Setup | Police Lead #OccupyWallStreet Protesters onto the Brooklyn Bridge then Arrest 700


Protesters started marching up the pedestrian walk way over the bridge while others tried to take the traffic lane. For a few minutes officers held the line and then they turned around and led the way up the traffic lane on the Brooklyn Bridge. From what I saw no police told any of the protesters to leave until they created a barricade in front of the march about halfway through the bridge. They then pulled vans and buses up to the back of the group and started arresting everyone.

In total over 700 people were arrested.


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  1. Maggie May says:

    hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaahahahaha oh my u did me in!!! LOL

  2. Alison says:

    Here’s my plan Houseman Rob…….Put the criminals behind bars, get out and vote out the asholes who allowed this to happen, boycott, follow the rule of law, revere our soldiers for they ‘re only doing their jobs, which is to protect us, not countries that hate us. Become energy independent and mostly do not listen to the likes of Van Jones and his ilk. Just ask the Greeks how that is working out for them. We should not take the pressure off the sec, congress, and our local goverments who fly under the radar and the County Clerks offices who turned a blind eye while these frudulent docs were being recorded and allowed fraud into the system. All who participated must pay. Take the license’s away from attorney’s who were and are involved. Audit the fed and then get rid of it. Vote Obama out. He’s an “anti-colonioalist” and hates us all, his desire to crush our economy worked. I’m not saying Bush is smellin real sweet right now but whatever damage he did has been done threefold by Obama, and give everyone a clear title to their homes for damages, only they deseave much, much more for hell they have had to endure. That’s my plan Rob, I let you see mine now can I see yours?

    • housemanrob says:

      Alison….let me ponder that awhile! I promise to get back to you.

    • lvent says:

      I hate the New World Order too Allison….! You are right they are all in the cabal and all need to be routed out, exposed and thrown out….We need a fresh start without these politicians, their minions and cohorts, their media, and their criminal friends at Fed, the Treas. on Wall Street and around the Globe…We have a bunch of Nazi collaborators and traitors who have hijacked America and want a fascist, communits, totalitarian, Global New World Order! Screw them and their evil Hitler Plans! Not in America, not ever!!!

  3. Alison says:

    Hey Abdilla
    At least I would’ve been stupid enough to follow the police to a place where they couls arrest me. I know exactly who I am talking to. Where were you when we were getting our heads bashed in in Chicago? Now THAT was police butality!!!!!!!!! And don’t bring my parents into the frey, they died at 39 and 40 from working their asses off to support 4 kids so suck off!

    • First off…I would have no use to visit Chicago..been there done it many times…when I lived in Michigan…No body said you were stupid…remember you did the name calling. Why would I be in chicago when you were getting your head bashed in….what did you do to deserve that? Now Now…watch what you say about the police, you may need to call them someday when someone breaks into your house or car…isn’t that what you wrote in your comment? I don’t bash police….my family is practically all on some force or another in Florida and Michigan and my father was on the Detroit Police for 25 years…so I have no need to bash them. And they never had a reason to bash me. No…you do not know me …so don’t pretend you do….and shame on you…telling someone to suck off… does that make you feel big and bad or what? By the sounds of it… a peaceful protest does not need someone like you even there… I figured out why you got your head bashed in…you told some cop to suck off…right? Case closed………..

  4. Alison says:

    To I Vent,
    I did not mean to offend you. I have looked forward to your comments, you are highly intelligent and if not for you I would not be fighting the good fight. I get upset when assholes like ANON try to hihjack all we’ve been trying to do. Yes, Law Enforcement is on our side! How many of their home have been fraudulently forclorsed upon or near it, if they are foreclosing on our military while they are on the front lines getting shot at, it has become apparent that no one is safe. I’m really pissed off right now because I found out that my first home loan ever, was securitized before I could even move into it. This fraud has taken away three years of my life and I vow not to stop. But where I draw the line is people who think our constitution is a joke and people like Van Jones even comments, and Micheal Moore crawls out of the woodwork, not on our behalf but to further ruin our country and constitution and everything we have been taught. These greedy people and banks are going to get theirs. Everyone should withdraw their money, and buy only the bare necessaties, now they ‘re trying to start a credit card bubble. You would not believe the credit card invitations that have been coming to my house in the last two weeks, now thats a lol. Now BOA wants me to send them my satisfaction of mortgages from countrywide and wells fargo. Good luck w/thatI told them too bad, you’ll see them in court you assholes.

