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Then part one of Untangling the Foreclosure Mystery… HOW THE DOG ATE MY MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENT…


Last week, Part 3 of  “How the dog ate my mortgage assignment”.  Time to start taking a look at the Courts and the Judges.

Next up, EXAMINING THE CASE OF ONE LOCAL “DEADBEAT” Untangling the Foreclosure Mystery— Part 4

But first, some comments from Matt…

This weekend, I can think of no better way to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed for our Country than for you, Lisa, and Matt Weidner to continue to fight as you do.  Great work!

Here is the link to my latest article in Key West the Newspaper.  For those enjoying their back yard barbecues, it is a walloping helping of Marshall Watson with a nice side order of Patricia Arango!  (Keri Selman is involved, but didn’t make print.  Ever notice her name spelled backwards is Nam Les I Rek.)

EXAMINING THE CASE OF ONE LOCAL “DEADBEAT” Untangling the Foreclosure Mystery— Part 4

This is a case so baffling that it could be a novel if it weren’t true. A novel titled, “How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb while Judges hold the ladder?” Here are the Cliffs Notes in a seriously abbreviated form.

The defendant, Mr. Deadbeat, takes out a mortgage on a property in 2006 with HSBC. Months later, Deadbeat is told that his mortgage has been sold to Countywide. Later, in 2008, while trying to sell his property, he is counseled by Countrywide that he needs to be 60 to 90 days behind on his payments even to have a short sale considered.

Now, Deadbeat had never missed a payment on anything in his life but chooses to ruin his credit and submit the short sale offers. The bank doesn’t make a short sale work, but does file for foreclosure. Countrywide hires renowned foreclosure law firm Marshall C. Watson to pursue the case.

Here is the catch— and pay attention— this is like trying to follow which shell the marble is under at Sunset Festival. Deadbeat’s mortgage is in the Clerk’s records as being held by HSBC. On February 24, 2009, Marshall Watson files an Assignment of Mortgage dated Feb 16, 2009, transferring the original mortgage FROM HSBC to Countrywide. This mortgage assignment is signed by one Ms. Patricia Arango, Assistant Secretary, and notarized by Ms. Kelly Anderson. Our friend Ms. Arango signs as Assistant Secretary of Mortgage Electronic Registration System as Nominee for HSBC.

Now, on March 10, 2009, a foreclosure complaint is signed on behalf of Countrywide by Ms. Karen Thompson of the esteemed Marshall Watson law firm, which includes a copy of the original note and mortgage, along with our sweetie Arango’s mortgage assignment.

One would think this Arango must somehow be affiliated with HSBC to have given their mortgage to Countrywide only days before the foreclosure filing. Deadbeat ponders why had he been paying his mortgage to Countrywide since 2006 if Arango only gave it to them in 2009. So a quick search of the County Clerk’s site shows that Arango has on file a form giving her power of attorney for, get this, Countrywide. Watch the marble now.

Didn’t Arango just give the mortgage FROM HSBC to Countrywide? If she is an agent of Countrywide, she just gave herself the mortgage, right? But hold on, who doesn’t love a two for one special? A search of the Florida Bar shows that Arango is actually an attorney for Marshall Watson, the very firm representing Countrywide as Plaintiff. Ultimately it is discovered that even the notary, Kelly Anderson works for Marshall Watson. Confused yet? So am I. I wonder why people aren’t disbarred and in jail yet. But wait, it gets even better.

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If we can get more local voices to speak out, we can really educate the masses…

Once again, big thanks to Matt and  his editors for reporting the truth