14 million, plus interest and late charges, according to the complaint.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Shapiro declines to comment.

We all know from experience that deadbeats do not have any rights or access to due process in Fraudclosure court. So based on the fact that he is in foreclosure, he should automatically lose this case.

Second, his firm was filing assignments of mortgage executed by Linda Green when she did not have signing authority on behalf of (MERS).

LINK – Linda Green of Docx (et al?) Did NOT Have Signing Authority on Behalf of MERS

Prepared by and return to:
Shapiro & Fishman LLP

Got that? “Linda Green, Vice President who at the time did not have signing authority on behalf of (MERS)

Then there was this…

LINK – Toxic Titles Part Deux – Linda Green of Docx (et al?) Did NOT Have Signing Authority on Behalf of MERS

Well, the assignment of mortgage in question, dated October 17th 2008, was executed by Linda Green WHO AT THE TIME DID NOT HAVE SIGNING AUTHORITY ON BEHALF OF MERS.

According to Shapiro and Fishman’s “Corrective Assignment


Now there is this…


Looks Like Linda Green did not have authority to sign in September 2009 either…

From Fraud Digest

This document states that Green did not have such authority on September 1, 2009. The prior correction stated she did not have such authority on October 17, 2008. It is not a giant leap to assume that Green did not have authority to sign for nearly a year. If Green, like the other robo-signers, executed 15,000 documents a month, for 12 months, there are 180,000 “erroneous” assignments, many of which were used to push through foreclosures by securitized trusts – the entities most often using Green-signed documents.

Here are the corrected assignments…

Linda Green, Shapiro Fishman Corrective Assignment October 2008

Linda Green, Shapiro Fishman Corrective Assignment September 2009

Forth, Too bad this isn’t baseball…

LINK – Too Bad This Isn’t Baseball – Could use a “Three Strikes You’re Out” Rule!

Let’s take a look at another Shapiro Fishman foreclosure case.

Martin County, Florida. Clay Wade’s foreclosure.

Linda Green had no authority to sign on behalf of MERS on 10/17/2008. SF corrective asg.pdf

It is unclear if she had the authority to do so on 9/18/2008, but assuming she did not…

STRIKE ONE: Assignment of Mortgage #1: DocX Linda Green on behalf of MERS dated 9/18/08 Wade SF-LINDA-GREENMERS-AOM-REC9-15-08.pdf

STRIKE TWO: Assignment of Mortgage #2: Shapiro Fishman AOM dated 4/30/10 based on the transfer detailed in the incorrect DocX AOM from 2008 Wade AOM-REC-4-30-10-TONYA HOPKINS.pdf

STRIKE THREE: Assignment of Mortgage #3 Shapiro Fishman Corrective AOM, that is facially incorrect in and of itself, referring to US Bank’s capacity on AOM#1 (US Bank was not mentioned in AOM #1), referring to the AOM recorded on April 30, 2008. (There were no recorded AOMs on April 30, 2008. The previous two AOMs were recorded on SEPT 18, 2008 and APRIL 30, 2010.) Wade CORRECTEAOMREC6-23-10.pdf

What in the heck is going on over there? I guess we should stay tuned for AOM #4 Shapiro Fishman Corrective Assignment of the Corrective Assignment?

Most Florida judges have no issue with this insufficient, inadmissible, hearsay “evidence” upon which a family is evicted, dispossessed of their home and storehouse of wealth. Gotta clear 62% of the foreclosure case backlog above all else! JUDGES AGAINST THE BACKLOG UNITE!

Fifth, how about we reflect on a case where Shapiro & Fishman perpetrated fraud on the court and was caught…

LINK – Foreclosure Fraud, Fraud on the Court, Shapiro & Fishman and Fannie Mae = Case Dismissed WITH Prejudice


Fraud on the Court – Pocopanni Order Dismissing With Prejudice

And, last but not least, let’s not forget the sanctions that were imposed on Shapiro & Fishman for for Violations of BK Codes for Purposes of Relief from Stay in Foreclosure Proceedings…

LINK – Foreclosure Fraud Rewind 2006 Circa – In RE Jenny Rivera – Gerald M. Shapiro Sanctioned $125,000 for Violations of BK Codes for Purposes of Relief from Stay in Foreclosure Proceedings

In Re:




Some excerpts from the order…

Then it goes on to state…

Then it concludes with..

In RE Jenny Rivera – Gerald M. Shapiro Sanctioned $125,000 for Violations

Gerald Richman, who represents Shapiro & Fishman Quote

“There may have been some problems with other firms, but there isn’t anything directly related to Shapiro & Fishman.”

Yea, okay…

Oh yea, if you are in the area tomorrow, plan to pack the courtroom for the oral arguments.

For details click here…

Still think the Attorney General shouldn’t have the power to subpoena or investigate law firms?





