Action Alert | April Charney “Angel of Foreclosure Defense” of Jacksonville Legal Aid Under Attack by Lender Processing Services

When are we going to put a stop to this?

How many have already been silenced, fired or suppressed?

How many more will be silenced, fired or suppressed?

This is no different than the ousting of June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards from Bondi’s office.

We need everyone across the country to get on this one please. Repost it, email it, Facebook it, Stumble it, Digg it. Do whatever means necessary to get this message to as many people as you can.

We must not let them win.

For those of you who do not know April Charney, she is one of the pioneers in foreclosure defense and understanding the securitazion PONZI scheme that has wreaked havoc across the entire globe. Google her and you will see.

Now the reason for this Action Alert.

It appears April Charney is under attack.


The legal community is “very concerned and as you can imagine afraid to come forward and say anything because of the consequences to clients’ pending cases and themselves.”

As you can see, everyone and anyone who pushes back against the fraudclosure machine is threatened and or silenced. As for the attorneys in this fight, they have the potential of losing their bar licenses if they speak out, as we have seen in numerous cases in the past year or so.

That is why we are releasing this here. I am sure I will get push back on this but will deal with it accordingly.

The details picked up from…


Corporate lawyers and a Duval Judge fight dirty against Legal Aid attorney

Jacksonville Area Legal Aid attorney April Charney has proved a big pain in the ass for giant corporations in the middle of the foreclosure crisis like Deutsche Bank,  Wells Fargo Company and Jacksonville-based Lender Processer Services. She gummed up what had been routine and quick foreclosures with questions that led to an exposure of the fraud and forgery that drive many foreclosures. Charney was among the first attorneys to ask lenders to produce the proof  they really owned the loans and had the right to foreclose. Attorney generals opened investigations into foreclosure practices in 50 states. Jacksonville’s Lender Processing Services was in the middle of those investigations because it is one of the country’s largest loan servicers and because of the volume of legal documents that company representatives appear to have faked.

It’s not really surprising that attorneys whose law firms represent those big mortgage holders would like to silence Charney and punish her boss JALA executive director Michael Figgins for not reining her in. But it’s shocking that attorneys from Holland & Knight, the firm that represents LPS, and a local judge would be working behind the scenes to convince the JALA board to fire Figgins as a set up to go after Charney.

On August 3, Holland & Knight attorneys Buddy Schulz and Dominic MacKenzie and Duval County Circuit Court Judge Hugh Carithers hosted an informal lunch at the law offices with 10 members of the board of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid and JALA board president Hugh Cotney. A painting of a pod of sharks that hangs in the lobby of Holland & Knight offices set the tone.

Schultz, MacKenzie and Judge Carithers, who told the group he wasn’t speaking as a judge but as a private person, yeah right, described Charney as a “loose cannon.” Cotney seemed to share their view.  They criticized her for embarrassing Jacksonville by bringing Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi to the foreclosure court of Judge A.C. Soud. (Taibbi wrote a wickedly scathing story on foreclosure in Florida that was  published in November 2010 issue of the magazine).

I wonder if this was something similar to the way they got rid of June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards…

The article then goes on to say…

The lunch was billed as a casual one, but the intent was to build a consensus to replace Figgins. His contract is up for review and board members will be asked to make of vote of confidence in his leadership at their September meeting. In addition to Charney, the attorneys also opposed the surcharge on criminals tagged for JALA and a commercial where Figgins talks about the support of JALA by personal injury attorney Eddie Farah. A board member said it was wrong that Figgins wasn’t there to defend himself.  “It was kind of a covert friendly little conversation over lunch,” she said, “but it felt like a mutiny.”

Now if this does not disturb you enough to do something about it, I do not know what will.

These people think that they can threaten anyone who stands in their way to defraud the American People of their wealth.

I for one will not stand for it.

So you ask, what can you do?

Well, I am glad you did.

I happen to have a copy of all the JALA board members along with their emails, phone numbers, fax lines and even their addresses, just in case you wanted to write them a letter, or stop by and speak with them directly.

I also happen to stumble upon the contact info of that “private citizen,” I mean judge, that was also at this nice luncheon. (904) 630-2395

Now, what I want you all to do is to call, email, fax, write, visit every member on that list and tell them how outraged you are about this situation and these threats from the corporate entities and their attorneys need to stop.

We need everyone’s help on this one so please take a few minutes to at the very least send some emails or make some phone calls.

This is one of the only methods that seem to work with favorable results these days.

We need Citizen Warriors across the country to stand up and say no more.

Are you one of them?

Board Member list below.

