Sick of shady politics? (Pam Bondi) It’s time to speak up! Call her office at 850-414-3300

Sick of shady politics? It’s time to speak up!

Floridians are fired up!

In the past few weeks, I’ve received hundreds of calls and emails from readers who want to fight back against politicians who waste their money, fight their votes and coddle the special interests.

Well, amen, brothers and sisters. That’s why today’s column preaches the gospel of empowerment.

Whether you’re worked up about shady dealings at the attorney general’s office or legislators trying to monkey with your votes, I’ve got plenty of ways to speak up — including one today right here in Orlando.

Troubling oustings

We start with Attorney General Pam Bondi, who made jaws drop when it was revealed that her office ousted two of its top investigators.

In case you missed the story, assistant attorneys general Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson were making national news uncovering foreclosure fraud when Bondi’s office forced them out.

At first, Bondi’s office refused to say why. But after public outcry intensified, Bondi’s deputies claimed Clarkson and Edwards were guilty of “poor performance.”

It was an interesting claim for two people who had recently helped net a $2 million settlement. Also for two people with stellar job reviews.

Most damning, however, was the office’s claim that Edwards had been a poor performer for “several months” — even though a supervisor’s review from just four weeks earlier concluded: “I cannot overstate the degree to which I respect Ms. Edwards and her work with this unit.”

If this doesn’t stink, you need your schnoz checked.

So what can you do?

Well, you can tell Bondi what you think. Call her office at 850-414-3300. Or fill out her office’s “contact form” at

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9 Responses to “Sick of shady politics? (Pam Bondi) It’s time to speak up! Call her office at 850-414-3300”
  1. Alison Pavesich says:

    Holy Shit!!!! She’s even making Illinois look good.

    • lvent says:

      At least Ilinois has put a Mortgage Foreclosure Law in place to slow down the illegal process of fraudclosure…..The State of Florida hasn’t done anything at all for it’s citizens…..

      • lvent says:

        AG Madigan’s office fined PHH Mortgage which shined the spotlight on FANNIE MAE’S attorney network, Fisher and Shapiro for presenting phony, fraudulent affadvits on the court and removing signature pages from docs…..AG Madigan’s office is investigating a wide range of mortgage frauds. WE THE PEOPLE have to file complaints in order for the AG’S office to conduct investigations..The people need to file police reports and these crimes need to go to the U.S. States Attorney’s office as well for criminal investigation… The AG’s office cannot bring criminal cases they can only fine the criminals and shine a spotlight on the fraudsters………

  2. Bloodsooked says:

    Outs th AG’s in Florida. Put them in jail for a long time for obstruction of justic and ivestigate them thouroly to see whom has payed them off and prosecute evryone involed in the scam top to bottom Banks,Servicer’s,Robo sighner’s they know what there doing is illeagal,All AG’s in every state that has closed their eye’s the judges, and lawyers that represent these thugs get dis bared for life.any politicians involved MERS for coruption and fraud. All in a toxic stew keep at a boil till the toxin is out then injoy with butter and bread and shit them all out flush’m down the shit hole they helped creat. Make the two great americans that got fired doing their job the head of the entire country’s AG’s and over see all of them and make them do their jobs as they did theirs. thanks lady’s we need more people like them in office.

  3. Ray Gavin says:

    With Pam Bondi and Rick Scott running this state we have become a banana republic! Dictator Scott and Herr Bondi the execution minister. I don’t have a clue how these two ended up in office. I do know that Florida is a cesspool and the most obvious turds floating in it are Scott and Bondi. God help us all!!

  4. lizinsarasota says:

    Here’s the point-to-point breakdown, with a little info about LPS thrown in, just in case you haven’t been paying attention.
    We also need to start contacting the other states’ attorneys generals and let them know one of their “team” is really playing for the other side.

    FL AG Pam Bondi has an open investigation of now-notorious affidavit mill Lender Processing Services
    Lender Processing Services’ “work product” – fraudulent affidavits – have been called a “sham” and a “farce” by the US Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana (start at bottom of page 18)
    Pam Bondi forced out the top two foreclosure fraud investigators in her office several weeks ago
    Pam Bondi took thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Lender Processing Services, its affiliates/subsidiaries (Fidelity Financial, etc.), its in-house counsel (Holland & Knight) and members of its in-house counsel staff. At least one member of Lender Processing Services’ board is a former member of H&K – I just looked around and can’t find which one, but I saw it recently….
    Nathan A. Adams, member of Holland & Knight’s Tampa office, gave money to both Pam Bondi and Bill McCollum.
    (there are SEVENTY NINE pages of donations – what do you want to bet there are more LPS-related donations?!)


    More on LPS:
    Florida attorneys have known about LPS & their fraud since at least 2008!

    This is a compilation of foreclosure mills using LPS’s services, state-by-state, from the three 2006-2007 issues of The Summit:

    The Summit, Sept. 2006
    (read Dory Goebel’s article on page 16 about robosigning)
    The Summit, Oct. 2007
    The Summit, Dec. 2007

    In Re: Wilson, February Post Trial Brief:
    In Re: Wilson, April Memorandum: (start around page 18 and really look at page 21 re: affidavits)

    Florida Bar opinion about affirmative obligation pre- and POST-judgment to notify court:

    Anonymous posting by a foreclosure mill attorney:

  5. lizinsarasota says:

    Oh, boy! Still on hold and being transferring into voice mail hell.
    Plan B – after leaving a message! – is

  6. debi p says:

    Pam Bondi needs to be investigated. I just have a sickening
    Feeling the replacements are simply going to try to
    Figure out how the banks can skate out of this unscathed again.
    Quict frankly, she needs a full fledged investigation of all personal monies received
    While in office and especially before that post. When it smells like
    A fish and looks like a fish it probably is just LPS! When is that
    Can going to to blasted open? They are deeply connected with the
    Root of all of this fraud. Investigate them and u shall find thousands of
    Affiliates and so much conflict of interest it is like the wild west. Look
    At their 8 and 10k’s and u will be amazed at the thousands of conflicts of
    Interests—-thats putting it so mild. They now have eqifax as an affiliate-
    How convenient. They can destroy us in so may ways — and
    the AG sent over one of her croonies to their aid now??
    Really? Perhaps its time to
    Bring a hammer down all around.
    How stupid do they think we all are?? Debra. 5613899339

  7. lizinsarasota says:

    Hey, people – THIS IS THE WAY – post those phone numbers! I’ve been on hold for 3 mintues so far, and I’m not hanging up until I give her office a piece of my mind.
    Call in NOW!

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