Game On | Deutsche Bank, Akerman Sentertfitt Sues Lynn Szymoniak’s Son With No Financial Interest In Her Case

Again, for those of you that do not know the term, “It’s On Like Donkey Kong” I provide the definition below…

“A phrase to denote that it’s time to throw down or compete at a high level; something is about to go down. The use of the comical video game character Donkey Kong provides comic relief but the phrase itself has greater or more significance than simply its on.”

Okay, now they have gone too far. And sorry, this is absolutely BULLSHIT.

Look, I get it. The intimidation, the threats, the indictments, the lawsuits, the lies, but now you people want to mess with someone who has NOTHING to do with what you fraudsters created in the first place.

This is a kids life you are trying to destroy. Have you no shame?

This is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable Akerman Sentertfitt… We will track your every move on this and expose it to the public as best we can.

I already monitor your ip addresses, your visits to this site from inside your offices, I even have a contact on the “inside” of your firm who is DISGUSTED on how you people operate. They love to talk… We even know things about your firm that you probably do not know.

You remember how Stern went down? Well…

See you in hell…

From the Huffington Post…

Deutsche Bank Sues Foreclosure Fraud Expert’s Son With No Financial Interest In Her Case

After she’d been sued, Szymoniak said, she began investigating the documentation on Florida foreclosures, uncovering alarming irregularities, including signatures that were apparently forged. If so, those signatures allowed banks to push foreclosures through overly quickly, charge improper fees and assert improperly inflated borrower debts.

Shortly after appearing on “60 Minutes” Szymoniak won a major victory in her own foreclosure case. The court found that Deutsche Bank was unable to demonstrate ownership of her mortgage, which had originally been issued by the defunct subprime mortgage lender Option One, and threw the case out.

Deutsche Bank was permitted to refile their case if they could obtain proper documentation, however. And on Friday, May 6, Szymoniak received a notification from the bank’s lawyers that she was again being sued for foreclosure.

But Deutsche Bank wasn’t just going after her. The bank was also attempting to sue her son, Mark Cullen, who is currently pursuing a graduate degree in poetry at the New School in New York. Cullen hasn’t lived in Szymoniak’s house for seven years and is not a party to any aspect of her mortgage — he has no interest in either the property or the loan, and never has had any such interest, according to Szymoniak.

“It is just absolute harassment,” Szymoniak said. “He doesn’t own anything, for god’s sake! He’s getting a masters in poetry. He not only doesn’t have any money, he’s never going to have any money.”

If you can stand it, you can check out the rest here…



Foreclosure Fraud on 60 Minutes

41 Responses to “Game On | Deutsche Bank, Akerman Sentertfitt Sues Lynn Szymoniak’s Son With No Financial Interest In Her Case”
  1. Joe L'Amarca says:

    Two of the most important words in our history (1st DEBASE ) (2nd UNITED STATES NOTE ) now read the coinage act of 1792 sec . nine it fixed the standard of measuring the U S Dollar and sec. nineteen it describes the penalty for committing fraud or debasing the value of it .
    The legal tender act is a contract drafted by the criminal society to enslave all humanity on earth , do to the fact that the dollar still sounds the same ! but it does not have the value as described in sec. nine of the coinage act of 1792 . search the word ENGLISH in the bible concordance .
    Now that you are in the Feudal system . In the feudal system, the nobles are the descendants of the officers who conquered the lands. The King was the Leader. The Counts or Barons were the Generals. Lesser Nobles were the Colonels and so on down the line. The same thing is happening in Cuba today. In Communism, all comrades are equal. As capitalism intrudes, the Generals become more equal. The Generals own the large tourist hotels. They get rich. The Colonels own less but are still well off. The average comrade lives in abject poverty.
    In the feudal system, the nobles are the descendants of the officers who conquered the lands. The King was the Leader. The Counts or Barons were the Generals. Lesser Nobles were the Colonels and so on down the line. The same thing is happening in Cuba today. In Communism, all comrades are equal. As capitalism intrudes, the Generals become more equal. The Generals own the large tourist hotels. They get rich. The Colonels own less but are still well off. The average comrade lives in abject poverty.

