Robo-signed? | Jeff Thigpen to Meet President Obama and Administration Officials at White House

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June 16, 2011


For Immediate Release:            Contact:   Jeff Thigpen June 15, 2011                                    (336) 451-5300

Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen to Meet President Obama and top Administration Officials in Washington, D.C.

Greensboro, NC-Guilford County Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen announced today that he will travel to Washington, D.C. to join President Barack Obama and members of his administration at a White House reception honoring Young Elected Officials on this Friday, June 17th.

“I’m truly honored to be invited by the President and it will be one of the highlights of my career as a public servant”, said Register of Deeds Thigpen. “On the other hand, I’m carrying the weight I what I see in the economy and it’s challenging. People are hurting as the housing industry has been wounded by a culture of quick money that led to the crash in our economy.  We’ve got to return to fundamentals that help working people get back on their feet coupled with an unshakeable commitment to transparency and fair dealing in our financial services industry.”

Returning to fundamentals are important to Thigpen because he recently found 4500 potentially fraudulent land record documents in the Guilford County Register of Deeds as a result of an internal investigation.  The legal documents were submitted by a company named Doc X, owned by Lender Processing Services which contracted with major banks Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) among others.  They were signed by a number of “robo-signers” including the name Linda Green representing a number of banks and mortgage companies that had between four and fifteen different signature variations and acknowledged before notaries as authentic. Each of those companies and banks mentioned are now under investigation.

Register Thigpen initiated his investigation after former Doc X employees admitted the company’s business practices on national television during a CBS 60 Minutes segment on the mortgage paperwork mess.  Thigpen sent his own findings to federal regulator agencies and the 50 State Attorneys’ General Investigation into Foreclosure Fraud in May.

Prior to the reception, Thigpen will be attending a special policy briefing with senior White House and Administration officials on topics including housing, immigration reform, innovation, energy, and job creation.

Jeff Thigpen, 40, was elected to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners at age 27 and is author of the upcoming book, Young Politics profiling young elected leaders 35 and under committed to progressive values.  Young Politics will be published by Polar Bear and Company in Maine and released later this year.


Speak loud and speak strong Jeff…


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  1. Go for it !!! says:

    Way to go Jeff Don’t be affarid to stand up for what’s right ..That’s one thing wong with the world today people talk all this shit and don’t back it up ….At lease your trying to do something instead of being a monday morning quartback …..Go to washington speak your peace ..FIGHT THAT DAMN DRAGON …AND COME HOME KNOWING YOU TRIED TO HELP SOMEONE …..BE PROUD YOU HAVE A VOICE ……

  2. Ali says:

    Thanks to all for their “Due Dilligence” on their own paperwork. I too have obvious oringination fraud (among a host of others). I had a lawyer with us at closing, alot of good that did us. Snowstorm, did you mean Ticor Title Co.? I think they were turned into Fitelity. I also found our ATT. at closing is now working for the dark side. I never signed docs at closing as it was my husbands VA loan gaurenty not mine. The lawyer called us afew weeks later and and said my husband needed to have doc. with (I don’t remember his exact words as it was in 2005) to prevent anyone from getting our house in case he was sued ) Now I find out that it was a quit claim deed from my husband as granter to his name and mine giving up my “homestesd rights. I also think everything that is being discussed here is so right on and just the tip of the iceberg. Its always one step forward and two steps back. I truly thank all of you, without you I would have given up. This is a full time job keeping up with these greedy assholes and they are all connected in one way or another. My husband has to work, and he would not have done heavy lifting , so that leaves me (and you guy’s) I love you and God Bless.

  3. qny81 says:

    I vent:

    I heard the same about Dr. Paul and Jesse Ventura. I like what these men say and do, which are congruent. Neither one is perfect and neither are we. We must support people who support our liberties. Anyone that wants to take it away must be exposed, expose the works of darkness. The only king we should want is King Yahushuah. If our Creator gave us free will, we must support those that protect our liberties. We should be united in protesting the extension of the Patriot Act by robo-signing and anything against our liberties. Of course, our liberties stop when they negatively affect another human being or creature.
    I consistently contact my representatives and reprimand/praise those who are assisting us in our fight. We all should. I commended AG Schneiderman and his office sent me a letter thanking me. The reps should hear from us when they do bad work and when they do good work. They should know how and why we support them.

  4. AliceN.Wunderland says:

    This makes me very sad. I agree with many posters here about the purpose of this invite to the w.h. Mr. Thigpen needs to be reined in and they will do it. He will go back to his county a changed man because the ‘pres. is so nice, understanding and cool’. Hopefully this action to silence him will be too late as the articles about him are already out there and people paying attention will see how he reverses his opinion. The box has already been opened and the w.h. effort to close it comes too late. He has come to that crossroads, the one each one of us comes to during our lives, which way will he go. I would hope he would choose the correct way but power and influence is a strong elixir.

  5. recontrust owned all of my loans from countrywide/bankofamerica and happy days sold to federal housing and happy days now fannie mae and happy days they are doing good things with all of the homes that many of us have lost…………..just sad that they have left so many of us out………….seniors do not make the income grade…..investors……………shame on you for owning more than one home……………and the average american family………who has lost their job and or jobs not going to be replaced any time soon. And here we are once again contacting whoever we can, hoping that someone will listen? that something will change; isn’t going to happen, they can’t fix it, most all homeowners have now given up and moved on………and the people at the bank will tell you how they are trying so hard to keep everyone in their homes, not with the new regulations they won’t, no one will get approved unless its a freddie/fannie deal, forget the rest of you……………..oh gee……….so jealous…….wish it would have been that easy way back then to qualify for a loan, and even with the new prices it is cheaper than renting?????? heck of a time to be a landlord……not.

    • My loan was never with Countrywide or Bank of America. I was originally with Quicken Loans. Then I was transferred to Countrywide Loan Servicing, and then later to Bac Home Loan Servicing. My Pay off sheet had both names on it, before Bac even came into the picture. But in the stream of things, WHY wasn’t the true lender ??? Quicken Loans paid off. Just proves to us again that the loan was sold before closing or that day. So who really is the true lender. Fannie was my underwriter. and now I learn about RECONTRUST ??? So, according to my original mortgage docs, Quicken Loans was the lender, and MERS was the nominee crap? However, I just put my release of mortgage online to show the FRAUD. Now, we are seeing alot of states are ruling that Mers can’t assign or payoff or foreclose. So my payoff document is DO DO. Talk about the CLOUDED TITLES OUT HERE

  6. Fec says:

    North Carolina enjoys excellent notary policy and foreclosure procedures. No robo-signed mortgage documents have been generated in the state. There are no robo-signed promissory notes on file. This is political grandstanding.

  7. ben dover says:

    I just looked at my signature from my creditor when my car was paid off it was signed by Linda Green, along with my marriage certificate and now my birth certificate??????????? Whats next ??????? Hang the bastards!!!!!!

  8. Andrea Guice says:

    The ‘break’ in the ownership of the mortgage/note is in the ‘papertrail’; & the banks had to separate the notes for their MBS,derivatives games, & which caused the fraud. MERS is the banks ‘mortgage/note pawn shop’ (chop-shop) to hide fraudulent mortgage note assignments & fraud they commit with the forged mortgages/notes!