Oh, and btw, I forgot to mention that “private citizen” judge Carithers, was ordered to remove himself from a foreclosure proceeding by Bank of America Corp.’s Countrywide unit last year after the homeowner claimed the judge received a discount loan from an affiliate of the mortgage lender.

Circuit Judge Hugh Carithers in Jacksonville, Florida, must enter a recusal order and ask Chief Circuit Judge Donald Moran to pick a replacement, a district court of appeals ruled today.

Joseph W. Mines Jr., who is representing himself in the foreclosure proceeding, alleged the judge had received favorable interest rates not available to the public in his own dealings with a lender affiliated with Countrywide, court records show. Mines’s home was just about to be sold when he filed his claim seeking the judge’s removal, according to the case docket.

The case is Countrywide v. Mines, 2007-CA-6852, Fourth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida (Jacksonville).


Not me…

Now get to work!

UPDATE: We are told that well known criminal defense attorney Hank Coxe was at the meeting too.






Executive Committee

President                               Hugh Cotney1st  Vice President                 Renee Harrell2nd Vice President                Vickey Murphy


Secretary               David BarksdaleTreasurer              Bill White


David Barksdale, Esq.

Bedell, Dittmar, DeVault, Pillans & Coxe

101 East Adams Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202

Tel:  (904) 353-0211

Fax:  (904) 353-9307


Appointed:              10/17/06

Term Began:           01/01/07


Rebeccah L. Beller, Esq.

Beller & Bustamante, PL

12627 San Jose Blvd., Ste 703

Jacksonville, FL  32223

Tel:  (904) 288-4414

Fax:  (904) 288-4437


Appointed:              03/18/08

Term Began:           01/01/09


William O. Birchfield, Esq.

Birchfield & Humphrey, P.A.

1031 LaSalle St.

Jacksonville, FL  32207

Tel:  (904) 396-6625

Fax:  (904) 396-6624


Appointed:              03/17/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


Robert M. Bradley, Jr., Esq.

Kopelousos & Bradley P A

P.O. Box 562

Orange Park, FL  32067-0562

Tel:  (904) 269-1111

Fax:  (904) 269-1115


Appointed:              11/16/10

Term Began:           01/01/11


Hugh Cotney, Esq.

Hugh Cotney, P.A.

233 E. Bay St., Ste. 905

Jacksonville, FL  32202

Tel.:  (904) 356-0162

Fax:  (904) 355-51710


Appointed:              03/21/06

Term Began:           01/01/07


Guy Victor Murray, Esq.

Guy Victor Murray, P.A.

118 W. Adams St., Ste 320

Jacksonville, FL  32202

Tel.:  (904) 353-0001

Fax:  (904) 353-8341


Appointed:              10/16/07

Term Began:           01/01/08


Rhonda Peoples-Waters, Esq.

Law Office of Rhonda Peoples-Waters

625 Union St W., Ste 2

Jacksonville, FL  32202-4764

Tel:  (904) 377-2109

Fax:  (904) 355-6006


Appointed:              11/17/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


Lois V. Ragsdale, Esq.

Florida Coastal School of Law

8787 Baypine Rd., Ste 268

Jacksonville, FL  32256-8528

Tel:  (904) 680-7661

Fax:  (904) 680-7693


Appointed:              11/16/10

Term Began:           01/01/11


E. Lanny Russell, Esq.

Smith Hulsey & Busey

P.O. Box 53315

Jacksonville, FL  32201-3315

Tel:  (904) 359-7700 

Fax:  (904)


Appointed:              11/17/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


Tatiana Radi Salvador Esq.

Rogers Towers, P.A.

1301 Riverplace Blvd., Ste. 1500

Jacksonville, FL  32207-9000

Tel:  (904) 398-3911 

Fax:  (904) 396-0663


Appointed:              10/20/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


Anna C. Shea, Esq.

FIS, Law Department

601 Riverside Ave, T-11

Jacksonville, FL  32204-2901

Tel:  (904) 854-5808

Fax:  (904) 357-1077


Appointed:              08/15/06

Term Began:           01/01/07




Jeff Goldhagen, M.D.

Professor, University of Florida College of Medicine at Jacksonville

Department of Pediatrics, Division of Community Pediatrics

Chief, Division of Community Pediatrics

3rd Floor, LRC

653-1 West 8th St.

Jacksonville, FL  32209

Tel:  (904) 244-7023


Appointed:              10/20/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


The Rev. Deborah M. Jackson

5620 Columbia Place

Jacksonville, FL 32210

Tel:  904 249 4091

Mobile: 904 945 2893


Appointed:              10/16/07

Term Began:           01/01/08


Ken Lovell


Vice President, Media Development

110 PGA TOUR Boulevard

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Tel:  (904) 273-3385

Fax:  (904) 543-2133

Mobile:  (904) 608-3862


Appointed:              10/20/09

Term Began:           01/01/10




Thomas S. Edwards, Jr., Esq.