    Read more:
    The Trouble is that when We The People vote we should have a 3RD. contract for the constituents to sign , stating a minor penalty or capitol punishment for any fraud /abuse of their authority. without the check or balance in place they can legalize anything that they want and not ever be punished for !!!
    Now do you understand the difference between the coinage act and the legal tender act ? . as long as you pay for anything with legalized debt notes thats what you bought is another debt , but when you pay with a United States Note . the debt is completed . The contract on the face of the paper currency states this note is legal tender for all public and private debts Ha how do you pay a debt by giving someone another Debt Note .???? When JFK realized that his executive Order 11110 he ordered a U S Note Printed , Remember that guy that chased the money changers from the front his palace ? he got crucified ,remember congressmen McDonald he voted against the I M F fund , remember Pope John Paul ! he was going to return all the wealth that the Vatican defrauded from the people . So when it pertains to money ! for the good of your health please leave that to the Banksters Gangsters. You May Fine !!!

  2. Randolph Frodsham says:

    Don’t mis-read me. this is obsurd. But it is also amusing in a sad sorta way. Now I don’t claim to know or understand the laws in the state where Szymoniak lives, but I can tell you that in California, to attempt to foreclose on a non-borrower/non-owner of a property is an exercise in absurdity. Oh, you can take anyone to court for damn near anything here, but whether you get you result is the issue. What I see is utter desparation on the part of Duetsch – they appear to be so desparate, they’re acting stupid.

  3. Officer of the Law says:

    Smooth move. Filing a frivolous claim against a person whom the Florida court does not have jurisdiction over in order to harass them is unethical, but of course, the banksters’ minions follow orders and they know that the banksters own the crooks who run the Florida Bar.

  4. maggie may says:


  5. heather says:

    hey akermann senterfitt. i am right here. Isn’t enough that in my case you presented forged documents, false signaures, forged signatures on promissory notes, and a fake affadavit.. I would love to help take Akermann down. Time to go. Ask me how. I have already filed a complaint with the Fl AG but you know how effective they are. Serious. Isn’t it fraud if you used forged docs to steal property? The people that matter here on this board know who I am and I would be happy to share everything I have with them just to see Akermann go.

  6. Tim Bryant says:

    It should also be noted that this is also fraud in the sale and representation of securities by Deutsche Bank, an SEC violation. She should counter claim against the entire trust and it’s investors. This is no longer passive activity, required to maintain either REMIC or Trust status under IRS guidelines.

    Lynn, file a complaint with the SEC and the IRS. This BS with “innocent” trusts and investors has gone on long enough. I have been submitting evidence to Katherine Hsu ( HSUK@SEC.GOV ), about this garbage with RMBSs. Keep your chin up and keep fighting. The greatest enemy to these fraudsters is the TRUTH.

    Also, check your mortgage for the section that says “Applicable Law”. It usually says that the contract is governed by Federal law and the laws of the jurisdiction the property is located. If the securitization, and subsequently the PSA, are applicable under the laws of a different state, their is no recourse that can be had by the trust against you. I will also bet that the PSA states after a certain amount of time, the trusts only recourse is against the seller of the loans. Check these out.

    There is also a little talked about law, called the E-Sign Act of 2000. An electronic “transferable record” is only legally valid given specific criteria are met. One is that it MUST be disclosed to the consumer. The other issue under this act is that ANY such “transferable record” that shows an entity as holding such record, gives the holder of record those same rights as a holder in due course. If your County land records, the MERS for homeowners database, and the SEC records show different holders of record, their is a legal controversy of Deutsche Bank’s legal standing to pursue this matter alone. All parties of interest MUST be joined to the proceedings for the judge to go forward.

  7. housemanrob says:

    Are all of these BANKSTERS @ ASSOC. really just a bunch of KINDERGARNERS? Seriously, spiteful attacks on the purely innocent? COME ON ELECTED GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TO SERVE AND PROTECT THE PEOPLE! Material wealth is the highway to hell and blessed are the poor. Do you think you were placed on planet to gather things? Emptiness awaits!

