Mark Stopa | Tampa Judges Eschewing Hearings in Foreclosure Cases

Tampa Judges Eschewing Hearings in Foreclosure Cases

We all know that the senior judges are on their way out in Florida.  In counties like Hillsborough, where a handful of senior judges have been handling all residential foreclosure hearings for more than a year, this is a big transformation.  Suddenly, thousands of foreclosure cases are being transferred back to the regular, circuit court judges.  Suffice it to say I’ve been curious to see how foreclosure cases would progress with “normal” judges.

So far, I’m not pleased.  In recent days, two of the “normal” circuit court judges have ruled on motions in foreclosure cases without a hearing.  One judge filed an Order warning the parties to file written memos, upon which he may rule without a hearing, while another judge took it a step further by ruling without a hearing without the opportunity for further briefing.  There was no notice, no warning – just a signed Order in the mail.

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  1. George Forfa says:

    It would be a good idea to take a look at the materials that John Jennings has uncovered.

    and get in touch with Harmon Taylor . I know that they are well versed in these commercial issues.

  2. Constitutional ChrisYAHan says:

    It sounds as IF: these may be mere Magistrates, NOT Judges at all, In Law?

    These Pretender adjudicators, are likely operating as: “State Appointed Gods;” to: Rule over man, by the Power of the Sword of Satan? [hence: “G-Satan +over+man+t= Government,”]

    They, are likely: “Co-CON-spirit-ors” of the Boards of Supervisors, and are as: mere SERFS to their Masters [the Incorporate State; Whore of BaBaal-yon,] to carry out their Evil Wishes; to Satisfy the Lusts and Pleasures [avoricious desires], in the absolute DESTRUCTION, by any MEANS possible, [jus “fetiles,’ Blacks Law 6th.,]

    I am virtually positive: that their CIRCE/Court, is “NOTICED,” by the prominent display; of the: GOLD FRINGED, Miltary Standard [Flag,], pronouncing the Law of the Merchant on the Sea, in ADMIRALTY, with: NO water in Sight, MANIFESTING to All [by Presentment; By the Law of the Flag and the SEA,] The RULES under the master of the Vessel [court] and professes to All, whom enter the bridge[Observe the Court railing, as the Victim to be Plundered, Boards the vessel of the Captain/Admiral, that said Admiralty Law, Notorious pronouncement, is well understood, that All whom Come Under his Miltary Rule; Volunteer and assend to Contract and Operate, under the Explicit Rules, of the Master of the Vessel, and ABIDE: by his ORDERS, which He, As Master/god, is FREE to carry out; as He Sees Fit, in the Interest of the State and it’s private Foreign Owners, whom have entrusted their cargo and dunnage, for Safe passage unto Their Private interests!

    It is indeed a Wicked WEB of deceit They WEAVE; for their Master of DECEIT! [Ha Shatan]

    Many men know many THINGS! No Man Knows everyTHING! SomeOne Knows, SomeTHING?

    Whom KNOWS?

  3. George Forfa says:

    There are so many due process questions raised in these incidents. We here of courts in many places that operate as a law unto themselves. As one of my lawyer friends says, “Commercial problems require commercial solutions”. I know that there are efforts to go after County and Court Clerks for filing false instruments, a felony in most jurisdictions. The ruling in the Supreme Court decision in Screws vs. United States, is that a public official is held to a higher standard that the general population, being presumed to know the law. Failure to carry out duties in compliance with the law is Dereliction of Duty. Start arresting those clerks. That will open the floodgates on the foreclosure cesspool.

  4. debi p says:

    The only relative question here is “how much did thry get” in order to throw justice to the curb? That’s all I want to know. Either they are completely retarded or they were bought; both are very bad. Debi. 5613899339

  5. LaSandra T says:

    Attorney Stopa is tell the TRUTH, I was in court today for my case, and the judge rule in favor

    Summary Judgement **for Homeowner that was not present!!!! WE HAVE TO FIGHT HOMEOWNERS,

    the judges are making a ruling, because we are not standing up for O-U-R homes and rights!!!!!

    Thanks Attorney Stopa and all others, that are help us!!!!

  6. John Anderson says:

    This is distressing news. What were the motions for?

    Is this proper or allowed for judges to do this under the Florida Rules of Procedure?

    I have always been amazed how certain high profile attorneys “Barry Cohen, Mad Dog Merkle” get as much leeway in court as they do. It seems the judges never short cut them.

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