Edwards & Ragatz P A

501 Riverside Ave. Ste 601

Jacksonville, FL  32202-4937

Tel:  (904) 399-1609

Fax:  (904) 399-1615


Appointed:              11/16/10

Term Began:           01/01/11


Steven M. Fahlgren, Esq.

Steven M. Fahlgren, P.A.

552382 U.S. Highway 1, North

Hilliard, FL  32046

Tel:  (904) 845-2255

Fax:  (904) 845-3934


Appointed:              03/18/08

Term Began:           01/01/09


Bryan S. Gowdy, Esq.

Creed & Gowdy, P.A.

865 May St.

Jacksonville, FL  32204

Tel.:  (904) 350-0075

Fax:  (904) 350-0086


Appointed:              02/20/07

Term Began:           01/01/08


Renee D. Harrell, Esq.

Harrell & Harrell, P.A.

4735 Sunbeam Rd.

Jacksonville, FL  32257

Tel:  (904) 251-1111

Fax:  (904) 251-1110


Appointed:              08/15/06

Term Began:           01/01/07


Cynthia C. Hunold, Esq.

Office of the Public Defender

25 N. Market St.

Jacksonville, FL  32202

Tel:  (904) 630-1440

Fax:  (904) 630-1592


Appointed:              02/16/11

Term Began:           01/01/12


Thomas Slater, Esq.

Pajcic & Pajcic

One Independent Drive, Suite 1900

Jacksonville, FL  32202

Tel:  (904) 358-8881

Fax:  (904) 354-1180


Appointed:              01/18/05

Term Began:           01/01/06

Term Expires:         12/31/11


Bill White, Esq.

1307 4th St

Neptune Beach, FL  32266-4701

Tel:  (904) 502-2141 



Appointed:              03/17/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


John J. Wolfel, Jr., Esq.

Foley & Lardner, LLP

1 Independent Dr.,  Ste 1300

Jacksonville, FL   32202-5017

Tel:  (904) 359-2000, ext.  8778



Appointed:              10/20/09

Term Began:           01/01/10



Ms. M.J. Bouchard

293 Pradera Street

St. Augustine, FL  32086

Tel:  (904) 974-9169 or (866) 587-8017

Fax:  (904)


Appointed:              10/20/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


Ms. Vickey Murphy

1015 North Liberty St.

Jacksonville, FL  32206

Tel:  (904) 713-7305


Appointed:              12/19/06

Term Began:           01/01/07


Ms. Frances Pullins

848 Crestwood St.

Jacksonville, FL  32208

Tel:  (904) 765-2753


Appointed:              12/19/06

Term Began:           01/01/07


46 Responses to “Action Alert | April Charney “Angel of Foreclosure Defense” of Jacksonville Legal Aid Under Attack by Lender Processing Services”
  1. tim says:

    Check out the judges in Charlotte County’s courthouse! They don’t require any proof at all from the bank’s attorneys that they actually have any original documents. AND Florida Rural Legal Services Attorney actually filed for a hearing on a case he intended to lose! He said in his opinion, the case could not be won. Even though the bank’s attorneys would not return his calls, the Florida Rural Legal Services Attorney motioned for a final hearing so he could dispose of his clients case and set an eviction date!

    How did that action help his client? Who was he working for? The bank? BTW- when suggested last year that he meet with April Charney, we had one very unhappy attorney at FRLS. He stated he didn’t think she would have anything to offer.

    Now, the same attorney at Florida Rural Legal services gives his client 2 options, either he will negotiate a move out date (even though he was unsuccessful for months in getting in contact with the bank’s attorneys), or 2. he will withdraw from the case.

    Talk about a gun to the head of his own client. He really wants this case off his desk even though the bank does not seem that interested for whatever reason.

    What a sickening situation. We have no idea what to do next. We can’t find any attorneys that want to fight to win on this case which happened to be the Ponzi scheme or shell game played between the 5 main banks. Our attorneys are being pressured so much that they don’t want to take the chance with their own lively hoods and be “black balled by the judges”. We do have to realize that any attorney wanting to fight the corruption is likely going to be marked with a Scarlett letter and they have lives and families too.

    We are the sheep headed for the slaughter. Our country is being destroyed from within and without. Families are falling, spirits more than broken.