    • l vent says:

      You are right. They forged my name and my husband’s name on the note. I know for a fact I did not sign my name on anything at the closing, I only initialed a few things. Now they have my name on the note and not the mortgage. I am sure a judge wouldn’t believe they would have me sign the note and not the mortgage. I remember walking out of there with my husband and telling him I can’t believe I did not have to sign anything. Such case ending fatal flaws are bound to happen to them when they destroy the originals. They have no idea what they did, or what I know or what I have. I have the copy of the note endorsed in blank from the closing so they can’t prove that is my signature. There is virtually nothing they have to compare it to. They are telling me they have the original note. I know if they do it is a work of manufactured fiction. They have my forged signature robo-signed an inch off of the line. I think they robo-signed it off of another forged doc from a past loan. They are forging off of other forgeries. The letters in the initials don’t even come close to matching the letters in the signatures. They can’t fix this.

      • I Vent, When I look up the meaning of indemnify fron the Black’s Law Dictionary it states: To reimburse; to give (another) security against such a loss; to reimburse (another) for a loss suffered because of a third party’s act or default; Also see: HOLD HARMLESS. Not sure if this helps, but it seems to me, that something wasn’t right, so to get the loan through; this fee secured the TITLE?. The indemnitor is ONE WHO INDEMNIFIES ANOTHER. The indemnitee is ONE WHO RECEIVES INDEMNITY FROM ANOTHER.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        It was easy for CW / BofA / ReconTrust to add your “signature” to any document. When you had your closing you were forced to submit a signature sample to them. I have retained this document from my closing. These signatures were scanned electronically by ReconTrust for their “use”.

        This is an avenue the feds have yet to explore. Signature scanning was all the rage during 2005-2007.

      • l vent says:

        Thanks a million Susan! Looks like I have some more homework to do! I also have a Claim of Lien on my title, the grantee is the builder and the Grantor is a Wm B. Soltwisch&Co Inc. I want to find out what that is for and why that is on my title? What the?. The builder was paid at closing and the mechanics lean released in 1994 this lien is 1995. I have 2 record of payments in 2007, Grantor: Chicago Title and Trust to Grantee: Public but I have 2 Certificate of Releases, one from Citimortage (who I found out attached themselves to an assignment from another bank. I have never had a loan with them.) and one from Interstate Bank that said we received checks in large amounts and our loans are paid off.We never received a check. We wish!!! The clerk at the recorder’s office told me that public could be anyone and everyone. It is actually frightening to think who might come along and say they own your home. Almost anyone on the planet I am guessing. That is wrong and should be illegal. I should probably call the FBI and file a complaint. I have been meaning to call them after I gather as much evidence as I can but I keep finding more fraud. There is no bottom to the mortgage fraud, it is massive.. I think maybe I should give Chicago Title and Trust a call and find out what all of this nonsense is on our title that SOMEONE has been doing in our name. I spoke with an attorney yesterday. I told him about the title and he told me none of them ever thought they were going to get caught. He told me that the judge should give me a clear title because I have absolute proof of the Origination Fraud. Halleluljia!! I sure hope so.

      • l vent says:

        Tim, this is out and out forgery. I know how I sign my name. They copied off of other forgeries of my name that I did not sign or they just wrote it and did not care and copied it.. A lawyer and my son both said at first glance, that is not your signature. This is how incredibly arrogant they are. It is almost like they want to get caught red handed, they don’t care. They “think” they own the place. I beg to differ.

      • l vent says:

        It looks to me like they indemnified someone from the title co. to “fix” the title for the builder or something. I can’t figure it out. I think maybe the builder owed some money to someone, maybe that mysterious Soltwisch and Co,, Inc. for the land they built our house on. Why would the builder’s lien be on the title to my house is another mystery I don’t get. It is on there to this day as a lien. I know AG Lisa Madigan’s office is investigating home builder fraud. The Market Ticker reported on 4-5-2011 The investigation alleges that mortgage lenders such as BOFA, Wells Fargo, PHH(my servicer), Prospect Mortgage, Guaranteed Rate, Home State Bank, Key Financial Services, Plantinum Mortgage, Integra Mortgage Inc, and various regional home builders have specific programs in place to compensate real estate brokers for steering business to their mortgage units.
        This practice is illegal.
        Madigan’s investigators are looking into consistent, widespread and obvious patterns of consumer fraud and manipulation. Month after month, these mortgage lenders get a substantial share of the mortgage market due to aggressive and defined kickback programs.
        It is not uncommon to see materials marketed to real estate agents with clear inducements of STEEP kickbacks or a split of the mortgage revenues that grossly inflate what consumers should pay for the mortgage or home they are purchasing
        The article also states that ” These morgage bankers clearly understand that kickbacks are against Federal and State statutes.”
        They have also allowed apparent wanton and outrageous false claims owner ownership of these loans to be made at the time of foreclosure, when there is an incredible amount of evidence these loans WERE NEVER TRANSFERRED INTO THE TRUSTS AT ALL..
        The Attorney General’s office is making an effort to change that perception. Illinois and Federal laws prohibit non-mortgage licenses to earn a fee on _the origination _of residential mortgages.

      • l vent says:

        It appears that Wm B. Soltwisch & Co., Inc. is a constuction co. out of Hinsdale, Ill. The plot thickens.

      • Readdocs says:

        I googled Soltwisch and Co, and the only thing that seems relevant is a plumbing company
        in Hinsdale Illinois.
        It might be a lien on the house due to the subcontractor never being paid.
        That means if the subcontractor is never paid, you’ll have to negotiate a settlement with them. It’s not right nor fair, but it does happen.
        You should look into this and see if this is what happened. The lien filed at the court house should have
        a contact filed with it.

      • l vent says:

        Thank You Readsdocs. , I found out it is a construction company. Wouldn’t they go after the builder? I never borrowed any money for this company. The builder got paid in full at closing and we put down $100,000 on a 290,000.00 loan . I have the HUD settlement statement that proves it. Should I add this to my mortgage fraud complaint I am filing to AG Lisa Madigans office? I should not have to pay a lien the builder owes. That is just crazy. He is not named in the fraudclosure complaint as a defendant. This has to be illegal for this to be on my title. The title states the The builders father as grantee and that WM. B. SOLTWISCH & CO, INC is the grantor. I think a judge would have a fit about this. This looks like fraud.

      • Readdocs says:

        I am familiar with a similar case, the contractor of the job never paid the subcontractor. There fore even
        though the contractor was paid, the home owner gets left holding the bag. You’ll need to file a case against the builder and take him to court. The mechanics lien against the home is legal, it’s the only recourse the subcontractor has.
        And yes, it’s fraud on the contractors’ part.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        What I find most appalling is that in your mortgage, you are required to fight against any clouds on the title affecting the lender’s interest. Yet, they take actions that put clouds on their title, and on to our title chain. They also state that “we will join you” in any action to correct such. I have yet to see any lender do this. This goes back to my theory that mortgages from 2002-2006 were “adhesion contracts” that the lenders had not intentions of abiding by their promises, because they were selling their rights anyway.

