Full Deposition of Tywanna Thomas’ Mother, Cheryl Denise Thomas of DOCX, LPS

Once again, another damning deposition from Fraudclosuregate courtesy of Naked Capitalism…

Up to a 1,000 documents a day.

“Surrogate Signers”

Notary fraud.

You know, the usual…

Check it out in full below…




Full Deposition of Tywanna Thomas’ Mother, Cheryl Denise Thomas of DOCX, LPS

7 Responses to “Full Deposition of Tywanna Thomas’ Mother, Cheryl Denise Thomas of DOCX, LPS”
  1. Hell NO - No More Bailouts says:

    I think that a FEW of the robo-signers have lost their notary licenses and fewer still are facing any prosecution, but my belief is that ALL licenses of those ‘outted’ PLUS those working with the ‘outted’ robo-signers should also have their notary licenses pulled. That means if you worked at DOCX during the period in question, you would be on the list the states will be looking to go after. It would also include all notaries at firms such as Sterns’. Even places such as Litton with their in-house robo-signer such as Marti Noriega should be on the list. (Litton personnel also sign self-serving documents without the proper authority to do so.) Get the states to start collecting monetary damages for the investigations from the signers. The pool of worker-bees will dry up quickly. It will then become more expensive for the fraudsters to get signatures unless they go deeper into the crime syndicates.

    The ‘robo-signing’ will only stop when these fools know that their ‘meal-ticket’ license will get pulled AND they will be prosecuted. Yeah, the fraudsters then might resort to boiler-rooms with forged notary stamps but we have already seen that those have been in use.

  2. John R says:

    Down at the Perp walk
    we be havin some fun
    down at the perp walk
    we can see all the scum
    down at the perp walk! Perp Walk!

  3. Fury says:

    is everybody and their mom going to be deposed?
    eww boy. there will be trouble for the f/c mills. moms don’t want their kids going to jail ….

    it is a racket. the people at the top have gotten very very rich. the hard-working homeowners have been
    defrauded and bankrupted by the banks’ avarice.

  4. Pamela says:

    If these people are to be believed then they wre just following directives.This woman thruogh her own attestation knew there were things going on that should not have been.When you asked a question about it they appeased you so you would do your job.Doesn’t change the fact thatafter awhile everyone got the idea that this was wrong.Evidently the need for money far outstripped the need to be ethical and moral.I gather the air of trasperancy was missing with thier employees.So now after everything has been said and done they have a need to absolve themselves from any wrong doing.To late!!!When you knew it was wrong you should have looked for another job and walked away you stayed because it was your comfort zone.Well looks like that came to an end too.Day late dollar short.Way too late for the crimes you have already perpetrated against American citizens and all for the sake of the almighty dollar.

    • see says:

      Pamela you are so right on. This person questioned the process and she knew it was not OK. What I got from the depo is she was volunteering info. More than happy to give out info. But then tried to show she was only doing what she was told so as to not make waves. No one was forcing her to do that job, she chose to do what she did because if she didn’t she would be out the door. Well, that eventually happened. These people all of a sudden AFTER they loose their jobs are they more than happy to sing.

  5. MAGGIE says:

    I have a simple question………………..why do you sound like me????

  6. lucinda says:

    i dont understand why arent the robo sighners and att and mortgage servicing in jail,i don;t get if you commit a fraud you go to jail,why are allyoed to go free and pay a fine and admit to NO WRONG DOING this is not legall,other crooks go to prison for doing the same thing,sec and rating co. are keeping tham in buissness,so are the goverment……………stop this bullshit and put them in prison??

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