  2. Rose Mary Law says:

    I’m fighting with my servicing company. The company’s name is Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, and they are the one’s I’m paying my mortgage to and who also calls the shots for the investor when it comes to who they will or won’t approve for the HAMP and other programs geared to help homeowners with legitimate hardships. Like the ones I’m having with health issues, separation (newly filed divorce), loss of income, etc.; applying for a loan modification that was given 2010 based on the income they created showing a monthly income of $4,500.00; declining me from the right to the HAMP, for which they had approved me for earlier. After completing their Forbearance Program; selling the house right from under me with any notification. I found out when calling to pay the homeowner’s association fees that they property had been sold. I then notified every agency I thought would be able to help. Apparently the VP of Carrington’s Home Retention’s Department use some kind of code according to him that allowed him to heighten the income to show a greater amount. He did this for my social security payment and disability; combining my husband’s income who wasn’t living with me at the time. In fact my husband had nothing to do with the purchase of this home. The story goes on and on. I need help bad. I have a brother who is going through the same, but with Chase Bank.

    • Jim Bethea says:

      Rose Mary ~ if I were you I would first send the company that you are making payments to a “Qualified Written Request” via certified mail [you can find a copy of these QWRs online – I also add “who is the holder of my blue ink promissory note and my blue ink mortgage note to the list of my questions ~ They have 20 days to respond and 45 when supplying documents ~ This will start a foundation or history of where you might choose to go with your property protection………

      After they identify who is the “holder of the note” [ some do lie – hee hee] but you will have this letter in the words of the people who are taking your money/payments as evidence ……….I would file a complaint / “Quiet Title Action” and look up “public notice servicing” — “service by public notice” — you can ask your local clerk of court which newspapers they require to qualify for their county……….

      You serve a copy of this QTA on everyone that you think is involved or that that the servicer’s answer letter list [whether it be a trust or investment firm] …next they have to answer to the court and to you with a court document called “ANSWER” or “ANSWER AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE” or even [but not normally] a “MOTION TO DISMISS” ~ a MTD is really a waste of time for them because the QTA may be served upon numerous parties………..If they do not show in court, then you immediately ask the judge for an “ORDER” which will evidence in his own words where no parties of interest make any claims against your property………..once you get this order you can request that the deed of records or records recorder office [name/ title varies by states] to file for any releases of claims against your property………..

      Once you have done this …….then contact me and I will show you how to implement the proper actions that will protect you from these crooks forever…………

  3. A. Scarlott says:

    April Charney needs to be notified that LPS (Lender Processing Services) has set up a Facebook page
    in her name. Here is a link:!/profile.php?id=759272839 ~ I would also like
    to know how to contact her directly, offline. I have a falsified “Assignment” signed by both Bobbie Jo Stoldt
    AND Bryan Bly. They are both licensed Notary Publics and I have looked up the deposition Bryan Bly gave regarding his lack of knowledge insofar as any of the doc’s he signed as Vice President or P.O.A and they
    both committed a 3rd degree felony by knowingly and fraudulently notarizing these assignments as true and factual. I personally am filing a claim against both of them through the Secretary of State of Florida ~ for the FULL amounts of their “bonds” of $7,500 EACH. I am also needing someone to direct me as to where a P.O.A. for Ameriquest to Citi Residential Lending would be. My property is in Harris County Texas and our County Clerks office has NO record of this document. It lists the DOC# as 7816627 filed 10/29/2007. If we can find this document, I can assist anyone in Texas that has a robo signed assignment, how to circumvent a lawsuit altogether and simply have the bogus recording ruled as “fraudulent” and have it removed from the County Clerks records, paving the way to file a Quiet Title. Any help as to how to reach April Charney or info on this P.O.A. would be greatly appreciated!

    • H.K. Garner 210.378.5038 says:

      I have a home in Bexar County, Texas (San Antonio) that I may loose to foreclosure.
      My service company is Service Portfolio Servicing, Inc., the original lender was New Century, than Countrywide, than Bank of America, and now SPS
      Can you help me.

      Kerry Garner 210.378.5038

  4. outlaw says:


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    Kind Regards,
    Mr. Wilson

  5. Fito says:

    In orange county LA california they are loosing their BAR…(brithish….)

  6. ween says:

    April should do what SHE wants to do. In a sense, if she quits, they they win….they get what they want. I’m callling on everybody to e-mail and call the JALA board and let them know in no uncertain terms that a firestorm of bad PR will result from screwing around with April Charney. She does a great job, so leave her alone.

