Prommis Solutions Fraudclosure | Counties Take Action After Notary Investigation


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  1. Josh Greene says:

    Hi all,

    First of all, I am an honest attorney and never violated any rules in my practice. I happen to have been a notary since they are required to sign many documents during a closing in GA and have always followed the rules. The clerk revoked the notary based on one complaint of a woman who lost her house – and again those signatures were mine. My law license was never in jeopardy, and even if it was, I would never risk my law license over being a notary, Any one can pay a fee and be a notary.

    If you want things to change, contact the state legislature and not blame law firms foreclosing on people who do not pay their mortgage, as permitted by law.

    I say all this because it is the truth.

    Thank you.

    • see says:

      OK, Mr. Greene, explain to us here why your notary was revoked. The clerk must have seen something that was questionable. He wouldn’t revolk your notary for nothing. What was it? I am willing to listen, to let you explain yourself and defend yourself. Unfortunately there are attorneys who would to anything for a buck even if it meant putting their law license on the line just because. We all know that all too well.

      Oh, and your comment about not blaming law firms foreclosing on people who do not pay their mortgages, we all know now that lots of these firms are not on the up and up. They will do anything to make the foreclosure go through, even if it is illegal. WE all know, even you, that people who were paying their mortgages where being foreclosed on for whatever reason. WE all know that some foreclosures would not have gone through because the correct paperwork papework was available, so the fabrication of documents became part of the fraud. Don’t insult people who’s houses were stolen from them because of fraudulent paperwork. WE all know what is happening. We all know that the legislature could give a crap.

      Again, I am willing to listen to what happened. And I am looking forward to your reply.

  2. George Forfa says:

    Amazing. It isn’t just that these companies utilize deceptive and predatory practices. Even the people who vouch for the veracity of documents are crooked. This is institutionalized lawlessness.

  3. see says:

    Other than their notary licences being revoked, have any notaries been charged with any crime?

  4. MeeshLin says:

    I’m so glad the banks and everyone involved are finally getting investigated! It took a while, but it’s better late than never!

    The documents comment above, they will soon find that too.

    For example, GMAC committed wrongful forwclosure on my home, I had no idea they filed a default, it was MERS by the way, no idea they foreclosed, and no idea my home was for sale at the court house, I was never mailed or served anything! A couple showed up at my house and said they bought it, I told them there’s a mistake, you might want to talk to GMAC and get your money back! This is my home. I checked how my house was listed, as far as in the county records, etc. I found the default. Months previous recorded by MERS, etc. Then I came across something wierd, something was removed and redone a couple weeks after that couple came by, all of a sudden it showed GMAC bought my house…

  5. Beth A. says:

    This is sweet. Thank you for posting this!!

    Next, I’m hoping we’ll see news and assorted investigations into fraud committed within mortgage documents themselves…like document swaps, signatures that aren’t the homeowner’s, etc.

  6. housemanrob says:

    There is a sweet taste in my mouth, seeing these scumbag notaries go down!

    • coolpillow says:

      Want to know what is even sweeter?

      The notary Joshua R. Greene- who’s notary was revoked- is also an attorney at the McCalla-Raymer foreclosure mill.

      • Hell No, No More Bail-OUTS says:

        Oh, my. I wonder how much longer Joshua will have his bar license. I would think the evidence that got the notary license revoked will also cause a problem for his law license.

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