        I would also argue that a Trustee or any other REMIC can never be a “lender”. They do not lend, are not regulated as lenders, and cannot accept the fiduciary responsibilities of lenders, when they keep themselves hidden from the borrowers. Above and beyond the foreclosure fraud, this is the most perverse fraud within the banking industry. A lender has a legal and fiduciary responsibility to notify the borrower of any defects on the thing loaned (i.e. payments, escrow, title). This does not occur after securitization.

      • Readdocs says:

        Something occurred to me in a conversation yesterday. The reason modifications hardly ever work is
        because the servicer does not have the authority to modify the loan, only the lender does. Servicers
        offering modification packages are practicing deceit, they are not in a position to make such an offer. The government coming up with this ides has only led to more problems for borrowers. If you cannot communicate with the lender directly you’re wasting your time because the servicer may be
        in authority to accept payments for the lender, or foreclose due to default, but were never given the
        authority to accept lower payments. Lenders are not in the business cutting their own profits.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        That is why any modification that is between the borrower and the servicer, not naming the lender specifically, is a void ab initio. The servicer is not a principle that can enter into a modification contract with the borrower. They know this !!! The point of these contracts is the clause indemnifying them against any lost, missing, or defective paperwork. It is for their benefit, not yours.

        Modifications have become a scam to strip you of your rights to defend yourself against claims. Why do you think people were dual-tracked? It was not an accident, or error, it was a premeditated action. Without the banks being accountable for their crimes, they just keep developing new ones.

  9. QNY81 says:

    I vent:

    Dr. Ron Paul is the only one who wants to audit the Federal Reserve to show the American people that it is a private corporation and a fraud. Once the people see it, then they will want to dismantle the Federal Reserve. Dr. Paul does not want a one world currency, he wants sound money. If you like Jesse Ventura, read his book, 63 Documents the Gov’t Does Not Want You to Read, he DEDICATED the book to Dr. Ron Paul because Dr. Paul is the ONLY congressman that continuously rises to DEFEND the American public. Dr. Paul is a STRICT constitutionalist. If it is not in the Constitution, Dr. Paul votes against it, for the past 30 years. Read Dr. Paul’s record, if you don’t agree with him, you will understand his position. He never flip flops on the issue. He has been trying to audit the Federal Reserve for many, many years, but his was the only voice in Congress. He is called Dr. No because he votes no against anything that is unconstitutional. Dr. Ron Paul for 2012!

    • l vent says:

      QNY81, I do like what Ron Paul says but I am still very skeptical of any politician nowadays. I know he does say he believes the President should be governing under the U.S. Constitution. I definitely do not believe in a one world currency or a one world anything for that matter. The whole MANUFACTURED financial crisis ALONG WITH 9-11 was a WELL PLANNED scheme I believe to destroy OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION AND OUR U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS. and OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY by the FOREIGN NEW WORLD ORDER. CONgress passed the PATRIOT ACT EXTENSION and that ACT NULLIFIES THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND THE U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS. I know Ron Paul called for the U.S. to be removed from the U.N. I REALLY LIKE HIS THINKING… I have even heard it said that Jesse Ventura is a Jesuit and working for the NWO but I do not believe that one.. Rumor has it that Ron Paul is a Freemason and not to trust him that he is part of the New World Order. There is a lot of deception. I swore to myself I was not going to vote for either party next time. The repub/dem paradigm is definitely broken. There is way too much treason and corruption. The foreign federal tranch has hijacked America and has way too much power in America and needs to go away. I am not ruling out voting for Ron Paul. I do not believe we elect the pres. We vote but we do not elect. Everything is a mess and a sham and a fraud. No one is going to get in there that they do not want. They all become puppets of the NEW WORLD ORDER when they get in. That is why I say the Foreigners need to be sent packing and the AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD BE SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS AND MARCHING IN THE STREETS OVER THE PATRIOT ACT BEING SIGNED BY OBAMA WITH THE ROBO PEN. THAT IS FRAUD. HE COULDN’T WAIT TO GET BACK TO THE STATES TO SIGN IT. HE KNEW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DID NOT WANT IT JUST LIKE THE BAILOUTS OF THE FOREIGNERS THE TBTF, THEY IGNORED US AND DID WHAT THEY WANTED. THE ONLY WAR ON TERROR IN AMERICA ARE THE TERRORISTS HIDING FROM WITHIN, POSING AS AMERICANS. THEY HAVE HIJACKED THE WHITE HO– USE AND CONGRESS. THESE ARE PERILOUS TIMES IN AMERICA BECA– USE THERE IS ALOT OF TREASON HERE. BEWARE. REMEMBER THE NEW WORLD ORDER GAME THEORY, BLACK IS WHITE AND ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. THESE PEOPLE ARE HORRIBLE AND HIDE BEHIND THE SCENES OF ALL OF THE DESTRUCTION THEY CA– USE. THEY ARE WHO HATE OUR FREEDOM. NOT THE MUSLIMS, OR ANYONE ELSE. Interesting you tube video entitled: 9-11 Missing Links Israel (Full Movie) ABSOLUTE TRUTH. It is about the MOSSAD and how the FBI caught them red handed on 9-11. The SMOM/VATICAN/JESUITS/NAZIRINES, are hiding behind the scenes of everything bad and always put jews in high places so when things go wrong the jews get the blame. They are the U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER. Everything they pull off is an inside job. They could never pull off their schemes without inside help. They are despicable. A foreign multinational tyranny of freedom haters.

      • I Vent. No One can even begin to make this S – – – up ! When I first saw this character’s name SOLTWISCH, I keep seein’ the Giant Hairy Ape CREATURE named SASQUATCH, sited around the world. I am sorry. I know none of this is funny, but I have learned if I keep my humor up, it helps me TO KEEP GOING. I love your writings, I feel so informed and I feel blessed to have found this forum and now I am quoting YOU, TIM, and others. Thanks. EDUCATION IS POWER. The professionals we are dealing with have RESPECT for us when we speak with KNOWLEDGE. They simply can’t make us GO AWAY, so easily , …and YES, include all this in your COMPLAINT….. Good Luck!.

      • Readdocs says:

        Wasn’t that added after it was decided the SEC was exempt from the FOIA?
        I won’t be surprised if the federal government doesn’t circle the wagons along with the
        tbtf banks to keep this whole thing from blowing up.
        Until the people who pay the taxes take a stand such as not using these big banks,
        and quit using credit to purchase anything other than a large purchase such as a
        home this will not be corrected. We need to go back to being a prosperous nation
        by paying our own way, and stop being a debtors nation.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        There is no FOIA protection for the SEC for any publically recordable documents. The SEC is trying to act like MERS, but they are accountable for docs required to be made public. This is especially so as it relates to a securitization where you are a principle to it (remember, you are the holder of the collateral for the debt obligation.)

        This is the kicker that occurred with me. The SEC will not admit or deny that I am a party to such. If they admit it, then they must grant an exemption under Section 29, since I am not contractually bound to the PSA, and the collateral’s title has been shredded by previous securitizations. If they deny it, it is an admission that the collateral holders are not legal parties to the securitization.

