Bondi Bombshell | Where is the OUTRAGE! Florida’s Former Economic Crimes Division Director, Mary Leontakianakos, Takes Job at Foreclosure Mill Marshall Watson


This needs to stop and it needs to stop RIGHT NOW!


Florida’s former economic crimes division director takes job at foreclosure firm office was investigating

The former Economic Crimes Division director for the Florida Attorney General’s office was hired this summer by a Fort Lauderdale law firm previously under investigation by the office for its foreclosure practices.

Mary Leontakianakos left the attorney general’s office in January, joining the Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson in June.

Marshall C. Watson was one of the original firms to be investigated in an inquiry started in August by former attorney general Bill McCollum. The firm, admitting no wrongdoing, settled with the state in March for $2 million.

The move by Leontakianakos was pointed out in a 16-page memo written by Andrew Bennett Spark, an assistant attorney general in the Tampa office of economic crimes.

Spark’s memo, which he emailed to several media outlets today, lists several concerns he has with the attorney general’s office. He said he was motivated to write the memo by the publicity surrounding the forced resignations of former state foreclosure investigators Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson. He also mentions the June hiring of former deputy attorney general Joe Jacquot by Lender Processing Services, which is also under state investigation.

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RELEASE: From Andrew Bennett Spark, Assistant Attorney General, Tampa Economic Crimes

12 Responses to “Bondi Bombshell | Where is the OUTRAGE! Florida’s Former Economic Crimes Division Director, Mary Leontakianakos, Takes Job at Foreclosure Mill Marshall Watson”
  1. ted1 says:

    Is there nothing that can be done with the fl bar ass? In law school wasn’t there a class on ethics i know on the street there is at least dealing with a crook there is no grey area a judge is only a lawyer with a dress they almost all go with the money i know mine did consuega was the lawyer for my foreclouser i am still not sure of who tried to forvlose on me. Ideas 863 660 2720 ted lakeland

  2. Why is the people of Fl not in the streets protesting all of this corruption?

  3. maggie May says:

    Six of one half dozen of the other mary or flo same shit!

  4. Litgant says:

    This change in jobs no doubt came as a result of knowing INSIDE information as well as insiders who are in the chain of power. Mrs. ML was not hired because she was smart in the area of foreclosures. She was hired to use her contacts in the big house. We all know why she was hired. And we know as a prostitute she sold herself for the money she would make. More money than the AG was paying her. Well, we will see exactly what will come of all this. I think the AG office looks about like an outhouse now with an out of order sign on the door. I mean when there is no wipe up in the outhouse it is out of order. The AG has no wipe up left.

  5. housemanrob says:

    Is everybody smoking crack up there?

  6. maggie May says:


  7. George Frederick Engle says:

    I see a real serious revolution on the rise… NO I DO NOT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE.

  8. Fred Gandy says:

    I was fairly sure that Maryland was more corrupt than Florida, looks like I was wrong. Conflict of interest is common in politics. When so many people are getting hurt, perhaps it is time to reconsider the control powerful banks and corporations over our floundering Democracy.

    • Michael says:

      No state is, overall, more corrupt than Fraudia. The only benefit is the corruption is so rampant, and so tolerated, that it’s easier to find because the scam artists don’t even “invest” the time to hide it much.

  9. Mario Kenny says:

    and it gets nicer, what a country we live in

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