AG (NOT Pam Bondi) Gets Help from County Recorders (NOT Sharon Bock) in Robo-signing Investigation

“We want to be protective of the homeowners, people who have perchance been foreclosed on that perhaps the ownership (of the mortgage) was not clearly identified, or someone who has bought a foreclosed home,” said Rock Island County Recorder Pat Veronda.

Unfortunately, Sharon Bock, the county recorder in Palm Beach county, says it’s not her problem…


AG Gets Help in Robo-signing Investigation

By Andrew Thomason   Illinois Statehouse News

SPRINGFIELD — A group of 12 county recorders in Illinois are providing documents to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for her investigation into an illicit practice relating to the national real estate and subsequent foreclosure crises, known as “robo-signing.”

“Robo-signing is actually a variety of practices. It can be mortgages individuals signing a document that they have no idea of what’s contained within the document and without verifying the information,” said Champaign County Record Barb Frasca. “It can mean someone forging an executive signature on a document or using their own name on the document with a fake title.”

Madigan launched her investigation earlier this year into Lender Processing Services and Nationwide Title Clearing, two of the largest loan servicing companies in the country.

County recorders, one for each of the state’s 102 counties, are stewards of deeds and other documents relating to real estate ownership, and often receive paperwork from loan servicing and other mortgage processing companies. Josh Langfelder, Sangamon County recorder, said he and the 11 other recorders voluntarily are assembling documents for Madigan.

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4 Responses to “AG (NOT Pam Bondi) Gets Help from County Recorders (NOT Sharon Bock) in Robo-signing Investigation”
  1. lvent says:

    Pssst, Realty Trac, bringing foreclosures on cloudy title is illegal. Is Eugene Moore’s office in on this because if not I want to know why? Eugene Moores homepage at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds office states clearly in paragraph 2:

    The current status of the Real Estate Industry is due in part to the financing of real estate aquisition and re-financing of home ownership. You need only examine the headlines of local newspapers for the fraud that was pervasive in the Mortgage Industry. The evidence can be seen in the foreclosures that blight our communtiies and the increasing numbers of the homeless. To cure industry ills and mitigate instances of homelessness, two new programs were implemented to fight potnetial mortage and conveyance fraud in Cook County.

    I have uncoverd so much fraud here I called the mortgage fraud hotline at the Recorder’s Office and they actually hung up me.

  2. debi p says:

    For any of us to expect pam bondi or Rick scott to do any thing “forget about it”. They both need
    A full and intense investigation upon them. Rick scott (george bushs partner in a sports team)
    Has no intentions to help a home owner period. They are crooks. They r paid off by the banks
    Or worse. They are both as crooked as the day is long. Who voted for these people?
    I have yet to meet ONE person who will admit to voting for these perps. When bondi let the investigators
    Go it was the final proof. I have had dialoge with the clerk of the court for palm beach and
    $it basically said they do what they can. They r thieves and felons. Simply put. Until we
    Recall these corrupted inept people (Bondi and Scott) florida is doomed for decades to come.
    Why are we as Floridians alllowing the fraud upon the courts and florida? We need to
    Recall them now or the Florida that we know is doomed forever. With the most fruadulent
    Documments across america we sould b leading the way not sitting back playing
    X box or whatever. All the box people– please WAKE up!! We need to recall them now or impeach
    Them which ever is FASTEST. With 6 lawsuits filed already against Scott, atleast I know
    This criminal is aggravating others as well as myself. I call him the DEVIL with the
    Pen. It needs to be taken from rick scott asap or we are all toasted one way or another.
    He IS the Devil amd Bondi is the Devils helper. Debra. 5613899339

    • Joyce Cauthen says:

      To Debi – yes, no question that the AG’s, the governors, and the whole boot and caboodle are not working in the best interest of the people. But I strongly suggest that your suggestion of what to do about them be sufficiently generated to take in all of the Democrats and the REpublicans as well, not just Scott and Bondi. You and I both know, they have all thrown us under the bus. These politicians want you to fight them individually on the state level, but if the people would go after them all with specific claims and support to back it up, then something just something might be done – otherwise they continue to operate without fear of you or anyone else.

      take them out at election day – hold the town hall meetings and let the people know (but have your support, tangible, that these things are happening and tell them to start packing.

      I feel the same disgust that you do, and if they want to play hardball, I bet the American people can do that if they will just get out on the playing field.

  3. Ron Moss says:

    Robo-signing is the symtom when MERS foreclosing is the real Crime to invesatigate Bankers are terrorists
    masquerading to look like community leaders but really terrorists in disguise.

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