Deadbeat | Bank of America Refuses to Pay Bill, Gets Served with Writ, Sheriffs Arrive to Seize Property and Cash

Bank of America cuts check for Estates couple in mistaken foreclosure case

NAPLES — When Bank of America tried to foreclose on Warren and Maureen Nyerges’ fully-paid, Golden Gate Estates home last year, it was a mistake.

When the couple’s attorney arrived at a Bank of America branch Friday morning with deputies, a moving company and a court writ permitting him to seize furniture and cash to recoup fees in the case, it was a last alternative.

“This could have all been settled for nothing a while ago, but it got completely blown out of proportion,” Warren Nyerges, 46, said on Thursday.

In a scene that turns Southwest Florida’s foreclosure crisis on its head, Collier Sheriff’s deputies delivered the writ to a Davis Boulevard branch of the bank on Friday morning, presenting the bank manager with two options — he could either pay the $2,500 in attorneys fees the Nyergeses were awarded in December, or the movers would begin taking furniture and cash.

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9 Responses to “Deadbeat | Bank of America Refuses to Pay Bill, Gets Served with Writ, Sheriffs Arrive to Seize Property and Cash”
  1. George Dixon says:

    I have a default judgment against Chase/WAMU. We put liens on some of their property in Texas and sent them to Sheriff’s sale; somehow Chase changed the title to the property the week before the sale and stopped the sale without addressing the liens we had on the property.

    Until criminal charges can be brought against the banks for doing these things it will never end. They have unlimited funds to fight and drag things out; even when in the wrong they simply force people to quit by making it to expensive to fight.

  2. Pamela says:

    In response ot Dr.Jal, BBB is a bigger joke than BOA any body can buy a triple AAA rating from them for $45.00 fee.State AG’s are an even bigger joke.Depending on what state you are in for a nominal fee you can slap a lien on them which has far more import than either one of those two entitys will do for you.Save your self sometime and hassle and do that instead of the contacts.

  3. Dr. JAL says:

    Made the mistake of joining BOA just so it would be easy to transfer money to my dad when he needed it. What a mistake! it was an online account free of charge. I never check my bank statements, because the money just sits there. Well another mistake! Just last week I get a letter from a creditor telling me I owe BOA for overdrafting??? WTF???!!! So these guys had been charging me to have a “FREE” account for the past year. I called to recoup and make them aware of THEIR mistake, and was told that it was justified, because i was receiving bank statements monthly. Seriously? 10 bucks a month to print a damn statement and mail it??? Read the fine print people, these guys ARE CROOKS and FULL of it! Banks will never get ANY service from me ever again. I guess the taxes WE gave them in the handout weren’t enough, they need to continue to steal from US!!! You better believe BBB and the AG will here of this!

  4. woodknot says:

    Just posted this WONDERFUL STORY on the easy click ……………..
    People please post every article you have the opportunity to “just click”.
    We absolutely need to get the best of these shocking stories to ” go viral”
    Some of the materails you are reading can be forwarded by an EASY CLICK TO EMAIL
    keep the email addresses of as many AG’s, Clerks of Courts, your local Reps. in your State Government.-FDIC- SED- Treasury-everyone you can think of-post on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter.
    Just click- makes it so easy for us to participate and spread the word.
    if we all flood the email boxes to their limits or crash their sites with Traffic overload it just may get some
    attention in mainstream media-we have to CRASH THEM WITH INFORMATION !

  5. Pamela says:

    Well now theres some home owners that mean what they say and don’t mind enforcing it.Friggen amazing and it does have a certain amount of humor value as well.More people should be doing this and holding thier feet to the fire after all if it was us do you think they wouldn’t make us pay.Hold them all accountable.

  6. TheHutMaster says:

    The below quote made me LMAO my chair, like the Florida “DEFRAUDING THE LAW” Group is ethical, LMAO Again, scumbag, cocaine snorting PIGS they are!
    “Allen said that after leaving the bank on Friday, he was contacted by the bank’s new counsel, Florida Default Law Group. Allen said he won’t be satisfied until he sees the check amount and it ensures it covers the judgment.”

    “Fight The Good Fight”

  7. AliceN.Wunderland says:

    And this should be happening in every little town in every state in this country. We the people are taking our country back.

  8. maggie may says:


  9. TheHutMaster says:

    Put the burgers on the Grill!!!!!

    PHUCK BOA, HARD!!!!!

    “ight The Good Fight”

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