    • Tim Bryant says:

      Unfortunately, the common thread is that our rule of law has collapsed. We are no longer operating within the foundations of the US Constitution.

      I believe the most serious flaw causing the collapse of our democracy is campaign contributions. That is the only motivating factor for our elected officials. The Supreme Court made a bad problem worse by considering corporations “persons”. Wealth=Influence, this is what our Constitution was drafted to prevent. Remember, our original document was the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, adopted in 1777. An uprising in my backyard in Massachusetts, called Shay’s Rebellion occurred in 1786-87, showed the problem with the Articles. What was the cause? Bankers repossessing land of course, from veterans of the Revolutionary War who went unpaid. America was one day away from a completely different government. Had the rebels seized the Springfield Armory, they would have practical control of the National Defense. This so shocked the country, that the Articles were re-drafted to form our current Constitution in 1787. Of course during Shay’s Rebellion, so-called patriots like John Hancock, who now was Governor of Massachusetts, called these patriots “traitors”, and wanted them hanged. It is amazing how your perspective changes when you hold a position of power, huh? Thomas Jefferson thought a little rebellion once in a while was good for democracy, and George Washington intervened to prevent continued injustices against the vets.

      Who says history doesn’t repeat itself?

      • Tim Bryant says:

        Unfortunately, we have no Jeffersons or Washingtons in our government. Elizabeth Warren is the closest we have. Our elected officials are weak and corrupt, and feel that their power is no longer derived by the people for the people.

        It is up to us to make sure they live by the promises of the Constitution. We must hound as many people as we can to create a change in political will. Every miscarriage of justice, or sign of corruption must be reported to the media, not just here. Shame is a tremendous political motivator. Use this to your advantage to stand up for your rights, and hold the government accountable. If anyone needs a list of media contacts, email me at

      • Tim Bryant says:

        Forgot another little history tidbit….John Hancock was also the President of the United States of the Congress Assembled under the Articles of Confederation from 1785-86. He was the original George W. Bush….LOL

  8. keepon says:

    Oh good! Now we have the perfect test case for disciplinary action by John Walsh under the OCC’s Consent Agreement with Deutsche Bank and others. Deutsche will no doubt claim that it signed the Consent, but cannot be held accountable for how its attorneys in the field translate those commitments into action. Here’s hoping 60 Minutes gets a statement from Mr. Walsh when it reports what happens to ordinary citizens in the US who face off with the power brokers.

    The Akerman/Deutsche action also shoots a wide gaping hole in the settlement talks where Banks claim they could better ‘help People stay in their homes’ if only they had clearer ‘guidance’ (since the law was not ‘guidance’ enough.)

    Thank you Akerman/Deutsche. We could hope for no more real illustration of the power wielding arrogance that has controlled this entire fraud than you have given in your New American Business Morality Model. The plunder, pillage, clear-cut of the middle class ‘little people’ goes on. (-apparently non of which is a crime.)

    Thank you Lynn for going in ‘harm’s way’ right here on American Soil to lay out in clear view the corrupt use of power going on here.

    …and you need not worry about your son.

    He stands to be a very wealthy young man after this plays out!

  9. Tim Bryant says:

    This is a perfect case to “SLAPP”. If you don’t know what an anti-SLAPP claim is, do some research. It is worth having that knowledge in your arsenal.

  10. JamesM says:

    In Florida:

    The elements to an action for abuse of process are:
    – Defendant willfully or intentionally made illegal, improper, or perverted use of process.
    – Defendant had ulterior motive in exercising the process; and
    – Defendant’s actions cause injury to plaintiff.
    The Szymoniak son would be plaintiff.

    The elements to Emotional Distress, Intentional Infliction
    – Defendant’s conduct was intentions or reckless
    – Defendant’s conduct was outrageous
    – Defendant’s conduct caused emotional distress; and
    – Plaintiff suffered severe emotional distress
    Both may be plaintiff’s.

