Victory | Bank of America-ReconTrust to Face State Court Judicial Process in Illegal Homeowner Foreclosures (VIDEO)

Bank of America-ReconTrust to Face State Court Judicial Process in Illegal Homeowner Foreclosures

Salt Lake City, UT) – St. George attorney John Christian Barlow, representing homeowners who have lost their home to the Bank of America’s (NYSE: “BAC”) foreclosure machine ReconTrust, may have finally achieved a measure of success in the battle of Utah homeowners against ReconTrust’s illegal foreclosures.

Federal Judge Clark Waddoups Thursday returned to Utah Fifth District Court in St. George a case in which ReconTrust was named as a third-party in the complaint claiming immunity under the National Bank Act in an unlawful detainer action.

Attorney Barlow explains the legal steps taken to help Utah homeowners protect their rights under State statutes in this exclusive interview with KCSG News.

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Bank of America, N.A., vs Ernie J. Fowlke

7 Responses to “Victory | Bank of America-ReconTrust to Face State Court Judicial Process in Illegal Homeowner Foreclosures (VIDEO)”
  1. foreclosureweary says:

    I’m initiating a lawsuit against Recontrust who stole our house in Arkansas. I have 5 fraudulent docs: Limited Power of Attorney, Assignment of Mortgage, Notice of Intent To Sell as well as 2 fraudulent deeds that say BOA paid $276,000.00 cash for the property (mortgage was $260,000.00). However, county records show a credit bid at auction by Freddie Mac.

    Be sure to check your Limited Power of Attorney from Recontrust! Also a signor who swore under purjury that doc stamps were paid. None were paid!

  2. lvent says:

    AWESOME! I got a notice from these dirty criminal bastards, Recontrust Co Na/Foreclosure……..that told me they could help me postpone my sale date? WHAT????? I know the pretender lender is no where near being granted a fraudlclosure and where did RECONTRUST COME FROM……???? THEY NEVER LENT ME ANY MONEY…..? I called the number, 888-823-3948 and told the agent they are liars and this is a terror tactic, a deceptive and illegal advertisement……The jerk who answered the phone told me Shhhhhhhh….and hung up on me…….William D. Goodrich, Attorney at Law I believe is aiding and abetting BOFA in doing short sales……BOFA is the MASTER SERVICER OF ALL OF THESE FRAUDULENT LOANS……..There is a line in this notice that is bery interesting………NEVER SIGN YOUR DEED PROPERTY OVER TO SOMEONE! ………….NOTICE TO RESIDENTS: PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ALL INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE THE BANK OR NEW OWNER MAY BE — USED AGAINST YOU TO PROCESS EVICTION………WTF DOES THAT MEAN???

    • housemanrob says:

      Vent….You should have conducted some intel! I always act like I’m interested! Knowledge is………..

      • lvent says:

        I still can……I am always interested in what these crooks are up to….they are becoming more and more deceptive….now they are using attorneys who claim to be working for the people to try and nab us….and rope us in….by telling us there is no hope here….I posted that number for RECONSTRUST…..EVERYONE SHOULD CALL IT…….

    • housemanrob says:

      In that last statement…they wew just saying…..f@#$k you and have a nice day!

      • lvent says:

        Right Rob…..and just imagine how many homowners are petrified by this notice and do not have a clue..that is what I am talking about…I should report this fraud to someone but who? This is what I mean, what you do not know will be used against you by these crooks……this is not right at all.,…That is why I say judicial state, non-judicial state, no one is safe from these criminals who have hijacked America…..!

    • Brenel says:


      I got a notice from ReconTrust and had no idea who they were. The wanted me to sign a paper which meant signing my deed over to them. I never signed it. When the auction/sale date came around, they had the nerve to tape the notice to my front door for the entire neighborhood and people passing by to see. They send me 3 of the same letter every time. This is almost a form of harassment. Yet, they never offered to assist me with saving my home. I thought they were supposed to be a neutral 3rd party? My auction date has been postponed, but I am considering hiring an attorney to investigate their practices of asking me to sign my deed over to them.

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