        They SEC believes that not deciding this paradox is the easiest path, and less costly to investors. However, this path is illegal;

        “Title 18> PART I > CHAPTER 101 > § 2075
        § 2075. Officer failing to make returns or reports

        Every officer who neglects or refuses to make any return or report which he is required to make at stated times by any Act of Congress or regulation of the Department of the Treasury, other than his accounts, within the time prescribed by such Act or regulation, shall be fined under this title.”

        ” Title 18> PART I > CHAPTER 101 > § 2071
        § 2071. Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

        (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
        (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.”

        The SEC is wholly involved as a co-conspirator in the fraudclosure being presented in our courts. The SEC is no longer a regulatory agency, but an arm of Wall Street to aid and abet in their crimes. This is exactly why Bernie Madoff did his Ponzi scheme free and clear of any SEC oversight.

    • I Vent. MY WARRANTY DEED( TITLE) states that the seller is the GRANTOR, and I was the GRANTEE. WHERE IS YOUR NAME if the Soltwisch’s father is the GRANTEE? Last night, Ron Paul gave a KICK ASS SPEECH. If ya want to believe what he’s saying, he’d be the man. ? He stated that we need to take back the country and OUR FREEDOM’S. DOWN with the Federal Reserve. UP for the CONSTITUTION! He appeared to have FIRE in his HEART for our COUNTRY. I Vent, anything that is on your TITLE/DEED is relevent. Look into this, if the foreclosure DOCS have ommitted a part of record, it is incomplete and has to be dismissed without prejudice. New Jersey, however will not allow them to correct their mistakes. Just like a land encroachment/easement, it has to remain a part of the record FOREVER. I gave away a small amount of land to my neighbor who accidentally miscalcuated a fireplace, so it is all on my deed. I never heard of other people on the Deed??? Did you have an attorney at closing? You could call him to explain?.

      • l vent says:

        Susan,Thank you so much for all of your help. My name or my husbands name is not mentioned in the lien,.The builders father is the grantee and Soltwisch is the grantor. . The whole thing stinks to the high heavens. The attorney who did our closing has been helping me a bit. No attorneys really want to help. He told me none of them ever thought they were going to get caught. I haven’t talked to him about the contractor lien but he did the title search for me so he had to see it. He told me the tilte looked right. I had to tell him that the Origination is not even on the title!!! I told him about the Origination Fraud I have proof of and he told me the judge should dismiss the case because of that fraud. and give me a clear title. With my commercial property they already got granted the foreclosure complaint because at the time I did not know about the fraud. No one has come forward with a note to prove they own the loan. The bank switched servicers after the fraudclosure and are trying to say the loan is now in a REMIC trust. They cannot do that on a non-performing loan. They keep filing motions to appoint a selling officer and then they do not show up at court. I wonder if I can file a motion to Vacate the Judgement on the grounds of the fraud through my entire loan? The pretender lenders attorney told me they have the original note, the reciever is telling me they don’t have the note..The pretender lender’s attorney also told me they CAN fraudclose with a cloudy title!! Wouldn’t the FBI love to hear that one!!!! The FBI should be wiretapping these attorneys. They forged my name on the note, my name is NOT on the mortagage,. and I NEVER signed the note at closing, they do not know this FACT I am sure and it is a clear and obvious forgery, 2 different attorneys have told me that is an obvious forgery. The signature is not even close. My name is FORGED 2 inches off of the line!!!!. The FBI told me to file a police report. I am afraid the fraudsters are going to try pull a fast one before the AG’s office or the States Attorneys office helps me..The attorney for the pretender lender used to be an assistant to the state AG. My closing attorney told me she should remove herself from the case as there is a conflict of interest. The receiver told us the judge is throwing these cases out of court. Susan or anyone here think that I can have the Judgement Vacated myself on the grounds of fraud?

      • l vent says:

        Susan, I missed Ron Pauls speech last night. I really do like what he has to say. He is the only politician who seems to want to make things right for all. He seems like an honest American who really gets it.

      • Readdocs says:

        If your loan is supposedly now in a REMIC trust, someone is baldly lying to you. Once those tax exempt trusts are closed they cannot be changed. If they attempted to move your loan after the fact of the trust being closed they can cause the investors to lose 100% of the investment through losing the REMIC
        tax exemption.
        It might be time for you to do a search over on the SEC website and see if you can find if your loan is
        indeed there now. Better yet a forensic audit should locate the loan, and all the faults in it and the

      • Tim Bryant says:


        If you are looking into the SEC, check out exemptions requests under Section 29. I have applied for one with the SEC. They have refused to either grant or deny my exemption request because they “don’t know what to do.” It is worth filing one, even if they refuse to respond. The reason being that their inaction, creates harm to you, and kicks in the requirements of the “Equal Access to Justice Act”. The government would then be on the hook for your legal fees if you take your case to Federal court. They also must disclose which pool your loan has been securitized in. They cannot withhold this information under Title 5 of the US Code (see below). The SEC is a major vehicle in this fraud. Personally, I think it should be dismantled, since it has become a vehicle for Wall Street frauds, and not a regulator.

        Title 5> PART I > CHAPTER 3 > § 301
        § 301. Departmental regulations

        The head of an Executive department or military department may prescribe regulations for the government of his department, the conduct of its employees, the distribution and performance of its business, and the custody, use, and preservation of its records, papers, and property. This section does not authorize withholding information from the public or limiting the availability of records to the public.

        Title 15>CHAPTER 2B > § 78x
        § 78x. Public availability of information

        (a) “Records” defined
        For purposes of section 552 of title 5 the term “records” includes all applications, statements, reports, contracts, correspondence, notices, and other documents filed with or otherwise obtained by the Commission pursuant to this chapter or otherwise.
        (b) Disclosure or personal use
        It shall be unlawful for any member, officer, or employee of the Commission to disclose to any person other than a member, officer, or employee of the Commission, or to use for personal benefit, any information contained in any application, statement, report, contract, correspondence, notice, or other document filed with or otherwise obtained by the Commission
        (1) in contravention of the rules and regulations of the Commission under section 552 of title 5, or
        (2) in circumstances where the Commission has determined pursuant to such rules to accord confidential treatment to such information.

        The Title 15 SEC rule is ILLEGAL, and exceeds the authority under Title 5.

