Matt Weidner | Today’s Jack Booted Thug OUTRAGE! The Banks As Burglars and How Do We Stop Them?


Today’s Jack Booted Thug OUTRAGE! The Banks As Burglars and How Do We Stop Them?

Forget all the other questions and controversy surrounding fraudclosuregate.  Forget the forged or fraudulent or sloppy assignments.  Forget standing and trusts and pooling and servicing agreements.  Forget possession of the original note.  Forget the “technical” areas of the law and court process.  Let me ask you one question:


Now just a few short months ago, I thought the answer to that question was, “Duh, Yes Of Course Americans Have The Right To Be Safe In Their Homes From Unreasonable Searches and Seizures”.  If I was feeling really academic I might belt out a little Constitutional Law and sing out…..

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and ht no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.


But I would be WRONG AGAIN WEIDNER!  You see, Americans do not have the right to be safe and secure in their homes…AMERICANS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE SECURE IN THEIR PERSONS, HO– USES, PAPERS AND EFFECTS….because at any moment, the banks can come and kick down your door.  If they like, they can change your locks.  And if you’ve got papers and valuables lying around, they may just help themselves to them.

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23 Responses to “Matt Weidner | Today’s Jack Booted Thug OUTRAGE! The Banks As Burglars and How Do We Stop Them?”
  1. Ali says:

    Michael, I tried to email you and phone you but they said the ph # was disconnected and was unable to email you re; recording of doc.. I guess they are really working hard to keep importent info fm all of us. I cannot even rech

  2. lvent says:

    Leon Panetta is on CNN right now talking about how the NEW WORLD ORDER is trying to weaken us from within…..The debt they created out of thin air must be rescinded…..There is not enough money on the planet to pay for ALL OF THEIR FRAUD………THE NEW WORLD ORDER ARE USING FINANCIAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION TO DESTROY THE WORLD…………

  3. Mad as Hell says:

    It’s disgusting & disgraceful that our legal system is allowing this to happen & they are part of it. Hello ACLU; what happened to search warrants & the fourth amendment wake up this is a fight for you! This kind of bad press will make people ARM themselves, great just want we need; more people with guns! ANSWER & it’s legal GET A LARGE DOG preferably a Doberman or Pit Bull. WARNING Aurora Loan services/Aurora Bank/Lehman brothers take notice I have 2 DOBERMANS weighing in at 140 &100 lbs. professionally trained to ATTACK. Come in my gate & see if you make it out …….I lived in a 3rd world country for many years & this is the best form of protection.

    • lvent says:

      The problem is mass corruption on a scale never seen before in the history of this great nation..ALL OF THE DEVILS ARE HERE.

  4. lvent says:

    Bloomberg reported the other night that the Government of Turkey is confiscating the homes and vehicles of the people if they owe taxes……..Proof this is a Global Tyranny and please keep those taxes up to date..

  5. fedup says:

    I had an interesting conversation with a municiple police officer in Brevard county yesterday. She said that one of her close friends, a deputy for Brevard county, is on the verge of quitting because he feels like a uniformed locksmith. She said the only reason he hasn’t quit yet is because of the one big benefit of his duties… that is, when he and his fellow deputies enforce the emtying of homes, they’re allowed to keep whatever is “left behind” after the property has been “abandoned”. I couldn’t believe this conflict of interest! Imagine the sworn law enforcement officer, helping himself to your big screen TV while your on vacation.

    This was the first time I’d heard of anything like this. If true, I think it might help explain the one-sided position LEO has been taken so far. And it would certainly warrant further investigating.

  6. Beth A. says:

    I was going through all of the docs our mortgage co sent in response to our QWR….I about fell over when one page from the mortgage gives them the right to come in and inspect….say what? It was written such that they could do so at any time they think no one is around – boom, they’re free to come in.

    WTF? I sure don’t remember seeing that.

    They’ve been here. They’ve left notes – we have no trespassing signs up, security system warning, etc.
    But if I’m sitting here and someone walks in – they are going to be met with my 9mm. NO questions asked – I’m a petite little gal and I won’t hesitate to use that thing.