  7. Litgant says:

    Corruption like this within the judiciary is allowed because the AGs office and the Florida Bar are not functioning on behalf of the people, but on behalf of the big banks. You can bet it is all about money. Why did the honorable judge (the private person) need a reduction in his mortgage principal? He not only needs to recuse himself from this one case, he needs to pack up his masonic square and compass and go to the lodge and repent at the altar of the GAOTU for corruption of his oaths. He needs to repair his dignity and respect and resign. The attack on April goes to show all of us the big criminals know not only how to manage their ponzi schemes, they know how to collect the goon squad to go after those who have not paid their respects to the family. I predict April will in time be fired or dispatched, maybe with a severance package and made to sign a silence agreement. In the mean time: all you great attorneys and rebel freedom fighters, take the compounds. Go into those dens of iniquity and stand up for the people. One day the black robed ones will rule no more. Justice will come back to our court system. But we must get rid of all sitting judges. Do not vote any of them back in. Do not vote ANY of them back in. On all levels DO NOT RETAIN THEM.

    • Fito says:

      The BAR is not supposed to work in the usa.. Why dont we know better? Please find out what BAR is..

      Love u all. with all rights reserved.

  8. I was born and raised in the state of Florida, I’m ashame to say!! I keep up with what goes on there. All that I’ve heard and read makes me ‘sick to my stomach’ Especially with what’s going on with the foreclosures and the
    corruption in other areas. Florida use to be known for “the place to be” but now, it’s a MESS. Hang in there, Floridians!!! Someone, in a higher OFFICE is watching!!! Florida may ‘fall off’ into the sea. Something is going to happen soon, you just watch, wait and see.

    • Fito says:

      Please dont be ashamed.. we never choosed the place to be born..if you dont mind please continue learning, sharing and acting intelligent. we will make it.

      Fito, with all rights reserved.

  9. lvent says:

    There is pure evil at work here. I talked with an attorney today who said if the economy gets any worse we won’t have to worry about fraudclosures because it is going to be total anarchy in America and every man for himself. I wouldn’t want to be these crooks and their minions and cohorts then.

    • justme says:

      I have been saying that for quite some time. A revolution beyond perportion! The uprising of an angry Middle Class who’s fathers and forefathers built this land. Hold on to your seats, it’s going to get bumpy!

      • lvent says:

        just me, the more we know the better off we will be for sure. It is not good to be a sheeple for sure. This is far from an average recession. This is another Great Depression and the media is covering up the truth about how bad things really are…There are millions who have lost their homes and everything and now are on food stamps and that is just unacceptable that this has happened to the people of the richest nation on earth, The United States of America..This is all a manufactured sham and a fraud by the ruling elite….The U.S Government could fix this manufactured crisis in quick order if they wanted to but this is about the ruling elites evil plans for a One World Government and Global Domination….. The American People will never stand for that B.S..

  10. justme says:

    I am so glad I moved out of Florida.. 6 months was enough. the corruption that runs rampant through your state in all aspects, is quite beyond belief! But… WE WILL WIN!!!! Am fighting for justice for all in New York! God bless!

  11. Fury says:

    just when you thought you had seen everything!

    how much MORE corrupt can a state be?
    what is happening in florida is unreal.

    POWER to april charney and higgins.

    everyone is watching — they can’t make back door deals to get rid of you.

  12. Beth A. says:

    “It makes more sense as suggested that April team up with June and Theresa – start your own practice and represent the individual homeowners…”

    I couldn’t agree more with that statement. People who don’t know April (like myself) probably shouldn’t engage in career advice – but clearly, this American Hero deserves much more. Remember – it isn’t a sin to get knocked down, as someone once said – but its a sin to not try to get back up. We’re all with you, girlfriend. Go get ’em, be famous and look back at those bastards someday and laugh.

    Many blessings.

  13. Rob Harrington says:

    April Charney is our Joan of Arc of foreclosure defense. If we can’t rally around her and support her, it is a testiment to how just unorganized (and lazy?) most homeowners in foreclosure really are.

    (Sorry to be so blunt – and truthful.)

  14. Please contact these Holland & Knight (LPS attorneys) that “appear”guilty of attemting to influence (corruption?) our public servants. Don’t leave it up to Mike, Lisa, Matt, Tom, April, Mark etc., etc., Don’t just read these posts. STAND UP – SPEAK OUT – BE HEARD – — USE your voice (phone calls) and Email.
    Duvall County Judge – Hugh Carithers Jr. can be reached at Civ Div F -904) 630-2395 Room 206.
    Holland & Knight is located 50 North Laura Street Suite 3900 Jacksonville, FL 32202
    Call them ph) 904-353-2000 or Fax (a message) 904-358-1872 .
    Attorney Buddy Schulz ph) 904-798-5462 or email buddy.schulz (AT) or Attorney MacKenzie, Dominic C. “Donny” ph) 904-798-7303 or email donny.MacKenzie (AT) Jax Office Business manager is Angie Coker ph) 904-798-7229 and angie.coker (AT) Tell them what you really think !!!