    57.105 may also be a recourse.

    After son wins, or has case against him dismissed with him as prevailing party, he can then bring an action for Malicious Prosecution. (Have to win the action first).

  11. Danelle Hills says:

    Problem is, the government is forcing all of us to have bank accounts. More and more payrolls are paid by direct deposit, and even Social Security is trying to pay benefit recipients by direct deposit. This is so the government and all its minions can know all your business. And when you get to the point you cannot afford a bank account, or your credit and reputation are so ruined by the banksters from past dealings with them and from unemployment, etc. then you will just be made further impoverished and disenfranchised. We need to elect a new crew in Washington, D.C. and in all our states. We must get legislators who will represent their people, not the big corporation campaign contributors. I really fear for where this country is headed. The morals are totally out to lunch, seems like.

    • Snowstorm A.K.A. Susan M. DeSimone says:

      Paper checks from Social security will cease 2014. However , you can sign up for a “MASTERCARD DEBIT” card. It can be used at participating banks, which they say is all of them, for the cash out,.or… you can go to ATM’s for a free cash out. Then you can pay your bills in person or with money orders or some will just take the debit. Better for the most part, as there will be “NO CHARGE” at alot of places. No more check cashing charges. I stopped banking about two (2) years ago. Paying bills online will cost $.50. Just spread the word on “THE BANKS”. When people give me a check I just go directly to their bank in person and cash it. Takes more time ,,,but I am surviving just fine with “NO ACCOUNTS”. I do not trust them either, and if you live in a state where they have the “DEFIENCY JUDGMENTS” one will be paying the remaining mortgage off after they foreclose. and we all will have that as we all have the “UNDERWATER LOANS”. What a bunch of “CRAP”.

  12. J A says:

    Reminds me of how the Florida Default Law Group listed my son on the original foreclosure notice — when he was only 17 years old. They waited until I was not at home and he was home alone, and they came to the door and threatened him, saying he HAD to sign the foreclosure service notice, and so he signed it not knowing what else to do…and it wasn’t a sheriff’s deputy standing there either, he told me later. It was just a few men dressed in regular clothes. I know they were watching our house because during that time I saw a plain white truck loitering around on our street near our house a LOT.

    I wrote a letter to the judge, since I was representing myself pro se, and pleaded with him to do the right thing and remove my son’s name. It took several months, but the judge finally removed my son’s name from the legal proceedings.

  13. maggie may says:


    • You are so right….but they have yet to see the true nasty side of the Americans…..many hiding in the dark shadows…..but this only proves how stupid they are…..I believe they have screwed with the wrong woman….they filed the suit so they have to have Burden of Proof…..just what proof could they even have…they got shit as proof. This is nothing but a fear tactic being used….the same with the foreclosures…but we found all the frauds…..the trouble here is the courts turned the courts into a court of frauds….maybe out of fear….maybe??????

  14. David Robert says:

    he just drew blood. This will turn out to be the biggest fucking mistake of his miserable career. This is why our forefathers created the second amendment. Understand, this man will NEVER know a day’s peace in his life. He will live in fear for the rest of his pathetic life. Never underestimate what a small group of people can do to change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Looks like 60 minutes just got some new content to investigate. This should wake up a ton of people. This may be a real blessing if we handle it right. He may wake up in a few days and say WTF was I thinking? I just awoke a sleeping giant, his own Pearl Habor. He’s a real dumb ass and this can be used to take his ass down. I say send him a box of depends, he’s gona need em.

    • see says:

      I wonder if the producers of 60 Minutes have been notified of this.

    • Mrs Doutfire says:

      Lets get more press in on this, what a awful thing to do…. what comes around, goes around. Game on people! They started it now WE WILL END IT!!!!!!!!! Take them all to the cleaners!!!!!!

  15. Josei says:

    These GERMAN OWNED CROOKS, The only thing these crooks may have left behind were the gas chambers but they still like to round up innocent people and act as the criminals they have always been.