    • lvent says:

      Beth A.:All of the pretender lenders were incredibly deceptive and gained our trust so we did not verify what we were signing. Even if we brought our own lawyer along to the closing our own lawyer would not have told you the truth. I have evidence of this deception in the fact that my own real estate attorney sent me the deeds to both my commercial property and my home with title insurance attached and a letter attached that explained to me to keep these documents locked up in a safe place..My husband said the attorneys had to know what was going on… People must realize the Illuminati controls the media, finance, law and government and that is why we have FORECLOSUREGATE…. As far as I am concerned these pretender lenders have nullified those fraudulent contracts the day they lost track of ownership of the “loan”. I had a pretender lender threaten me and tell me to open up my house for inspection when I stopped paying the home equity loan. They never actually tried to inspect my home and stopped sending me threatening letters pretty quickly..Bottom line is none of us ever thought we were being set up to fail when we bought our homes and none of them ever thought they would get caught.. but they did get caught and..the truth is .our homes are paid for free and clear because they are all crooks and committed the biggest Ponzi Scheme Swindle and Heist in history. Then of course they EXTORTED the illegal tax-payer funded bailouts from the very people they set up to fail and robbed in their Ponzi Scheme/INTENTIONAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE and they all got paid again by the American people for committing the biggest crime spree in history….Now they should be forced to rescind the fraudulent loans and give clear title back to the homeowners and give back all of the homes they already have stolen in illegal foreclosures.

    • J A says:

      Invest in a small, hidden in-home security camera. That way hopefully you’ll have it on record if/when they do sneak in.

      Meanwhile, if you live with anyone else, try to make sure someone is at home all the time. If you both most go out at the same time, make sure your camera is working.

      None of this surprises me. The entire financial/banking/mortgage industry is an ORGANIZED CRIME syndicate, and Florida is nothing more than New York South.

    • housemanrob says:

      Not legal in fla Beth!

  7. JamesM says:

    Florida civil RICO. 3x damages plus fees and costs.

    Elements: pattern, over time, of felonious actions, by an identifiable organization (formal or informal), with at least a minimum of two acts, distinct in time, but they do not have to be against the same party, only one of which needs to be against a party to the action.

    So if members of an identifiable group extorted money by threatening to break your kneecaps and had previously extorted money by threatening someone else, that would be the required minimum two felonious acts.

    Since each unauthorized entry is considered breaking and entering, the unlawful removal of items theft, the sale or unlawful retention of the items is ‘conversion’ you have your fellony. There does NOT need to be a prior conviction for a civil action to go forward and the standards of proof in you civil action is much lower so proving up the action would be much simpler than a criminal action. (You also get discovery).

    I can’t figure out why more civil lawers don’t use the Florida Civil RICO statute, maybe because it is not taught in law school, RICO only being covered in passing, in the criminal law classes.

  8. Mad as Hell in Maryland says:

    Although I agree it happens everywhere, I dont agree with voting out all Republicans in general. Yes, there are some of the old guard who may not be on our side with regard to this issue, however, it was the Democrats, led by guys like Barney Frank who stood by and even stated that Fannie and Freddie were solid, when questioned about the current, then upcoming financial crisis.
    Most of the encumbant politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle need to be voted out. New, fresh, non career politicians, and past or current business owners, with REAL world experience, are the only way to move forward.
    Government pretends to be on our side (the common man), however, all I have seen in the past 3 years (Prior to last presidential election), has been Bank and Corporation friendly, scheming. (ie, Bailouts, TARP, etc)

    • talktotennessee says:

      I voted Republican although an independent when I was younger. My Dad and family, Christian ministers and educators, well educated for the most part, were staunch Democrats. I know that is an oxymoron as many Christians are conservative. They felt that true Christian and human rights values were through taking care of those less fortunate, the elderly, widows, children, etc.. I was rebellious as a youth plus I bought into the myth that I might one day be wealthy and the Democrats were welfare-supporting Socialists intent on giving away my “mythical” wealth. (smiles). My profession now is in real estate. I will never be wealthy. I watched an industry destroyed by greed, raped and exploited for money made from the poor, ignorant, uneducated, widows and families. As a real estate appraiser, I was asked and refused to appraise houses so loan originators and brokers could steal the money, from old people who had owned homes for years, promised a little money because they were destitute and promised a repaired home. Since I declined to “hit the number” my business declined. I began reviewing for HUD. First hand I am on the scene watching the industry gutted. Not by the people who wanted to provide homes but by those who took advantage of deregulation, mortgage products and creative exploitation. Ignorance, poverty and greed destroyed the housing industry. It was not the Barney Franks who did it. People who wanted to help make home ownership a reality never expected the banking industry greed to design products that would exploit investors, homeowners and bring down a global economy without taking the risk themselves or being held accounable for their criminal actions. It is coming back to bite them now but they make lemonade out of lemons by buying the collateral back, pennies on the dollar and selling them as REOs for nickels and dimes. They make more money writing off the loan at full value, paying off investors and handling REOs. The very act of liquidating the REOs on the normal market destroys the value in homes of people who never defaulted. The industry is raping the economy and Congress is paralyzed to do anything about ;it.

