The earlier post on the fraudclosure trial has been updated to reflect the the trial has been postponed.

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  1. sirrowan says:

    Not that I would ever do this or agree with it, but I think there are many lynchings in our future. It’s gonna take the middle/upper classes to suffer before anything is done. Nobody cares about the middle/lower classes. And that’s the truth….

  2. helen m says:

    Something is crooked folks, many people even with money can’t get an attorney to represent them in court. The title companies (one big conglomerate) allegedly most of them owned by one company and crooked loan servicers and mortgage companies are protected by the gov. Most of the judges homes are purposely financed multiple times by the crooks taking borrowers homes. Look it up at the recorder of deeds. Attorneys nationwide have been warned not to take foreclosure cases. Look at TV see them advertising to help. NO! they do traffic tickets divorces and junk but no foreclosures. This is true. This is the biggest problem in AMERICA but there’s no help. They too know whose behind this corruption. They have been warned. some attorneys take borrowers money, dump them and not follow thru. This is nationwide. They are warned by the big law firms to back off or lose other cases by judges they control. Yes, all bar associations govern themselves like the mafia.

    They won’t allow or stand up for righteousness and honesty this is coming out. They make sure these big law firms along with those who have financial interest in this corruption , that certain judges are appointed. People have been defrauded by crooked notaries, brokers and companies . They want to lessen their liabilality so you’ll see the gov HUD go after crooks stopping the real victims from getting their day in court. All a sham folks. God will deliver the enemies into the hands of the people. These folks got more money than you can imagine and going as strait to hell too stealing from folks who trusted them.

  3. DAVID BEY says:

    Is as far as proving Fraud, the Court was saying you will need to present your evidence (i.e. Signature Expert testimony) at trial, if in fact the Banks Attorney or client presents the document as evidence, under oath, as to it validity. “You may be a peeble on the mountain top now, a little push and gravity will do the rest”

  4. lvent says:

    I went to court today on the motion to dismiss that I filed about all of the fraud and forgeries in their fraudclosure complaint and the altered mortgage documents that were altered after the closing…Fisher and Shapiro countered me and filed a motion to amend the second complaint with the “original” note. The attorney took us out in the hall and showed us the “original” note with no indorsement….just 2 Allonges attached both without recourse to PHH MORTGAGE..He said he does not need a recorded assignment..and he showed my the signature affavit. I told him I have that signature affadavit unsigned and not notarized….That signature on that document is a forgery….
    I told him that I know alot of fraud and forgeries occured after the closing and I have proof..I told him I think the Title Co,Chicago Title and Trust did the altering and forgering and I am going to subpoena that notary..He looked perplexed….and told me I am only doing my job…He told me I can ask for whatever I want in discovery…He
    told me that he has not yet seen a judge dimiss a foreclosure…He told me that
    if the Judge grants him his motion that I can counter it with another motion to dismiss or an answer to the complaint with affirmative defenses…So we went into court and there was one other pro se defendant who the judge granted more time….It was our turn and the attorney went first and told the Judge here
    is the “original” note and now I have proved I have standing…My husband said your honor, that is an altered document, I did not sign that document…I said can I have a copy of that :original” note? The attorney
    said no, but I will show it to you after court…I told the judge an attorney advised me to file this motion to dismiss on the fraud…He said I can’t understand why he is not here..I said he does not want to get involved..
    .I proceeded to try and show the Judge the fraud and he did not want to see it…He told me I have to prove the fraud, I said here it is your honor…he said you might want to hire an attorney, I said I can’t find one and he said that could be my own peril….He granted the bank attorney his motion to amend the complaint and gave me 21 days to answer or other responsive pleadings….He denied my motion to dismiss without prejudice….After words out in the hall the attorney showed us the note…I felt the signature and said this is not authentic, is this digitized? He said no, it is original….my husband took it and rubbed it and smudged the signature…and told the attorney, if this was original it would not smudge…The attorney said, the smudge was already on it….Oh, ok…right…we told him…He said what is it that we want? Are we trying to say we did not sign any of these docs..? I said my feeling is that once a document is altered after a signing it is null and void, so no, we did not sign any of these….he said well I can’t give it to you. I told him I know that…and I tried to get a loan mod….He told me everyone could not get a loan mod and I said, I qualified for it…and after they denied me, I got mad and found out the truth…I told him my recorders office told me my house is paid for because their has been no proper lien assignment in 18 years and the statute of limitations is 12 years,,,Again he seemed perplexed…So,
    I am going to file another motion to dismiss, this time only on the fraud…..and see what happens…The other pro se and my husband and I swapped stories after
    the bank attorney left…He told
    me that you got em, don’t give up the fight, I told him the same…
    and I said do you believe the Judge would not even look at the fraud?.
    the pro se yeah, the Judge
    did not want to bear witness to the fraud….We all agreed that this is a tyranny and they are trying to steal everything from the people…We all agreed
    that is all likely going to end in an uprising by the people
    and we
    all want to join it
    and we swapped e-mails..
    I love this country but these tyrants have to go!!!!