      • l vent says:

        Readsdocs, Yes, you are right a loan modification by a servicer would have been more fraud. They do not know who owns these loans. They would have been fraudulently inducing a debt in order to give you a loan mod. Fannie and Freddie are who are really to blame as they created this mess. That is what the FBI told me last fall. I know they are lying to me. This is my commercial property that is supposedly in a REMIC. I went to the SEC EDGAR website and tried to look up REMIC CERTIFICATE SERIES, 2010-12, U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION ,AS TRUSTEE IN TRUST FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE HOLDERS OF BAYVIEW OPPORTUNITY FUND REMIC, 2010-12. I could find nothing. I spoke with their attorney who is still the same attorney as the BANK, FIRST MIDWEST BANK WHO IS the ORIGINATOR of this mess and who brought the foreclosure. I told her that I know that they cannot put a non-performing loan in REMIC. She really said nothing. She told me they can fraudclose with a cloudy title. Well, isn’t that special? I should call the FBI and thell them that one. The new pretender lender is playing games for FIRST MIDWEST and I know they actually are FIRST MIDWEST because their BOGUS ASSIGNMENT IS AN OUT OF STATE ASSIGNMENT ONTO THE ASSIGNMENT TO THE ORIGINAL LENDER. THEY ARE ATTACHING THEMSELVES TO AN OLD ASSIGNMENT at my recorder of deeds office!! THAT HAS TO BE ILLEGAL!!!! The property has been rented out all along has been in recievership with the taxes and the reciever being paid out of that rent. NO ONE has come forward with a NOTE in over a year now and the lender can’t touch the rest of that money in receivership. The reciever told us they DO NOT have the note.I KNOW THEY ARE REALLY FIRST MIDWEST POSING AS ANOTHER LENDER. I HEARD THE NY AG SCHNEIDERMAN IS INVESTIGATING THIS FRAUD BY THE PRETENDER LENDERS MAKING IT APPEAR THEY ARE SELLING BAD DEBTS TO SOMEONE ELSE, IT IS ALL A SHAM AND A FRAUD.. The pretender lender is saying they have the note,. I know they are not only lying, but I know where the exact fraud upon the copy of the note is. I never signed the note at closing and they have my name on the copy of the note. It is an OBVIOUS forgery. Only my husband signed the mortgage and the note. My name is not forged on the mortgage, there is the PROOF. Why would they have me sign the note and not the mortgage? There is alot of deception here but I found the fraud. I wonder if I could file a MOTION TO VACATE THE JUDGEMENT because of the fraud. An attorney told me I should tell their attorney that I KNOW ABOUT THE NOTE FRAUD.. The reciever told us this judge is throwing these cases out of court because of fraud.. Readsdocs or anyone here have any suggestions?

      • l vent says:

        I meant to say I know they are lying I know they DO NOT HAVE the ORIGINAL NOTE. Or they would have never assumed a new identitly to try and fraudclose if FIRST MIDWEST had the proper docs in the first place to fraudclose.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        I also agree. Loan mods done between the borrower and servicer are nullities. The servicer has no authority to enter into contracts for the principle, only service the debt obligation. Even if you do not enter into a loan mod, save the docs. They may be useful should the true principle file a claim in court.

        You could file a motion to dismiss based on lack of standing, based on the mod docs. This forces the principle to respond on how this occurred. It may also disclose that the securitization was not perfected within the time frame of the PSA, thus nullifying it. It may also show that the servicer acted outside of the authority vested in it under the PSA, again calling the securitization into question.

  10. Andrea Guice says:

    The ‘break’ in the ownership of the mortgage/note is in the ‘papertrail’; & the banks had to separate the notes for their MBS, derivitives, PSA, games & which caused the fraud. MERS was the banks ‘pawn’ shop (chop-shop) for the fraud they were committing with the mortgages/notes. [ My Opinion]

    • Scotty Simpson says:

      Hello, I have a MERS mortgage and it was given to Sun Trust Mortgage just 15 days before Sun Trust Filed foreclosure on us in court. Since April 2007 when my home bank signed over my mortgage over to MERSthere has nothing been filed with our County Clerk and now we also have Fannie Mae saying that they own our Mortgage. Where is the title chain and how can I follow it when nothing has been filed with the County Clerk? Thanks, Scotty Simpson

      • Tim Bryant says:


        Look up the legal definition of “extrinsic fraud”. It is a claim you can use in court because the entities intentionally kept you from knowing your legal rights and remedies. Because of the extrinsic fraud, you cannot properly mount a defense, which is cause for dismissal without prejudice or a show/cause hearing.

      • l vent says:

        Tim Bryant, I just want to say your advice is so timely. I greatly appreciate all of the knowledge you share!!

  11. see says:

    Look at all the other people who were elected or worked for the gov. They started out what seemed to be the will to fight for the homeowners, to getting these real good deals from the banks; then everything comes to a halt and then they deny everything. Hope this guy can stick to his principles and not back down.

    • l vent says:

      see, They want us to fight for ourselves. That is what I see. They are not going to make it easy for us. Only for the crooks. They all need to get thrown out of office with Weiner. They are all weiners.

  12. l vent says:

    Check this out, I have a release of mortgage from MERS that reads: KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that, MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC, _holder of a certain mortgage,_ whose parties, dates and recording information are below, does herby acknowledge that it has received full payment and satisfaction of the same, and in consideration thereof, does hereby cancel and discharge said mortgage. They are claiming they were the mortgagee. It is unsigned by a MARYLYN C BROWN, AUTHORIZED OFFICER OF MERS, her title is VICE-PRESIDENT OF MERS, and reads, on behalf of said corporation. and unsigned by a Notary Public by the name of: SHAWN LYERLY. It has 3 stamps on the page that are of womans dresses on hangers. MERS CANNOT BE HOLDER OF A MORTGAGE and those stamps, are they freaking kidding? You couldn’t make this stuff up. I could fax over a copy to Mr. Thigpen to bring to Washington.

    • I Vent, I Have one :


      THIS CERTIFIES that this mortgage executed by Susan Desimone, AN ADULT, to Mortgage Electronic
      Registration Systems, Inc. on 10/10/2007, securing $283,500.00 and recorded in Mortgage Drawer No.
      N/A. Instrument No. I _________, Page N/A. of Decatur County, State of Indiana, Has been fully paid and satisfied, and the same is hereby released.
      Dated this 11 day of March 2008.
      Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems,Inc.

      Kathy Cochran, Assistant Secretary
      Document Prepared By:
      Steven G. Galiano
      Recon Trust Company
      2575 W. Chandler Blvd.
      Chandler, Arizona 85224
      (800) 540 -2684
      DOCID #0001739910202005N

      Now , My pay off sheet stated the money was to be sent to Country Wide or wired to Bank of America.
      Bank of America did not supposedly take over till July 2008 or 09 ???? way after my payoff. The lawyers have yet to explain why their name was on my PAY OFF DOCUMENT?? They just said, IT Doesn”t matter cause countrywide got the money? Then I just recently learned that Bank of America owns RECON TRUST. So you see, they were involved way before I was ever NOTIFIED that they took over. The law says they have TWO weeks. But NOTHING MATTERS. How would anyone know who got my money? and what the hell kinda of PROOF do I have that my loan was PAID OFF to the correct party with all this BOGUS COVERUP CARTOON CRAP. I was Taught to always GET IT IN WRITING or you don’t have shit. Well, America, LOOK at your paperwork. We have DO DO.

      • l vent says:

        Susan, it sure is DO DO. These trusts sure look lile a sham and a fraud. It looks to me they created fictitious trusts and trustees and who knows where all of the money went. Who knows what to believe when they can manufacture notaries, lenders, agents, substitute trustees, loans, fraudulent docs and so on. Someone made soo much money in this scam, it is truly unbelieveable the size and scope of this PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST. There was really just one entity here who wore many disguises and I believe that was IMF owned FANNIE/FREDDIE They used perps. and kept the ball moving to get the job done but it was really them all along from the ORIGINATION FRAUD TO THE FRAUDCLOSURES. THEY OWN AND ARE ALL OF THESE FDIC BANKS AND LENDERS/BROKERS/SERVICERS and MERS. No wonder the FBI told me to call the cops when I told them my story.. We The People got robbed. .

