Radio Show Saturday from 8-10 am EDT with and

We will be hosting our radio show tomorrow on WDJA 1420 from 8-10 am EDT.

We are going to have some interesting updates and discuss topics emerging from the foreclosure/financial crisis.

Carol will also be hosting property Law today on Sunday from 12-1 EDT.

So tune in if you are local in West Palm Beach or join us on the web at and click on the listen now button in the top right corner…

Be sure to call in and ask your questions or post them in the comments below.

You can also log into and ask your questions live while we are broadcasting.

Call in number is 561-265-2121.

I will be setting up a tab on the top of the site for the podcasts…


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  1. Andrea Guice says:

    Question?! Lender of securitized note/mortg was to have transferred borrowers note/mortg to a Trust by the cut off date, 90days, according to the ‘PSA’ agreement. The ‘Trustee’ for investor later sues borrower claiming they own the note & recv’d the note appropriately that within the 90day time frame that year. But, during the borrowers ‘bankruptcy case’, two consecutive years later, the Bank sueing borrower now, was not the ‘movant’ to the borrowers note/mortg, but rather, the 1st Lender who supposedly transferred the note to Trustee, was named as the ‘movant’ to the Bankruptcy Judge. Question: Should the ‘movant’ during borrowers bankruptcy case have been the owner of the note that claims the note was transferred to them years prior,ie., 90days of the close of escrow according to the ‘Pooling and Servicing Agreement’? And, since they were not the ‘Movant’, that would suggest they did not own the note, but acquired the note years after the ‘PSA’ cut off date. Question: Isn’t that ‘fraud’, and fraud against the
    Question: How many ‘other’ Bankruptcy cases could reveal ‘banks contradictions in foreclosure cases?
    The banks wear many masks, but they forgot to take it off at the ‘Bankruptcy Court’ doors.

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