    • housemanrob says:

      Vent….Find an honest, good lawyer…….or the light at the end of your tunnel, my dear…..is just a freight train heading your way! Did you bring a court stenographer…..or did they have one there….you have got to get every word in court, recorded for review later. or in the appellate court. Allow no evidence to be introduced against you without an objection. OBJECT TO EVERYTHING AND GET IT ALL RECORDED!

      • lvent says:

        Thanks Rob..I am trying to find a good honest lawyer…I can’t…I was not the only one in court today complaining to the judge about the lawyers…there simply are none that are not working for the NWO…I know that note was a fraud…..Should I answer the second amended complaint with Affirmative defenses? I have 21 days….I want to subpoena that notary from Chgo title…I think they are who committed all of the fraud…Can I file another motion to dismiss on the fraud before 21 days so I know what to do with my answer…? The Judge did not even address the fraud in the foreclosure or the alterations in the closing docs…he would not even look at the fraud…!!! That is a felony in any state and it is as plain as the nose on your face….Do I have to admit that as evidence first?

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent, I find your case disturbing…..no lawyers to defend you?….outrageous!….the judge? How honest is he? Will you be treated fairly? Is he going to ignore your rights? Chicago is unfamiliar territory to me…….but if it is like foreclosures in Fla……..and everywhere else……..except for a few places…..without a lawyer, they may just railroad you thru the system…..ignoring your rights. I will pray for you hon…..God Bless!

      • lvent says:

        Rob that is exactly what they are trying to do, railroad me through the system.No Rob, there are no attorneys..even the Judge acklnowledged this in court yesterday and told one person to at least try and find an attorney as an advisor…The bank attorney knows what is going on as well that there are no attorneys……No criminal investigations either, as of late, into any of these law firms committing fraud in the fraudclosures right in our faces and the judges are ignoring it…Yes, the Judge is ignoring my rights, completely……I explained how I called the AG’s office to complain about the altering of forclosure docs and I got into a screaming match with the person on the phone….She told me you signed a mortgage! I told her no I did not, they committed fraud after the signing….and she told me to file a complaint….Watch yesterday’s Keiser report where in the second half of his show Max talks about just what I said I thought to be true the other day in one of my comments…the devils are all here in Chicago….This is where all the mortgage derivatives fraud originated and all of the financial crimes were hatched…Max said this is where all of the Occupy protestors should come….I thought that Wall Street is just an arm of Chicago. Chicago is the mastermind of all of this and I am living in hell…..I am going after the notary for Chicago Title Rob…I believe that is who altered all of the docs after the closing…..Watch the latest Keiser Report…esp the second half….

      • lvent says:

        CHICAGO IS GROUND ZERO OF FINANCIAL TERRORISM…….Chicago courtrooms are an unconstitutional and illegal tyranny…….The judges are completely corrupted and working for the enemy….ignoring our rights and ignoring fraud right in plain sight…We need millions of protestors right here, right now…Shut down the courthouses, they are useless…There is no justice there for the American people, the ONLY victims of the biggest financial crime of the century!!!!!…

      • lvent says:

        It is so bad here in Chicago Rob that more than one attorney told me, don’t even go to court, don’t even answer the complaints…your chances of winning are the same as winning the lottery..You are guaranteed to stay in your home till Sept 2012…..He told me that they are going to steal everyones house….complete communism…He told me that if the economic conditions get any worse, foreclosure no longer matters that it is going to be anarchy here in America and he does not even want to be here to see this…..

      • lvent says:

        Rob, one of the attorney’s also told me that with or without an attorney, your chances of winning are the same….the same as winning the lottery…you are not going to win…these are perilous times indeed…I won’t even tell my kids these things..I don’t want to frighten them…I told my oldest what happened in court yesterday, he said, it sounds like they are getting away with it….are we going to lose the house? I said, over my dead corpse.

      • lvent says:

        Rob, I will tell you what the order says from court yesterday….
        This matter coming to be heard on defendants Motion to Dismiss and Plaintiffs motion for Leave to File Second Amended Compaint, counsel for Plaintiff pro se present, in court being fully advised, IT IS ORDERED:
        1) Defendants Motion is denied without prejudice
        2.) Plaintiffs motion is granted
        3.) Plaintiff is granted leave to file its Second Amended Complaint instanter.
        4.) Defendant’s are granted 21 days to answer or otherwise plead.
        6) Defendants were shown Original Note in open court.
        It is a tyranny in there, illegal and unconstitutional..the Judge completely ignoring all of the fraud in the fraudclosure and the altering of documents after the closing….Clear and undeniable fraud with no need to prove it…it is in plain sight…the whole courtroom witnessed the crime by the judge of completely ignoring my rights…the people should have all GOT UP, AND WALKED OUT….BOYCOTT THE COURTS..NOW….AMERICA!!!!

