Mitt Romney’s Housing Plan: “Don’t try and stop the foreclosure process.” (VIDEO)


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  1. Hell No - No More Bleeping Bankster Bailouts says:

    @lies is all they tell

    First, research that attorney to make sure they do not just file the BK Schedules and then disappear after setting the BK filing up to fail.

    IF you find the firm is not doing that scam, then you need to determine if you can afford a monthly payment to the BK attorney as well as take care of basic fees such as your utilities, insurance and the like and still have SOME money to be paying to the BK Trustee. NOTE: I am NOT saying to add in all the credit cards or the mortgage or other DEBTS that will be entered into the BK filing.

    If you can swing THAT, then what you want the BK filing to have is the Mortgage listed as DISPUTED. If your title the property is clouded by the improper assignments, then the value of the property is also in question.

    Go with filing the Chapter 13. Your schedules will NOT show you making a payment to the mortgage. The other creditor will be paid from what you can provide the trustee. You will need to do an adversarial filing against the supposed creditor on your mortgage.

    If you can not do that, then a Chapter 7 where you dispute the value of the property and dispute the mortgage might still have a chance of you fighting for the house. Chapter 13 is more desirable but 7 may work if you can get the mortgage Even in Chapter 7 some adversarial filings have worked.

    I’m not an attorney, but talk to that attorney some more about EXACTLY they would do via the BK. Find one who knows how to FIGHT for your property. Many BK attorneys do not know this area of REAL ESTATE or TITLE law in BK court. Learn the pros and cons before you dismiss BK as a route that will not work.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      thank you for your info. it is funny how lawyers go to school but do not keep up to date. yes 5 years ago foreclosures and bk’s were alot different. today 25% of florida is underwater with no jobs available that pay a living wage to get caught up. right away this woman on the phone telling me i lose my house in chapter 7. how ignorant. doesnt it make you mad that if i would have took out a home equity loan it could have been lien stripped.
      i didnt, but i should not be punished. yet it seems the folks that took the home equity have their home saved somehow. i put my 20% down. the woman on the phone made it sound like i would give up my home. ???? thi is a confusing situation to be in. i/wells fargo scammed me out of my mortgage. i tried to explain to her i was current when they told me not pay. its a terrible situation to be in. i am trying to get some help from the senator marco rubios office but all wells fargo does is say mores on top of lies. hence my screen name. it has been lies on top of lies since 2009 for me . our credit score was a 789 before his s tarted. the judges should start looking at that. it says alot about a couple after 20 years of marriage non-verablly. we worked very hard all our lives to pay our bills on time. sad be brought to our knees like this because florida has no more jobs

  2. lies is all they tell says:

    @ ivent i think the problem is thought they could get away with it bit things are Turning around. not as fast as we would like. foreclosure and BK still loom for me and millions of people. they took all our jobs away. how can we pay the bills. i called a lawyer today and the paralegal i guess??? says i HAVE to do a chap 13 to keep my house yet i have a over 250k mortgage and the house is worth 111k. there was fraudulent appriasla, mortgage application, and modification proocess. she does not konw what i have been through so sad. i do not want to lose my hi=ome . i worked all my life. my husband is a hard worker willing to work 60hrs a week. but here are no jobs. he is no lazy person. this is quite an experience to go through . watching our finances go down the tubes. i cant give ALL my money i make and have none for food, a , lawyer and to move. any advie anyone. i am truly stressed nad

    • lvent says:

      lies is all they tell..I am sure that you know that a Chapter 13 is a restructuring of your debt. 2 different attorney’s advised me not to do a Chapter 13 because it does not eliminate debt…The attorney told me my mortgage payment would be 5 G a month…He asked me if I could pay that and I said hell no…They only allow you to keep what amounts to a few cents in your pocket a month for food and neccessities….THAT IS NOT FREEDOM…THAT IS SLAVERY!..They put you on a TIGHT budget is what the attorney told me……It is b.s., the same as extortion if you ask me..It is like pay up or get out..B.S. .If I could afford 5 G a month, I don’t think I would be in BK…..I would rather fight the fraudclosure..I want a Judge to look me in the eye and tell me this pretender lender has a legal right to take my home away. ..It looks to me like the latest trick up the Government(s) sleeves is trying to force mediations with the pretender lenders and if that does not work, they are trying to force us into Chapter 13 BK…and force that mortgage payment down our throats…Why not Chapter 7 and liquidate the debt and fight the fraudclosure? I don’t know, I am not an attorney but it looks to me like there is some Blackmail and Extortion going on here by the Government(s)…I had an attorney tell me just file Chapter 7 NOW…Bankruptcy is NOT going to save your home from fraudclosure….This is a business decision you and your husband will have to make..