  15. To tell the Truth says:

    April, I have wondered for a long time since I first read about you and your helping homeowners pro bono and trying to educate judges and attorneys coutry wide when your day will come to be attacked. I have admired your courage and tenacity and prayed and continue to pray for your protection…you are constitutionally right and continue to stand firm…you dont need to join anyone else in their firms…you have lots of support…hope you have your book ready for print? You once worked for the banksters and then made the right decision to intervene for the helpless homeowners…

    You will continue to be attacked but that comes with the courage and the righteous cause…we stand with you and we agree with you that you will overcome…that you will continue to be that shining light exposing more and more darkenss in all these issues that is trying to overwhelm us all …I for one stand on the solid Rock of Christ and that there are more for is than are against us…I hope you can rally enough of your legal colleagues to stand with you …at the end of the day, those same colleagues and judges that join with you have family members and friends that are affected or will be affected by these banksters…and those banksters have their family also that will reap what they are sowing…so let us continue the battle and there will be casualties and we need to be prepeared to heal our wounds and become stronger from all this and more determined…

    I see the spirit of fear and intimidation as part of their tactics to get to some of us…may God continue to bring confusion among themselves as they consume each other with their own lusts for greed and power…youhave not fought for us in vain…remember that..and keep it up…let us know what we can do to assist you….

  16. Mary Sims says:

    Michael –

    This is all so, so sad.

    I am a paralegal in foreclosure defense in S. Florida – Do you know how many educated people that are not as fluent in their second language (English) that would benefit from your blog? So many people believed in our country as being a country respectful of laws, above favoritism or cronyism – and are not “in the loop”.
    Need help translating to Spanish? Let me know.

    I admire your courage.

    • That is why we are going on Spanish TV tomorrow morning with a translator to talk about FRAUDCLOSURES.

      I will post the video if we are able to get it.


    • Fury says:

      for anyone who speaks a language other than english,
      they can try to use babelfish.

      it will translate michael’s website from english into other languages.

      it isn’t a perfect solution because sometimes the translation gets lost, but it might help a bit.

      just copy the website addresses of michael’s various pages (starting with www) and paste them into
      the box called
      “Translate a Webpage.”

      pull down the menu for “Select to and From” language, choosing
      “From English” to whatever language they speak.

      click on “translate” and michael’s page will turn into another language.

      mary, maybe you could test it out and see if the Spanish translation is good enough to tell your clients.

  17. lizinsarasota says:

    Foley & Lardner “contributed” to Pam Bondi’s campaign, joining LPS, their affiliates/subsidiaries, and Holland & Knight.

    Can we please drop the “so-called” in front of “robo-signers” and “appears to have been” in front of “faked” with respect to Lender Processing Services’ activities? I’ve got an assignment of mortgage here signed by a “Staff Photographer” on the Summit newsletter’s masthead. Ain’t no “so-called” about it – it’s FRAUD.

    • lizinsarasota says:

      Oh, and FYI again, that FIS employee listed above, Anna Shea, works for FIDELITY INFORMATION SYSTEMS – one of Lender Processing Services’ affiliates and subsidiaries. How they let that fox into the hen house is beyond me.
      Don’t expect a sympathetic reception if you call ole Anna.

      • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

        Close, but not quite Liz. According to footnote 1 in the opinion written by Judge Diane Weiss Sigmund, in the case of In Re Taylor:

        “On July 2, 2008, LPS was spun-off from Fidelity through a tax free distribution of
        all of its shares to Fidelity shareholders. Form 10-Q for Lender Processing Services, Inc.
        http:/ 10-q.html.”

        This is a little bit of picking gnat sh*t out of pepper, but at the same time when gathering evidence and information getting the facts right does count.

      • DC by the beach says:

        Five years later, and in reading these posts, what’s changed? Ocwen’s been sued multiple times, with multiple consent orders placed against them…and where’d the Pricipal Reduction monies go that we to help homeowners in Feb. 2014? They to get a PR from Ocwen, I dare you! They always says, “Not allowed do to Investor Restrictions.” Problem is when you call Wells Fargo, the Master Servicer, or US Bank, the Trustee, they say that Ocwen can except the $100,000 Principal write down from the CFPB 2013/14 Consent order. Ocwen is head quartered in FL. The Department of Business Oversight in Ca. has hired FIS to be the “Monitor” at Ocwen for the DBO’s 2015 Consent Judgement against Ocwen! Try to report your personal case file or box of docs to FIS, or get a phone call back from them about predictory lending and unfair debt collecting practices by Ocwen…go ahead, dare you again. Now Ocwen’s sicked an attorney’s group onto our family, without prior notification, locked us out of accounts, threatened to foreclose if we don’t sign a Settlement and Release Agreement,(GAG Order), and the whiny attorney won’t sit down in person to work the details out with the loan mod, or talk to us on the phone, because he says, “We’ve made false statements about his firm!” He’s pissed because his young attorney didn’t send detailed docs to us in 6 months, lied to our DA,(saying we turned down mod offers), and all the while, Ocwen told Altisource to file a Notice of Trustee Sale 8/18/16. This is clearly Dual Tracking. Recording a Sale Date while in a workout is against the law. Ocwen can’t manage employees, departments or their hired bully attorneys. What a whimp this esq. is! We’ve offended him, and his firm. Give me a break. AHMSI, Homeward, and for the past 4 years Ocwen, have lied, stalled, lost docs, ignored leagal-aid attorney’s letters, blamed a two year fiasco of a 2009 loan mod on us,(one that put us in a “Default Code” status because AHMSI back dated our first payment due date to 14 months before we signed the loan mod docs on 5/17/11 but never got a payment coupon till 7/1/11. AHMSI did not bring due dates forward, nor did they disclose they added $35,000 to our loan balance through an amended contract! It took us 17 months and a filed complaint with the CFPB and the AG to get any of those figures in writing! Our foreclosure was put on hold as of 10/24/12, but our account remained coded as under “Foreclosure or Default”! The 11/20/12 sale date was on “HOLD”, but AHMSI and Homeward NEVER fixed our credit reports, they never filed a “Notice of Rescission” with the county to rescind the foreclosure. All the hours spent customer service, a the vacations postponed, my husbands’s health crus in 14′, and Ocwen’s whiny, thinned skinned attorney, is offended! I wish everyone in the US that is experiencing this type of abusive lending/modification scheme would unite and go after banks and servicers like Ocwen and Wells Fargo with great verve and vengeance! If you’re a Pulp Fiction fan, a speech of Samuel L’s comes to mind. My question is to Houser & Allison, does my husband send you his questions by snail mail or carrier pigeon? Good grief, get a spine man!

    • Fury says:

      yeah. we have a phony assignment from a girl pictured in her shorts at the company picnic
      in the summit brochure. the caption says she was in charge of documents.

      what??? you mean she really wasn’t a bank vice president? holy cow!!!!!

    • lvent says:

      I had an attorney tell me that the word robo-signing is the biggest load of made up crap name he has ever heard and there is no such thing… the media are cowards and they don’t want to call it what it really is, FORECLOSUREFRAUD…!!!


  19. leapfrog says:

    So am I reading this list right? There is a REVERAND on here? And a pediatrician? I wouldn’t expect the golf guy to be any better than the attorneys & jackal judges, but please tell me the pediatrician and pastor are NOT on the side of the fraudsters?

    • LEAPFROG…..Where did you see a Reverand and a Pediatrician on here? Did I miss this in the write up? All I saw was the judge and 10 men eating lunch as they planned their scheme. hot flowing blood may have caused my eyes to see red……

    • deadnote says:

      with a couple of bucks and a signature “anyone” can be a reverend… Deborah Jackson has strong ties with the insurance industry and “the jesuit”s”.. “perfect” facism would include corporations, government. and religion, so no news here they will use … …stallin spent 7 years in jesuit seminary before killing millions of russians…so reverend is irrelevent the banksters Ponzi scheme is falling apart as will life as we know it

      • To tell the Truth says:

        I’ve learnt that Rev is used by those that are not who we considered pastors etc…some other peopel use it to deceive others but do not even believe in GOd….

      • leapfrog says:

        yes, I know you are right, I just hoped it wasn’t true. I’m so tired of the hypocrisy in religions. I highly doubt Jesus would be on the side of the moneychangers.

      • deadnote says:

        12 And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves.
        13 And He said to them, “It is written, ‘MY HO– USE SHALL BE CALLED A HO– USE OF PRAYER’; but you are making it a ROBBERS’ DEN.”

    • Fito says:

      This is not the case..I am a servant of the Lord and I am also a Sovereign..If you are asking to attack this is not the place..We are here to contribute and share. May God helnp you.

      I am not a 14th ammendment, nor a tax protestor.

      Fito, with all rights reserved.