      The only thing that will stop them is to expose the fraud, forgery, greed that brought us to this point. Even now Republican led House is trying to defeat the Consumer Protection Agency that will give voice and advocacy to the banking industry. Lobbyists have bouth Congress (yes both parties) to look the other way while it happens. The Sheila Barrs and others trying to hold the line are being ridiculed and immobilized. Make no mistake it is warfare ad Corporate welfare and control will rule the day if we buy into the line that I bought into when I was a youth and many now tout as big government and Socialism.

      It boils down to this, do we do the right thing and help our fellow man? Do we support banking reform and exposure of fraud or do we exploit the man next door and allow Wall Street to profit from the spoils? We are the man next door.

      • I VENT and everyone else, update on The Document (see here: is that I am going to market The Document on the Internet with the help of an expert wealthy individual that has The Document revealed to him today as made available, not only on 4closurefraud posts the last few days, but also possibly on ebay and to make the “EXPOSE that this poster has stated needs to be done!

        Send me an email and I will send you a draft of my ebay listing for The Document when you put this in your subject line.

        What I am offering is that all of you and anyone else can also receive my free license to list this on ebay as a seller or elsewhere through internet markets and We The People of The Resistance Renaissance will overcome by means of this dynamic action everything the banksters have done and being apposed in The “MIXED WAR” Room!

        Waiting for your emails and phone calls


      • lvent says:

        Way to go, Michael!!!!!! I was just about to start preparing my case for motion to dismiss in both of my commercial and residential fraudclosures……If I can’t find an attorney to help me I will do it myself. I will proudly file your document at my County Recorders Office and I will contact you and help you in any way that I possibly can…

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        @ Talktotennessee: You have a majority of your posting correct; but what you fail to realize is that Wall Street was the original culprit in comprising those programs and selling them to the lenders in order to package them as securitizations and sell them to willing investors. The willing investors, motivated by greed, are now the ones holding the bag. They were sold a ‘bill of goods’ and yet, greed surpassed common sense so I have no pity whatsoever for those who ‘bit the apple from the tree’. The banksters who put those programs out on the street made a killing on the secondary market; and Wall Street cleaned up on cash. Look to see who supports Wall Street….it’s our very own government. Senators and Congressman alike are financed by Wall Street both on a professional level as politicians and on a personal level with back-door bribes and payouts. The Frank/Dodd Act was good in it’s intention, but it’s focus should have been directed more at Wall Street instead of punishing those at the bottom of the chain. You can’t kill a snake by cutting its tail; you have to cut it off at the head! As a mortgage broker for over 33 years I did not participate in those programs and warned customers of their end-results. I lost business because I was told that I was too pessimistic and Realtors basically shunned me from business. I’m still here (but struggling) and I still counsel my borrowers on buying properties that have “questionable” chain of title. The mortgage brokers have taken a beating in this whole mess and while most of the bad ones have left the business we now have been soooo regulated that I doubt our existance in the future. The Dodd/Frank Act while I said was good in content is now costing the consumer much much more and yet the Banks and Wall Street continue on, packing in the doe and rewarding themselves over and over again. WE, the taxpayers and that includes the mortgage brokers, are the ones that are funding and lining their pockets and all the while they are robbing us of our rights, freedoms, homes and soon our liberties. Coming from a very staunch Democratic family I no longer feel that I am a “party” affiliated person; switched to Republican years ago and now neither one is worth a damn. I feel your pain as well when it comes to my religious beliefs and have stood my ground on what I believe to be right but I feel God will take his vengence and the rewards after this life cannot and will not be measured by wealth. I am a soldier in his army and will fight the enemy. Keep the faith and fight the fight!