    • lvent says:

      lies is all they tell…The middle class is in need of some serious debt relief…not more payments…don’t forget many have said The debt in this country is unsustainable because Wall Street rang themselves up with around 1.2 Quadrillion in collateral fraud, those derivatives they created out of thin air…it is all backed by zero…..more than the World GDP for the next freaking 40 years….I won’t be forced to become a slave to that fraud…..!

  3. lies is all they tell says:

    actually i heard and met eva cor last week she iss 77 yr old romanian jew. she is a survivor of ashvitz. she was one of dr mengles twins. she and her sister were use din horible experiments. her sister who died 20 yrs ago , kidneys did not grow past 10 yr old size. she went into renal failure after 3 children. eva told us that the reason the jews did not fight back. the were religous and they prayed. yup. we had luch with her and asked her why did htey just go on the train, she said they prayed . so i think we need to do more then pray here

    • lvent says:

      lies, everyone knows the jews were left defenseless by the Nazis…they took away their guns and snuck in the horrible economic conditions to weaken their defenses……..The same evil people are behind this and they are after all of us this time. No one is safe from their class warfare. They are evil…I agree with you, we do need to pray alot.

  4. lies is all they tell says:

    elizabeth warren for president

    • lvent says:

      lies, I would write Elizabeth in…Ever get the feeling the media is broadcasting from another planet? CNN on Anderson pooper is saying that Herman Cain is in the lead and Romney is just behind….yeah on what planet are they talking about?…. Any ways…I hope we all agree on a candidate and write in our choice..that is what these traitor politicians need… a good swift boot out the door by WE THE PEOPLE..!

      • lies is all they tell says:

        i am so sick. it seems that “if your not in finacila trouble who cares” its sad these guys have no idea what is going on out here.

        her is the lawsuit you have been waiting for, talking about for almost 2 years. you have been telling us that the securitization of these mortgages makes the banks unable to foreclose. how can they hide this fact fo r so long. and why do people listen to what they are told. what makes us different.

        i live in fear every day of my life. wells fargo has ruined my life my health and my wealth. i just can not wait untiil they are brought down and they feel my pain.

      • housemanrob says:

        Lies…….Join the club……it’s a big one and we are in it!

      • lvent says:

        lies, they are what Max Keiser calls suicide bankers..They blow up nations economies and die.that is their job…..We are definitely in need of some divine intervention here. 1.2 quadrillion in derivatives backed by nothing is seriously evil. These crooks are still funding campaigns and they are insolvent on paper. Now that needs to stop…There are some really evil people behind this plot and it is time the American people stood up and demand they ALL be held accountable and Obama should make the FED explain where all of our money they are feeding Wall Street that is bankrupting America is going…This is serious. They are bankrupting this country to recapitalize banks that committed massive fraud in all of our names…Obama said what they did was not neccessarily criminal……Obama really put his foot in his mouth with that outrageous remark…. If thats the case then we should all be able to just cash the same check twice,collect a bond to sell an interest in to our own investors and a treasury to sell to Wall Street… and also collect interest payments from the person who wrote the check for thirty years…. then after we got paid again by selling the check in the form of a treasury to Wall Street for them to bundle up with thousands of other treasuries, some very risky….a lot of bad checks are in there that they knew were going to bounce….and get the whole package AAA rated by our criminal friends at the rating agencies…..and then WALL STREET would have converted those treasuries into stocks and selling an interest in the interest money we were collecting off of that check we cashed and continue to repackage it and buy, sell and trade off of that stock option every way imaginable..exotically and synthetically they call those mortgage derivatives…backed by ZERO…and we must insure ourselves against those risky assets we created out of thin air with trillions of dollars in CDS insurance…valued in the trillions..worth way more than the value of the insured risky asset…..and then when we can’t keep up with our debts any longer because WALL STREET went way over our credit limit…We could take the persons house who wrote us that check and collect our CDS insurance money valued at 3-4 times the value of the risk…..BTW, ..Isn’t that AKA insurance fraud? .That is like buying a million dollar life insurance policy on someone and saying that person is healthy as a horse when you knew full well they already pulled the plug on that person?.. But according to Obama none of this is a crime…..

