In-Depth Report | Florida AG Pam Bondi Pressured By Targets Of Investigations To Soften Approach, Critics Say


What a write up. The author covered almost everything related to the Bondi fraudclosure scandal.

Be sure to read it in its entirety.


Florida AG Pam Bondi Pressured By Targets Of Investigations To Soften Approach, Critics Say

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Last December, when she was still investigating foreclosure fraud as a top lawyer in the Florida attorney general’s office, June Clarkson gave a PowerPoint presentation to a legal association.

Her presentation amounted to an indictment of Lender Processing Services, or LPS, a company near the center of ongoing state investigations into claims that foreclosures have been rushed en masse through the legal machinery, without proper documentation. She flashed images of paperwork on a screen under the heading “forgeries,” asserting that LPS’ former subsidiary, Docx, had produced phony documents to justify unlawful foreclosures.

The legal association later sent Clarkson a thank-you note, calling her tutorial “invaluable.” Word of her presentation reached New York, where a state Supreme Court judge cited it in a harshly-worded ruling that a bank lacked the right to foreclose on a Brooklyn home.

But the Jacksonville-based LPS was furious, particularly about one slide in the presentation: an image of the children’s board game Candyland, a satirical reference to the mortgage securitization process. The following month, a lawyer for LPS sent a letter to Clarkson and Theresa Edwards — a colleague who co-authored the presentation — calling their PowerPoint display “irresponsible” and “inflammatory,” adding: “The legitimate question at this point is whether you are still capable of conducting this investigation.”

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  1. ted1 says:

    what do we have to do to impeach scott and bondi they are so in your face with bs do you ever wonder why scott bought the gov’s job and you can see bondi’s deal making with the bankster group can one of our lawyers help get something going there must be a way

  2. Beth A. says:

    FYI on the “redneck” comment – which I found offensive. I’m not a native but live in FL.

    In the time of battle – I’ll side with what you term a “redneck” any day over a stereotypical East Coaster in a nice suit (another stereotype, right? There are all kinds and we abhore most of ’em). What you term a “redneck” just might have better tools, cunning, weapons and fighter instinct. So, please don’t ever mistake southern “nice” for stupid or unmotivated.

    So, let’s play fair and not throw sterotypes around.

    Only in FL have I seen the staff of an AG’s office work hard to go after foreclosure fraud. Only in FL have I seen investigators with spines who seek to do what is proper and be pushed out of their jobs. Goodness – my former resident state’s AG Office (where I still have a house) has done jack squat and won’t even respond to most inquiries and requests for investigations. I haven’t seen the residents of that state kick up a fuss and light a fire under their AG’s Office like I’ve seen in FL. So, if they’d have me – I’d like to join the ranks of what you term “rednecks” because they’ve so far exhibited a heck of a lot more moxy than many other folks.

  3. housemanrob says:

    To Pammy………It is a long trip back and forth from Tallahassee to Tampa……… know…..stretches of hiway that are really lonely and desolate……….you should be careful……bitch!

  4. CaitlinO says:

    This is getting national exposure. Nothing like a little sunlight to make the crawlies that live under rocks start scrambling.

    Come on Florida!! It’s time to impeach the bitch!

  5. Tia Louiser says:

    Why don’t you rednecks go to Tallahasee and provide some of your own protests? Too uncomfortable?
    Try living on the street, that’s where you’ll be if you don’t pressure Pam “Bank Owned” Bondi.

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