    Thieves, crooks, corrupt individuals.

    I pray to god all mighty they all burn in hell and that an honorable judge throws away their crappy foreclosure case and sanctions these so called lawyers.

  16. Fury says:

    i would love to attend a Poetry Slam —
    lynn’s son vs. the CEO of deutsche bank.

    adult victims of the f/c scams are used to threats but to name a child in a lawsuit?
    utterly disgusting!

    deustche bank needs to remember the German proverb:

    “es ist nicht alles Gold, was glänzt.”

    (all that glitters is not gold.)

    leave this family alone. drop all lawsuits.

  17. indio007 says:

    How can the ruin his credit? All he has to do is file a quitclaim on the property the memorialize his lack of interest. Then again possession is 9/10th of the law . Maybe they are scared he will state an equitable claim on the property on the basis of care and maintenance. Who knows.

  18. Fury says:

    i will be poetic justice
    when deutsche bank is brought down for their fraud and intimidation tactics.

    • Fury says:

      “it will be poetic justice.”

      maybe that was a freudian typo!

      good luck to lynn and her son.

      the bank thinks that they can get money from a poet?


      i think you have to go to a coffee house during a FREE reading.
      i’m sure he’s broke.

      • MARIO KENNY says:

        But they intend to ruin his credit, so he cannot finish his studies, and also they can attempt to drive a wedge between him and his Mom

      • see says:

        Mario Kenny is right. These banks care nothing about the lives they destroy. In their attempt to go after Lynn S, they know the damage they can do to her family and mainly her son. This should be no surprise in the way that they went after Lynn S. I bet Douche Bank sat in a room planning the best way to destroy her. Douche Bank=Devils Work. I pray to God that whatever Judge gets this case sees through this BS.

  19. Snowstorm A.K.A. Susan M. DeSimone says:

    One sure way to get their “ATTENTION” would be for all of us to stand together and take your money “OUT OF THE BANKS”. I have a safe the size of a refridgerator. and I love it. Money well spent. Weighs in at over 1000 lbs. Burglar alarmed home and I am set . As I understand the “LAW” ???? you can sue an “ATTORNEY” for “DEFAMATION”. In my case, the attorney has withdrawed “STATEMENTS” that were lies about me, so it must be true. When I called her out on it, “HERE CAME HER WITHDRAWAL” . They clearly know it is a “LIE” as the boy’s name is “NOT ON THE DOCUMENTS”. ….and yes they are messin’ with the “WRONG WOMAN”

    • Mrs Doutfire says:

      I took my money out of BOA last summer. I will never trust a bank again.

    • CaitlinO says:

      We have had our money in a credit union since 1987. In 3 1/2 years we paid off 90% of our debt, including the house. The banks will soon get absolutely NADA from us – not interest or fees – and we will NEVER do business with them again.

      Everyone in the US needs to fire the banker bastards. To owe money to a bank, to keep money in a bank, to pay fees or interest to a bank, are active acts of treason as they will use that money to bribe our elected officials, persecute innocent citizens, subvert legally enacted regulation, steal public treasure in the form of bailouts and subsides, hire counterfeiters, commit fraud on the courts and illegally deprive your fellow Americans of their property.

  20. Backtable says:

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me? There’s not a court in the nation that won’t through this back in Akerman Sentertfitt’s face. Whoever is running the circus there has obviously lost track of the clowns. And yet so it goes, b.s. lawsuits designed to intimidate with no end in sight. In cases like this at what point do the courts say, “Enough!” ?

  21. MARIO KENNY says:

    Deutsche bank took America down and the Seals did nothing, these are the financial terroist of all time, and no one is doing nothing about it.

    I bet yuh they will get away with all their crimes just like they have for the last 100 years or and more.

  22. Fury says:

    lynn busted their asses on natiional television on 60 Minutes and the rabid wolves have gone after her.

    she was defrauded.
    we know it.
    we saw the damn blow-ups on foam core boards.

    this is all so shameful.

  23. maggie may says:


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