Matt Taibbi on SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes (VIDEO)

In this “Countdown” exclusive interview, Keith sits down with Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi to discuss breaking the story about the Securities and Exchange Commission destroying the records of promising cases in the years leading up to the financial meltdown.


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  1. myles says:

    Talk to tennessee is right. We need to be like the teabaggers. Last week in Pasadena, California, demonsrators actually took over the headquarters of the most evil bank, ONEWEST. But even in L.A. few heard about it because that bank advertizes on the news stations, pays them. I sent the articles from the Pasadena Star news–Google the article there re protestors take over onewest bank.
    Actually, if enough people google it, or use “sqr” computer programs, we can push the story to the top of the internet, so the whole country knows about it. Then we can have serious demonstrations that must be followed by the media1

  2. talktotennessee says:

    MUST have media coverage for every event. Public opinion and more importantly, political opinion, will never be touched unless you have attention brought to these protests. Remember this is how the Tea Party gained power in these little public forums by being so vocal by voicing their outrage. If you have to give out snowcones, paper fans or whatever, get people to come and support. Flashmobs and coverage are needed! Engage young people to support the cause. Make signs that can be seen on television, spokespeople who are credible, selected in advance to handle the main message or call for action. This type thing scares politicans. We have the GOP held hostage to the Tea Party just from similar action. Adopt those techniques!

    • suzy q says:

      talktotennessee how do i find someone to help me in Tennessee? I have a few weeks left in the house I was in a lease/purchase with crooked investors. Long 3yr story short – they took $36,000 from me, filed bankruptcy and gave house back to bank. It went into foreclosure and now I have to move. I have found no one to help me, if there is any help at this point. I have been termed “just a renter” and have no rights. Is there a TN attorney who can help me? I am a senior citizen and penniless. No one will even listen to me.

      • qny81 says:

        Suzy q – check out whatliesinyourdebt. They may be able to help you, I am a subscriber of theirs. You may have to file a chapter 13 bk in order to stay the eviction. Check out the website as quickly as you can. They have phone calls on Tuesday evening. If you become a member, you can ask a question on their forum. Good luck.

      • suzy q says:

        qny81 thanks but this isn’t my bankruptcy. The investor I was in a lease/purchase with took out bankruptcy. I am fine, always made my payments to them. They took out bankruptcy and even though in their bankruptcy papers stated I was purchasing the house in a lease/purchase option, they returned the house to the bank, stopped making payments and the house went into foreclosure. They didn’t bother to tell me, I found out by accident. They continued to take rent payments from me though. I will check out this website though and see if they can help me.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        @ Suzy – check with a real estate atty there. In Florida, even if you don’t record the lease option to purchase the “buyer” (that would be you) has a vested ‘interest’ in the property. You should have been served with papers on the foreclosure. What scumbags to take your money on a lease option and run! Take your lease option with you to the attorney. Maybe you can still record it and hopefully you have an original. It is when you give up the fight that you lose. Is there a legal aid in your county? Call your local courthouse and ask if there is some sort of legal aid services.

      • lvent says:

        Finally found an attorney who gets it and guess what?? He told me I am 100% right about the pretender lenders lack of recording or assigning a lien in 18 years means my house is paid for and my tank is 3/4 full because of what they failed to do at Origination..This lawyer was great and had me LMAO!!!!

      • lvent says:

        Thank You 4closurefraud and Foreclosure Hamlet!!!! I could have never gotten to the truth without you guys!!! You guys and Matt Taibi are all my heroes!!!

      • lvent says:

        An attorney told me yesterday that Fannie Mae is halting foreclosures of the uemployed…Has anyone heard about this?

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        @ Ivent – Kudos to you!!! Congratulations on finding a “get it” attorney. It’s about time someone is turning the tables!

