Fannie Mae Fail | Heated Exchange – New Buyer Can’t Move in because Renter Won’t Move Out (Video)

Tenant, owner get in heated exchange over foreclosure

LITHONIA, Ga. — Officials with government mortgage giant Fannie Mae said they’re investigating a DeKalb foreclosure sale gone horribly wrong.

The new buyer can’t move in because a renter won’t move out.

Channel 2’s Jim Strickland was there when they clashed in the driveway.”This signifies that I actually own this property. That means it belongs to me,” said Katrice Elliott as she displayed the closing papers. Elliott said she bought the home of Princeton Park Drive in Lithonia two weeks ago. Fannie Mae is the listed seller.

Fannie Mae’s renter suddenly showed up, and Strickland greeted him.

“I’m doing a story here with Ms. Elliott about the fact she owns this home and you’re living in it,” Strickland told the renter.

“That’s a wonderful thing,” replied four-year tenant Drew Walker.

“I wish you no harm or ill toward you, Ms. Elliott. However, the law’s on my side in this case,” walker said.Strickland confirmed a 2009 federal law gives foreclosure tenants 90 days’ notice to move after a sale.

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Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009

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  1. Beth A. says:

    Clinton…had Osama in his sites and refused to give the order to “off” him. Nice job, Bill. I could never understand why so many people overlook this horndog’s massive failings and continue to let him near microphones and podiums.

    I agree with the initial statement – if you’re a buyer…stay far away from foreclosure sales. You never know what kind of Hell you’re buying into. More than likely there is another party who has been harmed and like most of us on this forum, we are mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

  2. The nightmare continues…due to Fraud on top of Fraud…..

  3. Saul Francis says:

    ” Officials with government mortgage giant Fannie Mae ” What do these officials have to say about fraud, waste and abuse?

    • lvent says:

      The officials are a big part of the problem….the fox is always guarding the hen house…it was designed this way…….Obama never says a word about these criminals…..Here we have the biggest heist of wealth from MAINSTREET by WALL STREET to the Ruling elite investors and all of their minions and cohorts in history……and not a single word from Obama about all of the mortgage fraud?…He believes in spreading the wealth around he said during his Presidential campaign. Well than Obama, how about, spreading some of our stolen wealth back from the RULING ELITE INVESTORS AND WALL STREET to MAINSTREET .AND STOP FORCING MAINSTREET TO PAY FOR THEIR 140 TRILLION DOLLARS IN COLLATERAL FRAUD…THE FRAUDULENT DEBT THEY CREATED OUR OF THIN AIR…..THEIR BILLS…WITH OUR HOMES AND ANYTHING ELSE THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON…This is an evil plan and Obama has done NOTHING to stop them and everything to aid and abet them and block criminal prosecutions…Obama made a speech to the banksters right after his election and told them that he was the only thing standing between them and the pitchforks..Another 4 years of this administration and we will all be homeless and living under a bridge……. Martin Bashir said today on MSNBC…47% of the American people are now living below the povery line in America….and the class war has already happened….DON’T BE FOOLED FOR A MINUTE, .the Global Elite TYRANNY class war is not over as Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss in the Latest Keiser Report…

      • lvent says:

        Obama and all of his cohorts and minions are very smooth and sneaky traitors and treasonists of America…47% of AMERICANS ARE NOW LIVING BELOW THE POVERTY LINE….AND IT IS GOING TO GET WORSE PEOPLE……..THEY ARE PROPPING UP EUROPE BY COUNTERFEITING DOLLARS…..AND THEY ARE GOING TO DRIVE UP THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING…WATCH THE LATEST KEISER REPORT AT THE LINK POSTED ABOVE……THERE ARE GOING TO BE PEOPLE DYING IN THE STREETS…. Kudlow spoke what I believe is the truth a couple of months ago on his radio show…..Obama wants to level us like Europe…..Despicable!!! I had a lawyer recently tell me that if it gets any worse in America he is leaving the country because he does not want to see this…..Another attorney told me they are not going to stop untill they steal every home away from the American people…..he told me there are 5000 fraudclosure filings a day in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA….AND PEOPLE DON’T EVEN KNOW THIS…….WE WILL ALL WAKE UP ONE DAY VERY SOON BROKE AND HOMELESS IN THE LAND OUR FATHERS CONQUERED……Throw them ALL out America….and 97% of CONgress is no better…at all and are all in on this evil plan!!!