      • l vent says:

        How much does it cost to indemnify someone? I have a $19,000.00 charge on my closing statement that claims $19,000.00 went to the title co. for indemnification. That sounds like alot of money.

      • Readdocs says:

        “How much does it cost to indemnify someone? I have a $19,000.00 charge on my closing statement that claims $19,000.00 went to the title co. for indemnification. That sounds like alot of money.”

        Why would you need to be indemnified by a title company? And what was the indemnification about?
        And yes, for what ever reason, someone sure stuck you with an extra big bill.

      • l vent says:

        Wow, feeling a bit snarkily today Readdocs? That’s o.k. I did not say pay to indemnify me. It is a title indemnity paid to the title company. This is on the SETTLEMENT STATEMENT U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT from my original purchase in 92. It looks like the builder paid Chicago Title and Trust $21.000 dollars for title indemnity from 1989,1990 and 1st 91 and then we paid another $3546.00 to title indemnity for 1991 2nd. I also found a $40,000 lien from the builder on my title that was never removed and is not recorded at the recorder of deeds. He was paid in full at the closing and the mechanics lien was released in 2000. The fraud is everywhere you look.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        A few things;

        BofA did not own ReconTrust until after the merger with CW. RT was actually a CW company. The other issue with the release is that I do not see anywhere that the lender has released you, only MERS. MERS is not the principle, only an electronic agent. There is no intent in this document for the lender to release you. Get a clarification if possible. In theory, agency law would hold the lender responsible for it’s agents actions, but judges have seem to forgotten agency principles along the way to foreclosure….

    • l vent says:

      If you google SHAWN LYERY she is all over google on tons of MERS DOCS with different signatures with her name or no signature at all. I don’t think that is even legal. Here is another one to GOOGLE: VERDUGO TRUSTEE SERVICE CORPORATION. They claim to be A FOREIGN CORP. FILE # C13333-1996 D/B/A The Corporate Trust Company of Nevada. Did you know THESE SO CALLED TRUSTS can get a substitute trustee, (agent, listing, loan, short sale) at for that TRUST?.FICTITOUS CHARACTERS TO COVER THEIR ASSES FOR THEIR FRAUD. VERDUGO TRUSTEE SERVICE CORPORATION records loans into MERS for CITIMORTAGE,INC. and who knows how they acquire them. I never got a mortgage from CITIMORTGAGE. I believe this is a fictitious trust and where the money goes, hell only knows.

      • I Vent, Yes, You can file a Motion to Vacate the Judgment. The attorney’s here in New Jersey told me after they reviewed all my docs to proceed as follows: I could file right now: 1. File a Motion to DENY ENTRY of the JUDGMENT; or; 2. I could wait till FINAL JUDGMENT was entered and then I could file the MOTION to VACATE THE FINAL JUDGMENT. I filed before the FINAL was entered. but I was afraid it might have gotten crossed in the mail, so my Motion stated both defenses. Like this:

        Defendant’s Motion to DENY ENTRY of JUDGMENT; and or; Defendant’s Motion to VACATE FINAL JUDGMENT on FORECLOSURE. The attorney’s here in N.J. stated that under N.J. law, it would get dismissed without prejudice. They will be ordered to prove with the ORIGINAL NOTE and MORTGAGE. and other documents that they are the LENDER? N.J. gives them two chances and then he will rule DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE. Even showing the original note does not prove the real lender. I have a Notice of Intent to Foreclose violation, so they are in bigger trouble. The statute does not allow for them to correct their mistakes.. I will announce online when I get the ruling. All my paperwork is in. I am going to file a Complaint/Lawsuit against the foreclosing attorney for participating in the fraud and stealing my property, without authority. Good Luck. Knowledge is POWER.

      • l vent says:

        Thank you so much Susan!! I have a notice of intent to foreclose letter too. I wonder if that statute applies in every state? I know what you mean about the note, it is the clear title that is the only thing that can prove their legal standing to foreclose and we know they sure do not have that. The dipshit lying attorney for my pretender lender had the nerve to tell me they can fraudclose without a clear title? WOW. ISN’T THAT ILLEGAL?? Wouldn’t the FBI love to have that on a wiretap?? What a bunch of deceptive crooks. It is really hard to find out what the laws are that protect us from them. I am sure it was planned that way. I agree, Knowledge is power. An attorney I spoke with told me none of them thought they would get caught. There are still way too many sheeple but some of the sheeple are starting to wake up and realize something has gone terribly wrong here and maybe they never should have lost their homes. The first to go did not have a chance of finding out all of this stuff in time to save themselves. I hope they all come back to reclaim their stolen homes and get them back with big monetary compensation for all of the helll they put them through. My brother in law falls into that category. He never even had a day in court and the Homeowners ass. as a proxy for Wells Fargo had him evicted from his townhouse by the Sheriffs Dept 2 years ago for falling behind on his ass. fees. Best of Luck to you as well, I can’t wait to hear the good news that you won your house back free and clear with a clean title conveyed back to you, the rightful owner!!!

  13. vawatcher says:

    Be very, VERY careful! The powers that be will first try to appeal to your “common sense” by explaining the dangers of potentially bringing down the TBTFs. If that doesn’t work, they will try to buy you. If that doesn’t work, then they will try the tried and true “honey trap”. Trust no one -especially a beautiful woman in DC. Chances are she’s working for your enemies. And if that doesn’t work, they will threaten you and your family. I hope you’re already squeaky clean because if you’re not, they already know all about it and will be more than willing to use it against you.

    If I were you, I’d make plans to RECORD absolutely everything you do and say to anybody!

    • DanJS says:

      Be sure not to be sucked in by lucrative offers to help you market your coming book. Seeing you succomb to that kind of “pressure” will crimp your credibility for decades! Don’t be pressured by “progressive partners.”

      • DanJS says:


        You are one of two very honorable and courageous men who are rapidly becoming “folk heroes,” .. Mr. O’Brien being the other.

        Eschew any and all flattery (including mine.) Remain aware of your surroundings and the motivations of those who surround you. Do not abandon your principles! They have brought this far and will take you much further if you continue to honor them.

        Be intensely viligiant during the coming days and do not be sucked in by lucrative offers to help you market your coming book. Seeing you succomb to that kind of “pressure” will crimp your credibility for decades to come!

        Don’t be pressured by “progressive partners.” Your integrity thus far has brought you to this point. Don’t sacrifice that virtue for any offer of material value or position of influence!

        Your loyalty is to your constituency (the ‘little people” of America,) not to powerful persons, entrenched interest groups, or political parties. Don’t be “bought with a price” … of any denomination of “currency” as has already been the case with others.

        Be a David and bring down this “unconquerable Goliath” good men and women are facing across a valley. You are their “Champion” … Not any elected or appointed individual other than yourself.

        Don’t be intimidated by the “power of an office” or by the members who serve as staff for any official.

        Lift up and restore the private property rights of American citizens… not the “rights of corporations.” Despite the “legal definition” defining corporations as “persons.” they are not and never were! You know the difference and the truth of that fact.