    • lvent says:

      There is no longer a healthy functioning 2-party system in America…Foreign owned mutinational Corporate Lobbyists have saw to that.. We now have a Fascist Foreign Government that has been SECRETLY running AMERICA via WALL STREET proxies and they also own the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK VIA BANKS THEY OWN, CHASE AND BOFA, BOTH FOREIGN OWNED…We now have a corrupt U.S.Government and Judiciary that is protecting the FOREIGNERS INTEREST and NOT THE INTERESTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…. ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME,,,,PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK.. PEOPLE THOUGHT RON PAUL WAS THE SAVIOR FOR AMERICA AND WE COME TO FIND OUT HE VOTED FOR THE DIRTY AUSTERITY DEBT DEAL. DEMOCRACY IS DEAD IN AMERICA AS LONG AS CORPORATE AMERICA IS ALLOWED TO BUY OUR POLITICIANS IN BOTH PARTIES. See this link:

  9. talktotennessee says:

    It happens everywhere. I have two rental properties that were entered by bank representatives. With no warrants they came in and winterized the property even though they had not foreclosed on either. This is illegal in TN but they considered the properties “abandoned” and would use that as their cover to protect their interests in the property.
    I posted no trespassing signs warning that trespassers would be prosecuted, the properties were occupied and monitored. It has stopped entry but they continued to drive by and leave notices on the door and watch the properties. Both are rented now. I filed suit on the banks on both properties for illegal activities, overcharging in loan processing. These suits are active. You have to fight illegal entry with the law.

    Our rights have been eroding since the Patriot Act where illegal entry was sanctioned without warrants letting the camel’s nose under the tent. Hard to stop our loss of rights in this country. Actions taken by Republican administration to “protect us” are carefully crafted to remove our rights in spite of the 4th amendment. If you want rights restored, you need to vote out the Republicans. They purport to support small government but this is fallacy that supports only for the banking industry and Wall Street. Small government translates to small rights for individuals and a free ride for banks with deregulation. The Supreme Court has supported this trend to some extent by allowing Corporations to fund campaigns unlimited. This in effect gives elections to big business interests, further destroying the freedoms of individuals. We will have government that benefits big business and reduces the importance of elections by the people when candidates can be bought and paid for by banks. Corporate rule will be the norm, removing individual rights by circumventing our ability to change the climate of our government through our vote.

  10. Mad as Hell in Maryland says:

    Its been happenning for years now, here in Maryland at least. We had a home that we had moved out of to renovate the kitchen and baths, hoping to sell (2007-2008). The 1 and 1/2 acres were manicured, beds mulched, flowers grown, and I had numerous construction equipment and building supplies in the 40 x 20 secured building beside the home. The house was also POSTED No Tresspassing, with a sign stating ” Any questions, call (xxx) xxx-xxxx.
    I had been away for 5 days, upon returning, saw the locks changed, building supplies, construction tools, and the like removed, but the No tresspassing sign still remained with my phone number. They took most things of value without a vin number. (Did not take forklifts, but took chargers, etc.).
    Well, a few days later, I find a mowing crew there attempting to mow, already mowed grass. A quick phone call later I was met with someone on the other line who said ” We were trying to help you maintain the property.”. (Premier asset services in Frederick Maryland).
    Long story short, a year later, (after catching them with a made up allonge, and other fraudulent filings,) they decided to renumerate me for the theft, and ‘waive’ responsibility for the note, and any deficiency therein.
    Not happy. Not totally made whole, (Who could be with years of accumulations in buildings, and no detailed list of the easily carried items).
    I know personally of a dozen other people here in Maryland who this sort of thing has happened to. None of the others even fought it. Its that attitude of misguided shame that allows this sort of thing to continue.
    My advice, DIAL 911, and get an attorney. (Took me a while to find one willing to handle it.)

    Good luck to all. Keep fighting. QUESTION EVERYTHING! Its more than likely bogus anyway.

    • Debbie says:

      Mad as Hell in Maryland,

      I too live in Maryland. I would love to hear more about your case. I have had to deal with a very disgusting law firm that has been committing fraud on the residents of Maryland for at least a decade. They have filed thousands of fardulent documents causing people to lose their homes. I have stated this in my pleadings to the courts. Recently, someone in Montgomery County was looking for an attorney who would go to bat for him but couldn’t find one. This is my third attempt at posting a response not sure what’s going on.

      • Mad as Hell in Maryland says:

        I have a very good attorney contact I can give you. Not sure how to do this, as I will not post the name(s) publicly without their permission. I have another property in Maryland, and have recently ‘won’ a dismissal. (That I fought). Anyway figure out how I we can contact somewhat privately, and I will pass the contact on. (Sorry, but this and other forums are being scoured daily by the other side)

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