More on Deadbeat Bank w/ Video | Bank of America Pays Debt Instead of Losing furniture

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Bank of America pays debt instead of losing furniture

Two Collier County sheriff’s deputies and a creditor’s attorney arrived this morning at the Naples business, ready to start hauling away furniture to satisfy an unpaid debt.

After meeting with the deputies for about an hour, the debtor finally cut a check to cover the debt.

It’s a common occurrence in economically beaten-down Southwest Florida — except that the deadbeat company was Bank of America.

The creditors were Maureen and Warren Nyerges, a Golden Gate couple who bought their home from Bank of America for $165,000 two years ago.

Court documents show that the bank mistakenly sued them for foreclosure and didn’t admit its mistake until late last year.

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6 Responses to “More on Deadbeat Bank w/ Video | Bank of America Pays Debt Instead of Losing furniture”
  1. Patrick Farrell says:

    This will all change when people [the bogus officials] are shot to death.
    1776- British pigs were slauthered and America was born.
    Time to kill the pigs again.
    All lawyers are members of the BAR = British Arbitration Registrants.
    That means assholes registered to argue of behalf of britian.
    Where are the Americans in all this?
    All american “citizens” are property of Britian, by way of the registration of your birth certificate into the
    Dept. of Commerce.
    Simply rescind that and become Sovereign and Constitutionally fortified.

  2. see says:

    This whole thing stinks of I don’t know what. Why does the Sheriff get to negotiate with the bank manager? The attorney had the papers from a judge awarding these people attorney’s fees. If this was a homeowner there would be no talking. They would have been forced out into the street with a show of force by the swat team. WTF is going on here? How can anyone say the homeowners are treated fairly?

    • Bryan says:

      Bank manager must have invited the Police in for some FREE COFFEE AND DONUTS. After all if you need a cop, look for a coffee shop.

  3. Pamela says:

    Absolutley hilarious,that lawyer was good but I don’t get why he wasn’t allowed to negotiate on his clients behalf with the bank.I think the cops pulled some shifty,shady stuff or the lawyer would have been in on it.Still have lots of corruption going on especially with the police departments.

  4. Wayne says:

    I find this insane, nothing more and nothing less. It is time do be “NOT so POLITE to the BANKS”.

  5. MARIO KENNY says:

    So the Sherri f was kind to the bankster and he is never kind to the homeowners at eviction.

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