Citizen (Warriors) Group to Host MASSIVE Foreclosure Defense Workshop in Florida

Citizens Group to Host Massive Foreclosure Defense Workshop

SARASOTA – The Mortgage Justice Group will host  a free day-long foreclosure defense workshop next Saturday (October 15). Titled, “Save Your Home,” the event will include a free screening of the Academy Award-winning movie, Inside Job (editor’s review). The group, an organization of citizens helping citizens in foreclosure, is attempting to educate homeowners and citizens, not only of their own rights, but also on a host of critical issues surrounding

Mr. Henry P. Trawick, Jr., author of Trawick’s Florida Practice and Procedure, will be the keynote speaker, with a speech titled “The Foreclosure Mess.” April Charney, a nationally-known foreclosure defense attorney from Jacksonville Legal Aid, and hero to many as the Mother Theresa of foreclosure defense, has also joined the lineup.

Ms. Charney has characterized banks as “court interlopers [who] might as well be wearing a ski mask and carrying an Uzi for as much right as they have to force homeowners out of their homes”:  fighting words that have given hope to tens of thousands of frightened Florida homeowners facing foreclosure.

In foreclosure fraud, “If Mr. Trawick is Pavarotti, April Charney is Mick Jagger,” said author and activist Liz Courson.

Trawick and  Charney will be joined by a bevy of other prominent foreclosure defense attorneys, experts, and activists, including noted Tampa attorney Matt Weidner; Lane Houk, forensic mortgage expert; and Lisa Epstein, foreclosure activist and owner of the nationally-known website,, all of whom will speak about foreclosure defense-related topics.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune staff writer Michael Braga will also speak at the event and there will be numerous local attorneys on hand to answer questions about the latest news and foreclosure defense strategies, as well as proposed changes to mortgage/foreclosure laws in the 2011-2012 session of the Florida legislature.

The event will be held at the Unity Church of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Road, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (map)

SOURCE: The Bradenton Times

If you live in Florida, (and beyond?) be there or be homeless…

I’ll be there, will you?


The time is NOW.


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  1. talktotennessee says:

    [President Bill Clinton],0,2576664.story
    “He called for reforms to the corporate tax system and said the economy will never fully recover unless the country addresses the mortgage crisis. He suggested that banks write down or extend existing mortgages at today’s low interest rates, and if people still can’t pay, allow them to lease their homes for five years with the opportunity to reconvert to a mortgage.”
    Those of you who are connected: Please repost his comment to all your sources. President Clinton still carries some influence and could help make this happen. If he speaks much in his new book (Back to Work) tour it could seriously be presented as an entrance to helping housing or recovery mode. He also mentioned the OCCUPY movement favorably and talked about Washington being paralyzed. Readers, we have so few options. We can’t count on the AGs and if we don’t speak up, speak forcefully, eventually others will speak for us.

  2. John says:


    We still have the right to a jury and that scares the heck out of them.

  3. T says:

    What about these workshops in the North central to North west part of the the state? The fraud is rampant and well known in the mid to lower area of Florida however, the northern part and the panhandle virtually/still have no clue to these issues. It is hard to ‘get the word out’ and educate others in these areas when there are just a handful of victims experiencing and fighting this fraud.

  4. John says:

    What about Bill O’Reilly last night debating by saying the wall street, banking crowd had not done anything wrong and if you say so, prove it.

    Said to show him where they are wrong and he would gladly show it on the air by posting it.

    Anyone here able to straighten him out?

    How about the man that went to court and was awarded 25 million for being wronged.

    Is Bill bought off, or simply repeating what he has been told?

    • Bloodsoaked says:

      Ya they just forgave his motgage probably. You know hes the media so they want fuckass like him on ther side. DROP DEAD O’REILLY YOU POOR WASTE OF HUMAN FLESH!

    • John…I commented the other day on O’Reilly’s book…I got it in 2003 and he spoke of all this crap in that book…but since than till now I believe he has been bought….he has completely flipped over to the enemy side of the fence. ..Since the media and TV is under the NWO….if he didn’t do as they say he would be out of work…so he is playing the role to be employed…we are not fools…and he is not fooling anyone…he goes where the money flows…plain and simple. Since when does O’Reilly know anything about the fraudulent foreclosures….he knows shit…he is told to say that….just as Obama is told what to say…..they are peon puppets….a$$kissers as some would say. The later fits them better. So I would say O’Reilly has been bought and for certain he must do what he is told….so in one respect…they all are slaves to the NWO…..they are under control…… and can’t back out…they are stuck there as slaves…..

  5. lizinsarasota says:

    Y’all come! Sarasota is a beautiful place, and be sure to check out our beach, Siesta Beach, which was voted the prettiest beach in the world last year.
    Our speaker lineup, as you can see, is amazing. The two most famous lawyers in the state will be right here! If you have a copy of Trawick (mine is well-thumbed!) bring it and get it autographed by the author himself!
    If you are coming and would like to play an active role in ensuring the event runs smoothly, you can help out and still participate in all the activities; call Mortgage Justice at the number above and they’d be delighted if you could help.
    Let’s go! It will be well worth the trip! We could start a national trend–local activism–which is only fitting, considering that FLORIDA is the epicenter of foreclosure fraud.

  6. Litgant says:

    The event will be held at the Unity Church of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Road, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Litgant is going to try and make this one. I think this is a good thing long over due. Thanks to those who put this on and also to the speakers who have donated their time.

    We can win if we can train the courts to rule according to the rule of law. And we can win so long as the legislature does not change the rules and give the banks a hammer over the people.

    See all of you there.

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