      • lvent says:


    • Fury says:

      ivent, i have said it before…
      you are smarter than any atty you have talked to about your cases.
      you know what to do and you’ll do it.

      the world is shifting and starting to realize what we have been saying for the last 4-5 years.

      hang in there.

      • lvent says:

        Thanks Fury! I sent Chicago Title and Trust an e-mail asking them where I can locate one of their employees…I went to the Notary Law website for Illinois and it seems there exists an illegal conflict of interest here in my case.. Notary Law states a notary public may not-
        Acknowledge any instrument in which the notary’s name appears as a party to the transaction..
        Change anything in a written instrument after it has been signed by anyone…
        Prepare any legal instrument or fill in the blanks of any instrument other than a notary certificate; however, this prohibition shall not prohibit an attorney, who is also a notary public, from performing notorial acts for any documents he or she prepares.
        It seems that Patricia M. Picard is an escrowee for Chicago Title and Trust, and Ill. Notary and a Notary for the bank….it appears as of 2011, she is no longer a notary public….
        The website states that Notaries Public who commit official misconduct may be subject to criminal liability, which may include the revocation of their notary public commission.
        It also appears that their was a NEW NOTARY LAW IN ILLINOIS- – Public Act 95-988, that became effective June 1, 2009 and terminates June 30,2013…The new law affects the notarization of transfers o residential real estate in Cook County and is an attempt to address the growing problem of mortgage fraud in Chicago and Cook County..
        Illinois notaries public who notarize document of conveyance of qualifying residential real estate in Cook County will be required to create a Notorial Record, take a thumbprint of the seller(s), and provide for record keeping of the Notorial Record to the responsible parties..
        Additionally, the new law states that identification documents are “documents that are valid a the time of the notorial act, issued by a state or federal government agency, and bearing the photgraphic image of the individual’s face and signature of the individual.” This definition of identification document is required for all notorial acts where the individual is identified on the basis of indentification documents….
        A notary public who is principal, employee or agent of a title insurance company, title insurance agent, financial institution or attorney must deliver the Notorial Record, within 14 days, to his or her employer and is required to maintain the record for a period of 7 years…
        The plot thickens…

      • lvent says:

        Here is the link to the NEW NOTARY LAW IN ILLINOIS..

      • I vent..I re-read your comment on court…..the judge did tell you …you had to prove it….when you tried to show him the fraud…… maybe this will help………….
        http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/fraud google for more info……..look at how to prove fraud as a judge may look at it……not as we see it….and other sites may be more into our type of fraud….so keep looking…I am sure you will find how to prove it…But I agree….an attorney would be the way to go….due to how it is presented to the court…..and the ‘ language ‘ the court wants to hear.

      • lvent says:

        Thanks Marilyn….the fraud is undeniable..there is nothing to prove….all you have to do is look at it…I may have to submit it as evidence or something…I am working on it….The attorney who has been kind of advising me said the Judge should give me clear title to my home because of it..altering docs after the closing….and then the attorneys office stamped over all of the forgeries in their second filing……I have been reading about civil procedure all day..I will check out your link…thanks again!

    • I vent….It seems to ring a bell with me…awhile back someone on this site ( and for some reason I want to say ‘JIM’ .I can’t think of his last name….he comments quite often and is in the know ) said something like this….’ It’s not what you can show as fraud…it’s what you can prove…you must prove it ‘…….I may not have it worded right but he did say you must prove it….And I feel that judge may have been giving you a clue to get an attorney…for reason’s of..an attorney speaks the ‘ legal words ‘ that the court wants to hear…most common people do not know how to do this…you may be in the ball park ..but not hitting the ball head on. Others have said the same thing and were told to get an attorney….so I feel it has something to do with how it is presented to the court….and the court ‘ language ‘…….I could be wrong..but that is my opinion….Maybe Jim will see this and comment…….let’s hope he does…he may be able to help you……..( I think his last name starts with a ‘ B ‘…maybe 4closurefraud can help find him)….I want to help you cause this has to be so stressful………

    • lizinsarasota says:

      I know you know that Chicago Title is an affiliate (or whatever they call it) of Lender Processing Services…

  5. Vicky says:

    I bet, it will be settled b4 d jury trial. they will not let it be a landmark decision that we can use to cite for
    future hearings. they just thought that the homeowner will not last this long. i sued my lender and is waiting for a December hearing. my friend will be this November.

  6. Wayne says:

    Let me guess ……………… ahhhh the couldn’t find the Original papers …. ahhhhh the Dog ate em … ahhhhhh the banker’s lawyers entered the courtroom and took one look around and said ” I Quit”. “That’s it” … I’m out of here. LMAO.

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