        God be with you…. You are being prayed for.

  14. Ace says:

    I think that if the gov wants to do something really positive that they fully fund forensic audits for all foreclosures retroactive to 1933 then collect and disburse those funds back to those of us who have had our homes stolen.

    • l vent says:

      I like that idea ACE.

      • I VENT., Take Tim’s advice and research “EXTRINSIC FRAUD”. Use this as one or part of your defense.
        See, I didn’t bother filing a complaint to the Attorney General, I just filed Lawsuits myself. I have my signature forged also on the Mortgage Acknowledgment page. It was over looked, cause she was an IMPOSTER? so she signed my name. I have a Mortgage that has FIVE alterations AFTER I SIGNED. The one their attorney’s entered in court DOES NOT MATCH THE ONE ON RECORD in the courthouse recorders office. My Mortgage can not be legally recorded as it is a FAKE. So they have lost their SECURED LIEN POSITION. Very interesting!

      • l vent says:

        In my case Susan, they recorded the fraudulent altered mortgage document at the recorder’s office and is on record there and is also included in the fraudclosure complaint.. I have the copy from closing, before they committed the fraud to the contract that happened sometime after closing.. I spoke with an attorney and he said the Title Co. would not have altered docs after the closing. Funny he should say that because the notary on the attached notarization of the mortgage is PATRICIA M. PICARD who is also an ESCROWEE FOR CHICAGO TITLE AND TRUST. She was not at my closing. I don’t believe for one minute that an escrowee for a title co. would also be a notary for a bank. PATRICIA M. PICARD wears many hats like LINDA GREEN all throughout my loan. PATRICIA M. PICARD is still showing up at the refi in 07 and she is at the ORIGINATION in 1992. That notarization of the mortgage by PATRICIA M. PICARD should have been on the same page as our signatures and it is not. THAT IS ALSO FRAUD. I think the title companies are involved in the Origination Fraud and helped them cover up the MORTGAGE FRAUD and the LIARS LOANS/ORIGINATION FRAUD and SOMEONE got paid VERY WELL for it.. Chicago Title and Trust insured my deed so that means THEY are responsible for my deed being true.Their lack of due dilligence should be very costly to them in many ways. Someone altered that doc after closing and the title co. insured my deed. I have $25.000.00 worth of indemnification fees paid to this same title co. with this same PATRICIA M. PICARD involved. Those so called indemnification fees were paid by us and the builder and is on the HUD SETTLEMENT statement from the closing. That is also very suspiscious. PATRICIA M. PICARD NEEDS TO BE SUBPEONED and brought before a judge. She has alot of explaining to do.

      • Readdocs says:

        If that Susan Picard even exists! She signed off on your 1992 documents? Did you witness this
        signing off? She’s been a very busy gal.
        Have you tried to find anything on a profile of her online?

      • l vent says:

        Hi Readsdocs, I did search everywhere for her PATRICIA M. PICCARD of CHICAGO TITLE AND TRUST on the web.. Can’t seem to find her. LOL. When I went to the recorders office to do some more research on my docs a few days ago I asked the clerk about the notaries, he laughed and said laughingly hmm, the notaries. I spoke to an investigator from the state AG’s office last week and I asked him do your think a notary from a title co. would also be a notary from a bank? He laughed. I told him I can’t find an attorney to rep me. He said well those are a special kind of attorney and I said what are they called and he said I don’t know, and he LOL!!! I doubt she is who she says she is. like Linda Greene, probably a robo-signer or a fictitious character. Maybe I should have her subpoenaed along with this so called asst. bank VP on the FAKE FRAUDULENT ALLONGE from the failed bank who refied my loan.! LOL!!! That would really be interesting. I would be willing to wager a little bet that the pretender lender would drop their fraudulent fraudclosure complaint in a hurry. Then the judge can dismiss them for good and give me a clear title to my home.

  15. Steve says:

    I would like to send him some Forged Recorded Sustitution of Trustee Documents Recorded by Recontrust in CA.
    They are not a third party to a major Bank, but rather a key part of Bank of America. I will contact his office to see if he will take the documents I’ve assembled.

    • l vent says:

      A substitution of Trustee sounds so shady and bogus it is unbelievable. This is a legal proceeding, not a baseball game where you can just substitute players or phony docs when they can’t produce the originals. That has to be illegal. Where are these trustees? Are they dead? I think they never existed and are fictitious. This is a tyranny.

  16. Tim Bryant says:

    He should ask President Obama why his administration is still dealing with MERS…..

      • Tim, Thankyou so much for your knowledge. See, I was right. I knew the document was Bogus DO DO.
        What liars? I have submitted this RELEASE into Federal District Court. I am still waiting for the Judge to rule. I did have the BIG WIN over the Fraudulent Appraisal. They are being held on FRAUD. The Judge stated that I proved enough. They can not be DISMISSED. Yes, when I did this pay off, I did not have Bac Home Loan Servicing. They took over Countrywide much later than my dates. So, Why are the POND SCUMS on my release as RECONTRUST?? My case is in the Judge’s hands at this moment, waiting for the ruling. and believe me, HE KNOWS THE DEAL! I also purchased two (2) Title Insurance policies,and one is an OWNERS POLICY., so I am filing a CLAIM. It is my understanding that they have to defend all of my FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS. My Mortgage is unsecured , it is so bad, as an unrecordable lien, and the deed has incorrect addresses for me, the GRANTEE. Thanks again. You informed me of good information. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

      • Tim Bryant, Thanks for all the GREAT INFO. It appears to me (including me) our cases are so involved, one cannot even begin to tell our story here. Just dribs and drabs. You have helped me out a great deal. When I was stating that my “Release of Mortgage” was “Bogus” . it was because it states that Mers got satisfied? I looked up Recontrust to see that it is owned by Bank of America. I was told by their attorneys that Countrywide got paid, even though it states, on my Payoff Sheet, that the money was to be wired to Bank of America.?? I .at that time did not have BAC Home Loans Servicing, and they had not bought out Countrywide as of my dates.I understand , that you were informing me that Countrywide was Recontrust and that is why they prepared my Release of Mortgage document. But, the problem I have in my Mortgage is mt lender was Quicken Loans, Mers as nominee? I have a Notice from Quicken Loans that states that countrywide would now service my loan….? Now, they are stating that Mers is satisfied? Why wasn’t Quicken Loans (the Lender) in there, as being paid off? It’s just No Wonder , the average class of persons cannot understand, What the H – – – went on? I do realize, that there is NO LENDER listed on my Release of Mortgage?

      • Tim Bryant says:

        I as well had CW before my refi. BofA also was paid, not CW. I also received a release from MERS stating they were satisfied.

        This occurred because CW sold the loan to BofA through securitization. BofA is never mentioned anywhere in any public records as owning the loan. This was another break in the title chain (I have had about six since 2004). MERS cannot discharge a mortgage without proof that the loan has been paid. This is a pretty universal standard amongst all states. Legally, MERS can only release their “legal title”, not the mortgage. It is stated in their own docs.