      • lvent says:

        Thanks Bobbi….I think the tables are finally starting to turn. I am loving CNBC today..They were just talking about BOFA and how there may just be to many cats in dogs at the big banks and they may not be worth saving…Many in the know have been saying for quite a while now, break up the big banks and nationalize them..All I can say is they can all just eat all of their fraud, We are sick and tired of paying for it and it is unsustainable debt. Nye Lavalle said they were overleveraged by 30:1 because they were multiple pledging notes and they have created 40 trillion in debt backed by 8 trillion in real estate…They can shove it. Bernanke said he would not let the big banks fail a while ago. The Federal Reserve needs to keep their corrupt two cents out of it and quit propping up the banks who are insolvent. They rang the American people with rampant mortgage fraud and now they have to pay the price for it. MAINSTREET did not cause this. Wall Street caused this and it was intentional and evil.

  3. Elyse says:

    Millions of us have filed Complaints with the:
    * OCC (the banks regulators)
    * The States Attorney Generals
    * The FBI
    * The District Attorney’s
    * The US Treasury
    * The Supreme Courts
    * The White House
    * The Congress
    * The The Consumer Protection Agency


    The Banks are too big to fail? Sure appears that way…so we, the American homeowners loose to keep the banks open for business?

    * Take any and all your monies out of the national banks and deposit, if you absolutly have to, to Credit Unions or local community banks….
    * Advise your local COUNTY RECORDER SUPERVISOR of the fraud being perpetrated on THEM….When I did this, the Supervisors “light bulb” went off right in front of my eyes!!
    * Plan a PROTEST….I still don’t understand why this website is not promoting a huge event instead of allowing “some” Attorney to market his own business???


    • woodknot says:

      without this website many of us would have given up-don’t bite the site that feeds you.
      You made a great suggestion to PROMOTE A HUGE EVENT !
      Did you attend the “Rally In Tally”….
      Are you a Promoter ??
      Go 4 it-get r done and we will come

      • Elyse says:

        Hello Woodknot….
        I support this website and Michael and know exactly how it has helped many out of suicide!!
        My comment was not meant to be critical of what fine work is being done here…just that we need to do SOMETHING BIG!! I had mentioned to Michael last year that we could create a Foreclosure Fraud Convention in Las Vegas…I even spoke to the Golden Nugget about room rates, dates and availability for meeting rooms, speakers and break out sessions…all meant to gather and stratigise…

        Michael felt, as I do now, that people do not have money to fly to Vegas, hotel rooms and the general cost’s of putting a convention together…which is what I do for a living!! Problem is, these sites need to promote it after it is planned! I can’t do that end of it…

        The MEDIA would attend because it’s Vegas…things operate a little different there…
        If not Vegas…somewhere? Showing up on a sidewalk in front of a bank is not as BIG as this needs to be…something BIG…really BIG should be done…similar to the MILLION MAN MARCH…how did they get one million black men together?? That’s where everyone needs to pull together…to bring their expertise to the table…we are all working “outside our boxes” because we cannot afford nor do we want to hire Attorney’s…we’re loosing this battle and we must kick it up a notch because NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING…by no one, I mean our elected representitives…certainly not this website!!

        By the way, I did not attend the Rally In Tally, however, I did send money for the bus ride for someone if needed because I am in California…Please don’t think I am waiting for someone to create something I can help create myself…just seeking more people to get invloved who can bring their knowledge!!

        I am sooooo ready!
        ELyse Del Francia

    • “Plan a PROTEST….I still don’t understand why this website is not promoting a huge event”


      I am working on it. It will be up soon.


      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Trying to get a monthly meeting together in Flori-duh – St. Petersburg area to encompass surrounding counties on the west coast. Please email me if you are interested
        Am trying to see if The Egg Platter (on US 19) can accommodate….

      • Guy Fawkes says:

        Michael, Elyse, Woodstock.

        The SEIU is organizing bank protests in every city, as is I would challenge those that say, DO SOMETHING to seek out these organizations that are doing this for.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Hey Guy Fawkes – Thanks for the info!!!!

      • SoSo says:

        Only a high profile celebrity can help. Georgia needs to be enlightened. Even RE brokers do not know what is going on.

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