    • Maggie May says:

      uhuh!!!fight with yourself i enjoy wutchin!

      • lvent says:

        Allison raise alot of good points Maggie..There is alot of deception out there and it needs to be routed out. I see what Allison sees. Disinfo agents are all around us, trying to distract and confuse people from getting to the truth about who is really behind all of this financial terrorism..The World Bank/ The IMF/The Federal Reserve have hijacked the U.S. Treasury and the politicians…..they have hijacked America and they are A/K/A..The U.N./ New World Order….The Vatican owns this Hitler Plan……………and I don’t trust any of these politicians, judges, all. They are almost all agents for Rome. Traitors and Treasonists all of them, including most of the Mainstream Media.

    • lvent says:

      Allison you did not offend me. I see your point 100%….These protestors need leadership. The mainstream media is a disgrace. All they do is ridicule the people. There are soo many evil traitors it is sometimes hard to know your enemies… I have noticed the credit card offers are starting again. You are right, they are itching to Ponzi Scheme. I wish BofA would just kill themselves and get it over with! It would be a better world!

  5. lvent says:

    Just watched the latest Keiser Report, Stacy described the reason for all of the economic turmoil and the fraudclosures is the homes and everything were bought on a credit card system….that is about to collapse..This is true …but it is WHO backs this system including the dollar is what she left out….THE U..S TAXPAYER…..Instead of forcing all of us to pay for Wall Streets debt via fascist austerity measures by the FEDERAL RESERVE…..MAKE WALL STREET PAY THIER 140 TRILLION IN DEBTS…..THEY SHOULD BE FORCED TO CLEAN UP THEIR BALANCE SHEETS AND EAT ALL OF THEIR FRAUDULENT INDUCEMENTS…THEY DON’T OWN OUR HOMES..THEY NEVER LENT US ANY MONEY…THE U.S TAXPAYER LENT THEM THE MONEY……MAX KEISER was spot on last week when he described this as a balance sheet reccession…..The Fed keeps robbing all of us to feed these criminal institutions…..NATIONWIDE TAX REVOLT….!!! BOYCOTT THE FDIC BANKS…DON’T — USE THEIR CREDIT…BACKED BY ALL OF US…THEY STOLE EVERYTHING FROM US IN THIS MANUFACTURED CRISIS..OUR JOBS, OUR WEALTH, VIA MASSIVE MORTGAGE FRAUD…!!! STOP FEEDING THE BEAST…..!!!

  6. Alison says:

    Bunch of Morons!!!!!!!!!

      • Maggie Mae…Are you on laughing gas or something? Nothing here is funny….are you with us or not ? Forget I asked that….??!!!!??? I just answered my own question……………………………………….

    • lvent says:

      Alison, I grew up in a law enforcement family…..All of the policemen that I know are all for these protests and say it is about time…..There are always a few cops who are on a power trip…but for the most part I don’t believe for a minute that the majority of the police are not on the side of the protesters and may not join them at any moment…….I agree Allison, we don’t need Hollywood stars to rep us, we need critical thinkers, great minds like professors with brains….

    • Maggie May says:

      i know dat wuzz funni!

  7. Alison says:

    Better watch what you say about our police, they are really on the front lines. Who do YOU call when someome is breaking into your house or car or going after your children? My family menber died in the line of duty protecting pukes like you. They have a job to do, bosses and families to support and if you think they are going to support a bunch of assholes who can’t coherently speak to the news media when aked, think twice. I actually saw two of them asked “why are you here today”? They actually said “idon’t know”1 What the hell was that?

  8. Alison says:

    People were there to further their own agendas. Foreclosure fraud affects everyone!!!! Not one of tose pussies out ther ever mentioned it yet they have hijacked this web sites main cause FORECLOSURE FRAUD do I need to say it again, FORECLOSURE FRAUD, get it dummies?