9 Responses to “Robo-lawyering | Attorney Terminates Employment with Shapiro & Fishman Who Continues to File Documents w/the Court Bearing Attorney’s Name”
  1. l vent says:

    Shapiro and Fishman now have my loan and want to fraudclose and TRY and steal my home. I am ready and waiting to find the fraud they are going to use to do it. My county recorders office has already told me my house is paid for and the statute of limitations has run out on them to assign a debt to my deed. I want to sue the pants off of these whores, these spawns of satan are going down.

  2. Liz in Sarasota says:

    Why, look at the cc list on Anna’s cover letter! It’s my old pal, Denise Elder, still shystering for Shapiro & Fishman. Denise, if you are within the sound of my voice, you have about 30 days to file paperwork with the 12th Judicial Circuit admitting that you “reasonably believe” that the robo-signed docs you filed in my case, “signed” by the now-infamous LPS employee Dory Goebel, were fraudulent, because, honey, I’m going to file a complaint against you w/ the Florida Bar if you don’t. Further, I’ll just mosey on down to the courthouse, say, this week, maybe even today, and start looking around for other masterpieces with your name attached. There’s a certain joy in numbers and, Denise, sweetie, I bet there’s a whole lot of people who got hoisted out of their homes on the basis of your fraud on the court.
    Me? I’m still in my home, but at what cost. My marriage. My life savings. My physical health. Every personal possession short of the few things I got from my grandmother.
    Oh, did I say “fraud” and “Denise Elder” in the same sentence? Gee, it has a certain ring to it, don’t you think? If you haven’t heard it before – and I find that difficult to believe – then get ready, because if I have my way you’ll be hearing it, shall we say, often.
    I’m just glad you didn’t move out of state. Makes things so much easier.

  3. bubby says:

    lets not forget that stern worked for shapiro way back. Shapiro is the devil dad and stern is the evil spawn.

  4. Kat says:

    Anyone notice how Notary Public Tamera Sandoval’s signatures are very very different on “STRIKE TWO” and “STRIKE THREE” above?

    Her handwriting has changed dramatically from April to May of 2010, though there are plenty of docs before and after with BOTH of these signature variances.

    Hmmmm… perhaps she has a body double sign for her when she steps out on a break, or if her hand gets tired from signing all those silly documents that nobody really pays attention to anyway (at least not the judges).

    So… never mind.

    Carry on.

      • Kat says:

        Also, why does the “Attorney-in-Fact” for AHMSI on “STRIKE THREE” have a Texas address, when her signature was allegedly notarized in Florida?

        Was she here on vacation? Visiting LPS or AHMSI, or BOTH in Jacksonville? Those two businesses do have an extremely close relationship, I’ve been told. They share a LOT! (psst… my understanding is they enjoy teaming up for threesomes with the foreclosure mills… but no one’s supposed to know that, so shhhhh!)

        Seriously, though… was Cynthia Stevens really in Florida when she signed that “Corrective Assignment”? Or did she have a body double, too?

        Might be a smart move for the defendant or the defense attorney to ask for Cynthia’s plane ticket in Discovery.

  5. Jason Werner says:

    The same states that are “investigating” (actually, they’re endorsing) the so-called robo-signing actually practice the same types of fraudulent procedures in their own fraudulent and bogus collections. And on the criminal side, the prosecutors, detectives, police, and judges lie too. So it’s a problem across the board.

  6. OOO! OOO!


    DON’T FORGET THAT the attorney for Shapiro Fishman who choose the 15th to file the Motion to Quash the Florida AG’s subpoena and then argued in front of Judge Jack Cox…is GERALD RICHMAN.

    Gerald Richman serves on the Judicial Nomination Committee and the Honorable Judge Cox was…ahem… vying for a job in the 4th DCA since 2007 when he was nominated the first time. He was nominated again in fall of 2010 …………oh……..just about the time when Gerald Richman was filing, on behalf of Shapiro Fishman, a motion to quash. Judge Cox! Is this why you wrote such a scathing condemnation of the Florida AG’s investigation into Gerald Richman’s client, Shapiro Fishman?

    So, shouldn’t Judge Cox have disqualified himself? In the end, Gov. Scott chose a different judge to go to the 4th DCA. Was it worth it Judge Cox?

    Richman is JNC Vice Chair
    Gerald F. Richman has been elected vice chair of the 4th District Court of Appeal Judicial Nominating Commission. Richman is president and a shareholder of Richman Greer P.A. in West Palm Beach and is double board certified in business litigation and civil trial. Richman has extensive experience in real estate litigation, including mortgage foreclosures, condominiums, zoning and land use, brokerage disputes and governmental matters and in 2000 as lead counsel conducted the trial of one of the three presidential election vote cases.
    FROM NOV 2010 Four finalists remain for 4th DCA position

    Four judges are on the list of finalists to replace retiring 4th District Court of Appeal Judge Gary Farmer.

    They are Palm Beach Chief Circuit Judge Peter D. Blanc; Palm Beach Circuit Judge Elizabeth T. Maass, who is serving in family court after extended service in business court; Palm Beach Circuit Judge Jack Cox, who killed an attorney general’s subpoena last month for records from foreclosure law firm Shapiro & Fishman; and St. Lucie Circuit Judge Burton Connor, administrative judge in the civil division.

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