More Corruption? | Bondi’s Deputy Attorney General Joe Jacquot Gets Promoted, Becomes Senior Vice President at Lender Processing Services


June and Theresa get fired from the AG’s office around the same time this guy gets a vp position at LPS?

Either this is a hell of a coincidence or something much more sinister…

If it’s the latter, this is so blatant and so in your face it is ridiculous.

What the hell is it gonna take for the people to get angry enough to stand up and stop this madness?

Is there any agency in this nation that is not absolutely corrupt and complicit not to look into what is going on here in Floriduh?

We have been documenting all this for over TWO years now and NOTHING has been done to stop this slow moving train wreck of fraudclosures.


From the Herald Tribune…


Lawyers take jobs with firms under investigation

By Todd Ruger

Two lawyers at the Florida Attorney General’s Office left their government posts this year to take jobs at firms still under investigation by the agency.

Both firms are central players in a high profile, yearlong investigation into how Florida attorneys and paperwork processing companies generated documents that banks need to foreclose.

Joe Jacquot, a former deputy attorney general, left his position in May to become a senior vice president at Lender Processing Services, one of several companies the state has accused of manufacturing bogus legal documents so banks could seize homes from their owners.

Erin Cullaro, a former assistant attorney general, was hired by Shapiro and Fishman, another foreclosure law firm under investigation. She said she stopped working there after a week.

Cullaro had previously been fired by the attorney general’s office in April for moonlighting as a document preparer with one of the state’s so-called “foreclosure mills.”

You can check out Todd’s report in full here…

And just in case you don’t remember Erin Cullaro, you can click the link to learn all about her here…


24 Responses to “More Corruption? | Bondi’s Deputy Attorney General Joe Jacquot Gets Promoted, Becomes Senior Vice President at Lender Processing Services”
  1. Hal Mann says:

    So Bondi’s corrupt, too? What a shock, not. It doesn’t look like there’s a brush big enough to sweep this away.

  2. Lisamarie says:

    This makes me sick. What a friggin loser. Pam Bondi is a LOSER!!!

  3. lvent says:

    Chase is behind the whole massive Ponzi Scheme transfer of wealth. If we looked deep enough they probably own the most shareholder interest in Fannie and Freddie or maybe they really are Fannie and Freddie in disguise. Like Chase disguises themselves as title and trusts and banks and mortgage lenders/ servicers. .They are hidden everywhere throught he Ponzi scheme and always reveal themselves somewhere throught the loan and you wonder, where did they come from? Then if you look a little deeper you find they were always hiding behind the scenes somewhere most likely at the Origination posing as someone else who was really them all along…

  4. leapfrog says:

    Wow, what an accomplishment…gets a “promotion” to senior officer purser of the Titanic.

  5. Fury says:

    okay. florida wins/loses. it is THE most corrupt state in the Union.

  6. Beth A. says:

    Disgusting. Thanks for posting this story. I have always felt that Gov staff in regulatory offices should be required to execute an agreement that prohibits them from accepting positions in the very firms they regulate (say, for a period of 2-4 years). It would only serve to make them more effective. Another example – the SEC examiners/enforcement folks who accept positions in brokerage firms, etc.

    This is just an example of blatant and “in your face” thumbing their nose at the People.

    Heck, the former AG of MI had his campaign run by the head of a foreclosure mill (Trott & Trott) – and in looking at the public data on funds received – an amazing amount of $ came from bankers, etc. Further “in your face” – Trott was asked for his input on the State of MI’s foreclosure rules. WTF?!!!!

    It would seem the vast majority of these people are in bed with each other – yet WE’RE the ones getting f’d.

  7. Jason Werner says:

    Like minds think alike.

  8. Readdocs says:

    Alerting the feds is a waste of time. Because you see, they’re involved too.

  9. see says:

    People, this is the way the higher ups want it. They get away with the little things and these little things become bigger things. They get bolder and bolder and eventually say screw you you little people we can do as we want. They do these things because they can get away with it and not many people will stand up to them. Everyone and I mean everyone need to stand up to these people because if we don’t, they will continue with the destruction of our lives. God help us all.

  10. Corruption… on top of Corruption… on top of Corruption…as well as Fraud…. on top of Fraud…. on top of Fraud….and on and on

  11. Fury says:

    i guess this pretty much settle it. it’s not like the elected officials in florida is even pretending anymore:

    * rocket docket judges retiring and then being hired by the f/c mills who have defrauded homeowners w. their phony docs

    * the firing of 2 investigators in the Ag’s office who were not even allowed to brief their new replacements

    * deputy Joe from pam bondi’s office is now going to work for LPS , one of the worst/best f/c re-creation document photoshop factories

    Good God Almighty.

    Federal investigators, ACLU help the People of florida who have lost all of the savings in their homes that have been criminally, fraudulently foreclosed!

    even those who did not even have mortgages have seen their lives destroyed by these criminals as their homes are worth nothing and are surrounded by foreclosed homes. the state of florida along w/ the US and the world has been decimated by these ponzi criminals.