    • Alison……if you had listened more clearly….most spoke of the financial conditions of this country….No jobs, can’t continue to pay school loans, no jobs after graduation….they spoke that Wall Street caused this…..Wall Street took this country down all while their profits went sky high….and not the legal way either…scammers…..and than claimed We the People owed this debt….a debt Wall Street caused….of 140 trillion…a debt that belonged to Wall Street……This group are in that bracket of having no money…while the rich get richer. Now those in foreclosure or have lost homes may have been at that protest or at a protest nearer where they lived….these are 2 separate issues….Join them so you can voice your opinion on foreclosures…make some signs get with it…..just don’t sit back and bitch about it…..and please….don’t be so elementary and call us dummies and pukes… have no idea who you are talking to… that what your parents call you?

  9. Alison says:

    I’m so angry!!!! Occupy Wall Strret was a complete and utter joke. They do not speak for me.

    • No…they do not speak for you…as I said…make some signs and go to the protest…you speak for yourself…..why should others speak for you…are you someone special? That is what a protest is for…you carry a sign and voice YOUR opinion……..

  10. Alison says:

    Add more celelebrity support? Who, like has been Rosanne Barr! No thanks!!!

  11. Alison says:

    Look, those people that followed the police to the bridge were stupid! More than half of them interviewed didn’t even know why they were there. I believe they really set our fraudclosure work back. If they don’t like whats going on they need to get informed and not look so stupid when asked “Why are you here”. You know as a matter of fact it was a sad attemp to to copy the success of the Tea Party. The only problem is I heard not one utterance of Foreclosure Fraud and Wall Sreets securitization of Mortgages. Who and what are hijacking this wonderful website to further their Obama like agenda of “Redistributing the weath, everyone working the man, and turning us into a nation of renters. Screw that and, disasociatwe yourselves from Anon, they did nothing or said nothing about the forclosure crisis when asked. Fuck Them.

  12. XXXX says:

    and the sheeple continue to fall for the traps, so much money so little time for NYPD/Gov to gather it all up as people are not paying attention or do not have a firm plan to offset the mind bending in real time as to see what is really happening. Good luck and God bless END THE FED and work your way down

  13. talktotennessee says:

    Need more celebrity support. That would gain attention and media! Anyone have contacts?

  14. talktotennessee says:

    Wow! The OCCUPY movement just made Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!!!Complete with video and really good honest credible coverage! .
    Keep up the good work guys. Maybe they don’t have a spokesperson. This might be good because it keeps the media from attacking and tagging any one individual. As it is the movement has a voice against many wrongs that appeals to those disillusioned with the establishment and corporate rule. We would not want to see this movement narrowed or limited. As it stands, Washington has turned its back on the people who are being raped by Wall Street and the banks. We are Legion, there are many who are suffering because of outplaced jobs, destruction of the housing market, loss of unions and bargaining rights, loss of our homes, etc. etc.

    • lvent says:


  15. Jen/Realtor says:

    (Please get this out)
    Occupy wall street for the people needs a gutsy experienced voice, who can NOT & WILL NOT be bought out or sold under any circumstances!!!! Nor any political party…. Nor be tricked by no one.

    I see that Occupy wall street in its pursuit, needs a leader ship voice basically a (Voice) within the Real estate , banking arena who knows the right language to speak for the people on the corruptions of the mods short sales the stealing of assets that was and is not theirs to take.. this is what their lacking because they know they were lied to and stolen from but they need a voice in the business who can decipher the words for all to understand for speaking.

    This message needs to be spoken from occupy wall street as it grows for the people, so the words of this message are given to the press correctly when speaking of causes of this movement taking place and why… It needs a leadership spoke person who can explain with words to the media, with the experience behind them, to get the message in words that the press will have no other choice but to listen …. we need to develop a R E spokes person whom we can send for this cause to occupy wall street to help the people with the message that needs to be placed in words of understanding in its entirety, for representing this matter alone, in its whole issue correctly with boldness & guts to say it the way it is, this movement will grow larger and stronger each day, we can not take a chance of getting anyone who will fail us in the message that can be bought or sold by any party………. every one pitch in to this cause of righteousness for the people by the people.

    Jenniffer Quinn / Realtor
    Jenniffer Quinn Realtor, in pursuit of voice for occupy wall street Copy right 2011

    • notmyhomeyournot says:

      The next threat is when they bring hundreds of cattle cars to lock up the whole crowd. This is un constitutional to the PEOPLE!