  17. Lit Gant says:

    Ron Paul? Are you jesting? Where has he done diddly squat about the foreclosure mess? Ron Paul is unelectable. Where is the candidate of either party who is saying they will fix the foreclosure mess? Where is the candidate who is saying put the criminals who did these securtized trusts in jail? I do not see a candidate yet who is speaking one word about this. Maybe someone can educate me. Who, what, candidate?

    • l vent says:

      They are all in the sack together. Ever see any of those hearings where Ron Paul grills Bernanke? Bernanke looks at him like he is so full of shit. I read Ron Paul wants to audit the Federal Reserve to declare America bankrupt and put us on the one world currency. They are all corrupt and useless. I personally like Jesse Ventura for president. The AMERICAN people need to take their country back from these politicians who are all crooks and traitors to the U.S. CONSTITUTION AND THE U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS. Who passed the PATRIOT ACT? CONGRESS. The PATRIOT ACT NULLIFIES OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION AND OUR U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS. ..These are perilous times and it is time for the American people to wake up and get serious.

      • I vent…I agree with you….Jesse Ventura for President…..I feel complete trust and confidence in Jesse Ventura….he carries power and knowledge and no bullshit in between. The vibes are great with this man….he is for the people of the United States of America….the rest can just pack their shit up and leave…they have all proven they wear the masks and we need to rip the masks off their faces and show them the real reality of what they have done to our country……in fact….their pensions and life benefits should be null and void….distruction to our country has no rewards…only penalties imposed on an offender………they made the laws to extend their deep pockets….and we need to override these laws to disregard or nullify…just as they did to our Constitution and the U. S. Bill of Rights. Many people have lost their pensions..their retirement….their homes…everything…these bastards need to feel the pain…the real pain….deep pain.

      • l vent says:

        How about it Marilyn!! If Jesse doesn’t run, I will write him in. I love his honesty. They will try and trick us into voting for the republicons and the demorats or at least they will make it look that way. They can spin things any way they want when they own the media, 9-11 proved that as well as the outcome of the last 3 elections.. The foreign government controls alot more than most of us thought.. They were really good at it for a while and had us fooled but now many millions are not drinking their kool-aid . . Weinergate is all they can talk about when the whole world including the U.S. is such a mess.What a bunch of losers. People are going through hell in this country and you never hear a word from them about FORECLOSUREGATE or the fact these crooks don’t even have the notes fo fraudclose. . I had an attorney tell me today that they do not need a clear title to fraudclose. HA!!! TELL THAT TO THE FBI. I AM SURE THEY WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THAT ONE. Foreclosuregate is the definition of insanity and that is the way they meant it to be. We just have to arm ourselves with as much knowledge and proof of the fraud they committed because the lies and deception are as rampant as the fraud. JESSE VENTURA 2012!!!!

      • Tim Bryant says:

        I agree also. The only disagreement I have is with the statement about the Patriot Act. It attempts to nullify the Constitution. There is no constitutional authority to suspend the constitution, only habeas corpus. There are specific requirements in order to do this. If our Constitution was ever suspended, Congress would cease to exist, and only the military commander could re-instate the Constitution. Since there is no authority to do this within the document, legal and political anarchy could ensue.

        Olive North tried to plan for doing this. Rex84 exercises were done to “practice” for a constitutional suspension. All these exercises proved negative for the government in the end. The 2 main factors causing this is 1) Congress inherently does not want to give up control of the country, and, 2) It is hard for the military to fight a war on its’ own soil, while the serviceman’s (and LE agents) families are in harm’s way throughout the engagement.

      • l vent says:

        Thanks for that Tim! I think maybe they meant the spying and eavesdropping part. I am really not sure. It is a very long and tedious doc to read. There are so many who are working for our enemies and are hiding from within. I think some people are just trying to ring our alarm bells and get the people to start paying attention to what they are doing.. I was showing my son some of the mortgage fraud and he said, how can they even foreclose on people? I said they are getting away with it. He told me today the banks and judges are acting like the mafia. That is for sure!!!!

      • The way I have been researching the Title Co.’s goes like this. To add, I also have Chicago Title Ins.that was changed over to Tigor Title Ins. from being formerly Pioneer Title. Both Chicago and Tigor Lender’s policies read INDENTICAL. I am LUCKY to have both policies needed to file a CLAIM. I purchased two policies 1. Lenders Policy and 2. Owners Policy. It is my understanding that the Lender’s Policy ONLY PROTECTS the Lender, not you. So even if you have bad Fraudulent Documents, the protection will be to pay the Lender not us. Check your Original Closing Settlement to see if you have an OWNERS POLICY. Even if you REFY, and it’s not on the new loan, you are still insured under the ORIGINAL OWNERS POLICY. I feel for some consumers cause a great many people DON’T KNOW THIS. They only get the Title Insurance that is REQUIRED, to PROTECT THE LENDER. We, for reasons, have always thought that it was protection that we were buying and IT IS NOT. So check your docs again and see where you stand. Whoever told you that a TITLE COMPANY will not make alterations after CLOSING is DEAD WRONG. My characters have admitted it in Federal Court. They stated that they had to alter my mortgage documents( after I signed) in order for them to meet the Indiana recording requirements. So they committed FORGERY to meet the requirements. Anyone think we could get on REALITY T.V. ?? This Bull S – – – is too entertaining.

      • l vent says:

        Thanks Susan. There truly seems to be no bottom the fraud. The closing attorney for both my house and commercial property told me that the Title Co. would not alter docs after the closing. I just think any one wants to be pointing fingers at this point because there seems to be plenty of criminal indictments to go around. Both of my title insurance policies for my home and commercial property are Owner’s Policies. The same attorney from the closing told me the title insurance is more important than the deed because that guarantees my deed was conveyed to me properly, which I believe is free and clear of liens. There is no deed recorded under the new pin for my house. Yes, they gave me a new pin after the second bankster came along and sold me my mortgage for a dollar. The ORIGINATION FRAUD was hidden under an old pin. The lawyer at the recorder of deeds office gave me my old pin so I could get to my PAID DEED!!!! They told me my house is paid for, I can live in it, sell it or do whatever I want with it. There has not been a lien assigned to my deed in 19+ years and the statute of limitations in my state is 12 years! Even that does not matter because of the fact they altered docs after the closing and that is what really kills their chances to fraudclose. They really told you they committed fraud in your name? WOW!!! That is unbelievable, jaw dropping? This is all like a really sick, bad joke. FRAUDCLOSURES are the biggest hoax in history.

  18. 1ofthemany says:

    Be very careful young brave man as you will soon be stepping over the threshold into Satan’s full domain, be very careful as they will dazzle you with many material bribes or threaten you life or your family. You have done a Hugh service to you county, state and country as well mankind, please do not cast your pearls before the swine.
    Good Luck and God’s blessings

  19. Lit Gant says:

    So, he will go to the top of the mountain of foreclosure crimes. Will he be offered a job in the next 4 year administration if he backs off? Will he go back home and suddenly change his mind? Will he be able to change the mind of the President? Well, I am not all that giddy about his DC trip. I do wish him a safe journey. Until he puts out in writing what his intentions are and what he plans to accomplish, I have no faith or confidence in his meetings.

  20. Ron Moss says:

    Tell Obama to take the fall, against Ron Paul. Maybe he can fix what the banks broke in our economic structure.

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