Ocwen | Effort to keep Seattle woman in her home goes nationwide

So acting on her behalf, volunteers representing several community action groups went to Ocwen Financial in West Palm Beach, Florida and delivered the paperwork along with a petition with 74 hundred signatures supporting her, in person.


Effort to keep Seattle woman in her home goes nationwide

A Seattle woman is trying the direct approach with the mortgage company holding her longtime home hostage.

KING5 was the first to bring you the story of 71-year-old Dixie Mitchell. Today she’s the face of two protests; one in Seattle, the other in Florida at the bank that has her loan.

Dixie Mitchell has lived the last 44 years at one address in Seattle. She may not live there much longer. So community activists are stepping in to try to keep the bank from kicking her out.

The modest home in Seattle’s Central District was home to 9 children and 50 foster children. It’s been home to Dixie and her husband as they both battled cancer, followed by her husband’s massive stroke that left him paralyzed and unable to work.

Dixie says she’s been trying for three years to modify her loan.

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2 Responses to “Ocwen | Effort to keep Seattle woman in her home goes nationwide”
  1. Bryan says:

    Wait, is OCWEN a BANK or just a servicer? I too am fighting OCWEN. Been to my AG, they told me to call the OCC. I cant get a straight answer from my government as to who is looking at the fraud Ocwen and MERS have unleashed.

  2. Tom Dogood says:

    We need to go after the bastards in the “mortgage company” peacefully and force them to do the right thing. This is a tragedy and their is nothing but a cold, calculated business as usual approach to these financial terrorists.
    They are starting to scream louder about “deadbeats” and “personal responsility”. This is a good thing, since everyone knows that quite a few “mortgage companies” are deadbeats who are never held personally responsible.

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