      • lvent says:

        I believe they are trying to provoke riots …and they no doubt have detention centers waiting…Jesse Ventura reported on the FEMA CAMP DENTENTION CENTERS…….WHAT WE NEED NOW IS A NATIONWIDE TAX REVOLT….STOP FEEDING THE BEAST….!!!!!! The police may be trying to warn them, they are walking into a trap……!

      • lvent says:

        Do not get me wrong, I am in complete support of my fellow americans rights to protest….It is the Government(s) I do not trust….at all!

      • I vent….I understand when you say a Nationwide Tax Revolt…but payroll taxes are taken out before you get paid…..and most employeers may refuse to Not take the tax out….and Property tax…..if not paid in certain time limit….the county has the right to put it on the tax sale…..So what is the alternative ? Some may need to know how this can be done…….in order to stop feeding the beast.

  16. Albi says:

    What an effen travesty. They should be arresting the Corporate Mafia who conspired to bring about the economic meltdown and fraudulent foreclosues. We should all be out in the streets protesting the corruption and the fact that NOTHING is being done to prosecute the banksters. We really need to occupy Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, the White House, all built and maintained with taxpayer money. Who is ordering the arrests of the peaceful protestors? I imagine Obama cannot do very much about it, since his presidential campaign was largely financed by Goldman-Sachs. What an effen joke. Let’s face it folks, the only CHANGE we will get is the change we make for ourselves.

  17. We need to support this people, were can we send money or supplies? Does anybody knows? how can we help?

  18. Litgant says:


    To the streets AMERICA. It is time for AMERICAN SPRING!

    Each city AMERICAN SPRING.


    When in America we cannot march peacefully without arrest and abuse by police. It is time for an AMERICAN Spring.

    Will they bring out the guns? Will they kill as they did in the other SPRING revolts?

    I see AMERICAN SPRING here.

    It is time.

    AMERICA do not be afraid of a police record your credit was already destroyed by the criminal bankers and corrupt judges.

    AMERICAN SPRING. It is time to hold the signs. AMERICAN SPRING.

    The whole world is watching as American police use violence and abuse to stop the revolution for economic justice and a right to peaceful protest.

    It is time for the AMERICAN SPRING

    • Fury says:

      to help the protest, you can order pizza for the protesters online and Liberatos Pizza will deliver the pizzas down to Zuccotti Square (renamed Liberty Square by protesters).

      for more info go to:

      (877) 881-3020

      General Inquiries:

      Send Mail

      The UPS Store
Re: Occupy Wall Street
118A Fulton St.

      New York, NY 10038

      Money orders only please, cannot cash checks yet. Non-perishable goods only. We can accept packages of any size. We’re currently low on food.

    • Tee says:

      Maggie May…….Why don’t you give us some insight on the subject. Your either to young to understand here or you have a silver spoon in your mouth. I want to know where to send donations too. It wont be long until there is so many marchers that the police wont be able to stop them unless they use some kind of force. I hate to say it but violence is going to happen soon. 99 vs 1………… could be ugly. Maggie I’m glad you think this is a joke……The Big Banks have taken my home that I built and spent my whole life’s savings on….I don’t take this stuff as a joke…at all. I’m definitely in for the fight…and its my life’s goal to fight these crooked fat pig bankers with lipstick on both ends until 99 wins…and never give up..I will never give up…..and sometimes I get so mad about what they have done to me and millions of others, It scares me to think of what I’m capable of doing to them. Pasadena California…..don’t ever think for one sec that your off the hook IMB….

      • lvent says:

        Spot on tee….there are agents planted here…for sure….The Federal Reserve is who is robbing the American people..No man or woman can go this alone……”I shouted out who killed the Kennedy’s? when after all it was you and me…”

      • Tee….I am sure a whole lot of people have thoughts just the same as you…some say it , others don’t. But the silent ones are more so to do something than the one who speaks out…But I feel at this point ….it just may keep going till the massive crowds are scattered all over the country…and if something is not done than holy hell may break out…and where it starts no one knows….but it really should be focused on the Federal Reserve…that needs to end…..done with…..and the police are ‘ owned ‘ by the powers of the evil…..
        I also agree that there are some who have a strange way of showing how serious this is…I feel they have already been pegged. Kinda like throwing the line out to catch a fish…hook, line and sinker……………

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