    • FURY….You are referring to ‘ lawyers’ …the AG and the mills…and the courts….all attorneys….the Bar Assoc. the government in tallahassee…most attorneys….I understand they are under the British oath..the British Guild….not American. that is why no one can find an attorney to help them. Remember, the American flag in the courts and government buildings have a gold fringe on 3 sides…the British have the control of us…not very friendly. They control our social security also..,,and by the way, SS is not a government belongs to the the people who paid into it..the government has no money in it. and .just as the federal reserve owns the IRS. So who is left to help one…this is what they want. It is up to all people to stand up together, not just a few scattered….so far have you heard of any rallies / protests??? The illegal Mexicans did it and Obama ran to greet them. But he won’t run to greet us..cause he is not one of us..he is with ‘ them ‘….he does not have allegiance to the flag or country. We are considered the slaves and the enemy…. so under the oath of other countries..there is no help for us..if there was we would have gotten it before now. That is why the courts are rude to the homeowner and all frauds are ignored…even with proven documents the courts foreclose….under a different oath. Google it……it sucks what has happened to our country…

      • lvent says:

        Mar, It is ROMAN LAW. The gold fringe is the SOVEREIGN MILITARY OF MALTA A/K/A THE VATICAN. IN GOD WE TRUST really means in the Vatican We Trust. We are all living under the Temporal Power of the Pope. America is the revived Roman Empire and is a tranch of Rome.The British Monarchy is the Illuminatti who is also a tranch of the Roman Empire as is Germany. The World Bank, The IMF, the central banks, the Big Banks and the Fed, WALL STREET, FLEET STREET as well as the U.N.,BILDERBERGS, NASA , THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, THE WORLD CONSTITUTION AND PARLIAMENT, THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, who runs Israel, NATO,THE MOSSAD the upper tranches of the Federal Government are all perps all the revived Roman Empire. If you go to you tube and search for Eric Jon Phillips videos he talks all about it. At the head is the Black Pope. If you are a member nation of the U.N., you are in their EVIL clutches. If you google leaders meet pope or the Obamas meet the Pope, you will notice they wear all black to meet the Pope. Michelle Obama even wore a black veil along with her black dress, creepy. IHS=INTERNATIONAL HOLY SEE. MERS MEANS SEE IN FRENCH.

      • lvent says:

        Ron Paul said we need to remove the UNITED STATES FROM ITSELF FROM ITS UN. MEMBERSHIP. I AGREE.

      • lvent says:


      • lvent says:

        THE BRITISH MONARCHY is just a tranch of ROME. They are members of that SECRET SOCIETY that JFK spoke about..So are the Bush’s.

      • What I meant and hope Fury understood was the British Guild has their own secret oath which all attorneys and courts in America have to obey….as far as I can is all against us, the ones in the foreclosures….the lawyers can’t help us or they stand to loose their license…the flag with the fringe tells us to leave the Constitution outside the court doors…we have no rights in courts. Yes…I see the Pope owns it all…that may be why Pope 1 ( I believe) was shot thru the neck…wonder why….someone must have been really pissed at him…hmmmm But I have read quite abit on the flag with the fringe..the Military flag…and some say the rules are it is not suppose to be in the courts…only Military Courts. .AND I guess the gold is scattered in Mexico and England and maybe other places…moved in the night….and supposally it is fake bars with gold outer covering…and the IMF was suppose to have quite a pile of it…it is a scandal in 1974. Tn 1930 or ’33…the people were told to turn in all their gold to the government…it was outlawed to own any…so I imagine alot of hands were filled with riches from the poor people…. what a sick mess.

      • lvent says:

        i read Russia was behind the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul. All of the Secret Societies work for them and helped get us here to this terrible place in history. JFK was the only President from the previous line of Presidents who did not kiss the Popes ring when he went to visit the Vatican. One of the major networks reported that 3 or 4 of the Supreme Court justices who are on summer vacation went over to Italy to teach. .There are alot of traitors to our freedom in the U.S. GOVERNMENT who are working for them. The really terror threat to our freedom is hidden from within..

      • lvent says:

        Once again, RT news has no sound this weekend here in Chicago. Someone is trying to hide something they are telling from the American people yet again..

  12. Fury says:

    very sinister.

    can someone please wake up the Feds and have them investigate the whole State of Florida for
    corruption and judiciary under- the- table deals?

    • marilyn lane says:

      Joe Jacquot should make friends with William P Foley of Fidelity, so that they get to know each other before they share a cell together. Let’s pray for that.

    • FURY…. Every investigations that has been done anywhere in this massive criminal crime has found corruptions and frauds…but all are filed away and nothing done. There have been no arrests in the big wigs banks….that is why only Madoff has gone to prison for 150 years…he was not a member of the secret sociey and the corrupted financial industry…he did this on his own..he robbed the elite rich folkies…so he got slammed in prison…but no one found guilty of fraud or corruption has been jailed….that was written in THEIR laws…by the ones hidding behind the curtain…plus..what makes you think the Feds are not corrupt? This goes alot deeper than just foreclosures….that was a ploy as part of the blueprint to make America fall to ruins…so the fraud is of no concern to the banks or our government…Not much sense in one crook investigating another there?

      • Fury says:

        marilyn, you are so right,
        it is like when matt taiibbi said on TV, “the fraud is there isf they just want to look at it.”
        in referencing the bernie sanders’ committee investigation into the ponzi scheme.

        i happened to be standing next to a man on a bus who is writing a book about Madoff.

        i told him that Madoff was small potatoes compared to the fraud that has been committed against
        homeowners (fraud in the origination of the loans and the f/c fraud).

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