      • lvent says:

        CNN reporting: Bill Clinton saying it is not class warfare to ask everyone to pitch in……Shut the pie hole Bill….because if I remember right, you are one of the 33rd degree mason, key reasons we are all here……In 1999 didn’t you successfully repeal all of the Wall Street Regulations??? CNBC reported WALL STREET and all of their minions and cohorts, made 60 trillion dollars off of mortgage derivatives fraud in 1999 alone…..and did you not sign NAFTA????……because of that we have had zero job growth in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN THE LAST TEN YEARS…….you helped throw your country and your countrymen under the NWO bus….SHAME!!!!

      • I vent…Clinton..”.everyone to pitch in.”..pitch in what? When he was in office..he .just ran a whore house on the oval table….he is another guy who smiles while he is telling lies…Bill Clinton has no shame….if he did he would not have been in the prep club to destroy America. and lie to the people as he did it. He wore a mask….gutless. And yes..he did do all you said….and probably more….

  4. It would seem by the comments that people here are not reading the 2009 act and the provisions for protecting tenants involved in a landlord being foreclose and a property sold to someone else – ignorance of the law is no excuse – for buyer or seller or servicer or trashout crew or law enforcement or the individual public ignorant as usual and designed by plan of the public fool system that is so called education.

    Michael-Lynn @ The “MIXED WAR” Room and The Trials of Life


  5. Mario Kenny says:

    Herein lies the problem, the consumers are beginning to taste the sweet blood of not paying the bank or the government to live in a house, so what will the banks do now?, we the people are taking the houses back, period.

  6. lvent says:

    Oh yeah, the whole thing is going to blow up in their faces very soon……Like Marcy Kaptor famously said in front of CONgress, ……Don’t leave you homes……be squatters in your own home…..They don’t have the notes up on Wall Street……If your lawyer can’t put his finger on your note, they don’t have it…….

    • I vent….WAMU in their need of fraud…back in March 2003 and on thru 2003 their prospectus said they KEPT THE NOTES …REASON WAS SOMEONE MIGHT STEAL THEM… and would not be stamp with endorsement….AND DID NOT RECORD THEM TO SAVE ON ADMINISTRATION COSTS……LOL…..what lying jerks….but it also said to go to the PSA to see schedule E for full listing of all mortgages…so I did that and schedule E said……DELIBERATLY OMITTED…..I WENT THRU EVERY ARM’S AND THEY ALL SAID THE SAME…..and these were filed with SEC ??? It told nothing…what was there to file ??? The trail of the notes were already gone………and WAMU is gone….so I guess Chase will have the damage done to their face when everything blows………cause they don’t have the note……….

  7. housemanrob says:

    ……more greed…….quick sale, quick profit and then…….uh,oh!

    • I vent….agree….they don’t have the notes….that is why the Bankster Assoc. wants the laws to be just a simple copy of the Note in court for proof. That is what Chase has done twice , first the court said they showed no proof. to resubmit with correct documents…and this they did using the same copies…the Mill say’s that is a copy of the original Note….NO SHIT SHERLOCK….IT’S THE SAME COPY WE HAVE HAD SINCE THE CLOSING. It is stamped…’ This is a true copy of the original Note..’ and the mill must be brainless….the court didn’t want a copy….going on 2 years and no original note and Request to Produce of 20 + documents took almost 10 months to file and all said..OBJECTED…in the mean time … house…..and this year they hurried and paid the property taxes AND the home owners insurance premium…..but have no documents or Note…Chase is JUST the server from WAMU…..Chase sent a letter stating that…..But my daughter said she would bulldoze it…but I am great with a crow bar…..I release anger knocking down walls…been there ..done it…I wanted a wall removed in my house years back and my husband stalled on it…so when he left for work I crow barred the whole wall down..cleaned up the mess…and the next day he did what I wanted. Maybe I could make a few bucks helping people out…..LOL

  8. see says:

    Will people ever learn. STAY AWAY FROM FORECLOSED HOMES. And quit whinning when things go wrong. There have been enough horror stories to go around with buying foreclosed homes and it always amazes me that people don’t get it.

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