  20. Officer of the Law says:

    It looks like Buddy Schulz and Dominic MacKenzie and Duval County Circuit Court Judge Hugh Carithers have engaged in defamation and a conspiracy to tortiously interfere with contractual rights and have violated a few of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar such as:

    Rule 4-4.1

    Rule 4-4.3

    Rule 4-4.4

    Rule 4-8.4

    In addition, every attorney who attended this meeting and failed to report the foregoing misconduct has violated Rule 4-8.3

    Also, Judge Hugh Carithers’ actions at this meeting violated several of the Canons of the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct including Canon 1, Canon 2, Canon 4 and Canon 5, and by failing to disclose his special loan deal and refusing to disqualify himself when it was raised in a motion to disqualify him, he violated Canon 3 and Canon 6. By the way, there are only 7 Canons, and Carithers has violated 6 of them. See$FILE/01-05-2006_CodeJudicialConduct.pdf?OpenElement

    It looks like some folks have some explaining to do!

    Now, if complaints are made, I wonder how the regulators at the Florida Bar, the Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC), the Florida Legislature and Florida’s Governor will handle them, don’t you?

    Unfortunately, since complaints made to the Bar and the JQC are secret, they will pretend that they haven’t gotten any complaints while the folks in the Legislature and the Governor will pretend that they can’t do anyting other than tell you to complain to the Bar and the JQC.

    Of course, the Legislature could impeach the judge and could haul the Bar regulators in for a good old fashioned investigation, but the Governor could petition the Florida Supreme Court to order a Statewide Grand Jury to investigate and hear complaints about public corruption. Governor Crist did that in 2009. See

    The Florida Supreme Court, which appears to amazingly have a majority of honest justices who respect and understand the rule of law, granted Governor Crist’s Petition and issued an order empanelling a Statewide Grand Jury. See

    Unfortunately, this order appointed Judge Victor Tobin to be the presiding judge and Florida Supreme Court Clerk Thomas Hall to be the clerk. Of course, Hall prepared and signed the order, and since Hall take bribes to fix Supreme Court cases, I wouldn’t be surprised if he added his name and Tobin’s name. Anyway, it is really convenient for the clerk in Tallahassee to handle the documents for a Statewide Grand Jury seated in Ft. Lauderdale, isn’t it?

    Naturally, lots of submissions to the statewide grand jury just disappeared, sort of like the tens of thousands of complaints about mortgage fraud to the Office of Financial Regulation and the thousands of complaints about bankster mill attorneys to the Florida Bar.

    Anyway, I hope that I gave some folks some ideas about how to stir things up, and if anyone in the fraudclosure movement realizes that they need a lot of help, they can always call an officer of the law, but unfortunately, it seems that there is only one who can help them.

  21. papergate says:

    It makes more sense as suggested that April team up with June and Theresa – start your own practice and represent the individual homeowners – that is where the battle is and have a media coverage person in every single courtroom with every hearing – and then publish the recordings at the end of each day – so we can see who and what it is that is not respecting our laws – and hopefully those we need to be watching (i.e., DOJ, AG, FBI, etc.) will begin to realize at the administrative level – someone in power (i.e., Mr. Prez) needs to put up a block and obstruct any further movement of these cases or entities behind these outrageous actions The daily postings of hearings will show all of us who the attorneys are, the lenders, the corporations, bankers, judiciary, etc., they will not be able to hide too long behind clandestine operations and unethical conduct. If these parties don’t want to correct the paperwork; start from fresh and work with the homeowners – karma can be a bitch.

  22. gregory says:

    Let 60 minutes get hold of this one add Lynn Symoziac with Matt Wieder and we have a show just to see how crooked Florida really is. Have the show narrated by Lisa Epstien and then throw in George Babcock. WOW what a show that would be. 60 Minutes would have a rating that day OFF the Charts……..

  23. Jim Bethea says:

    These bottom-feeders as well as judges get the phone calls from the attys at the Fed Res & OCC. I have had it happen to my people several times on big money issues,. When you win a case or it is dismissed, these crooks request for the file to be sealed!!! hee hee

    I don’t know why they don’t try coming after me, because I have been a throne to them in many different states. I remember when April started getting some notority around 2006 which was 4 or 5 years after I started opposing them. Even though I use the stablily of the contract itself along with the securitization fraud, they have done little to silence me other than continuing to shut down my websites and some how they manage to clear all history of currently visited webpages on google and yahoo????

    If there were witnesses that would attest to what was said at this meeting, it would seem that they would go after this judge and attorneys under the judicial cannons….

  24. Mark says:

    April…. We are with you. MAybe you should tell them politely where to go and quit. Get together with the 2 attorneys from the state office that they fired and start up your own law firm. Thens lets get everyone rallied together and give them a fight that our forefathers would be proud of. If I remember correctly when they wanted to tax us they tarred and feathered the idiot then took up arms to defend our rights.

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