      • I vent…..Obama needs to be out of office….I feel this country has had enough of his asinine remarks….and he has gone along with the enemy all along…even before he got into office. As far as I am concerned all presidents for the past 30 years need to have all benefits, pensions, security stripped from them….and charged with Treason….not one deserves to be on the outside of the steel bars…..they are all the enemy from within along with many others….and that includes all the vice-presidents…..put Cheney in front of the microwave and start it up…his pacemaker will do the rest…and Bush goes to the countries that want him for war crimes…we will deal with the rest…..The world will not forgive and forget……end the Federal Reserve and the rest of the bastards will go down…..than we will hear the pigs squealing… will be music to our ears.

  5. I will vote for the candidate that comes out and says “I’m going to prosecute, I’m going to stop the looting and start prosecuting” otherwise all of them are a bunch of clowns

    • lvent says:

      ACMOD…maybe we should vote for the one who says I will not prosecute them…then they arent breaking their NWO oath if they do it..!! You know, just trying to think outside of the Bill Clinton..he did not have sex with that woman..Monica Lewinsky…

    • lies is all they tell says:

      elizabeth warren fo rpresident i do not like any of these dogs running

    • ACMOD…….What you are saying is you would believe any pack of lies they say….as long as it sounded good…… you are so wrong…….In the first place….the lies in the past got this country in this massive mess……campaign’s are filled with bullshit….campaigns should be only 2 months at the longest…it is nothing but a show put on to twist the minds of the beholder. Instead investigate the past and the families they are bred from….blood runs thick …Check the past of all presidents for the past 30 years or so and you will find ALL were not for this country…..and the same goes for those in CONgress…..two terms…in and out…gone…..for Congress and Senate…..out after 2 terms….end all lobbyists period…end the corporate and government connection….end the Federal Reserve…control our own currency….and the list goes on….what is up and running now have contaminated blood….not one is worth a vote….it is a calamity of disaster waiting to happen……The people need to write in their vote on the ballot…not what is running against us….tell others to watch this site for names to write in….we must make the big change now….we have no choice…..

  6. keepon says:

    ohhh maaan. …and who’s gonna push THIS puppet around the board?

    America is being further suckered by proposing candidates like Palin, Bachman, Perry, and Romney who have 1 thing in common: NO INTELLIGENCE. They all ‘clean up nice,’ but President. They CAN’T be serious.

    These candidates HAVE to be election ‘dirty tricks’ to get the banksters’ President back in. There’s no other plausible explanation for their candidacy.

    Somebody’s foolin’ with us!

    • housemanrob says:

      Just power and greed is all they care about…..

    • lvent says:

      They just want to put another NWO puppet in there. The 99% really should choose a write in candidate off of their grid. Lies suggested Elizabeth Warren, I agree. If we do not get some real American patriots in office we are done. Paul Volker did an interview with Charlie Rose last nite on Bloomberg news…Paul Volker said the change in the distribution of wealth began 15 years ago so that would have been under Clinton. He should have been impeached and thrown out of office. Though the Republicons put him up to it, he is a traitor. The traitors are in both parties. We can’t trust any of them at all.

  7. Ron Moss says:

    It makes Ron Paul look agressive. He knows how to fire Ben Bernanke and why. And has for thirty years, Consistantly. Dr. No does not evenlet the lobbiest in. Consistantly.

  8. Ron Moss says:

    It is nice to see “Team Obama” as he plays the “HARP” and Mitt Romney waits his turn to sing, for the same team. Seeing is believing..

  9. talktotennessee says:

    It demonstrates Romney’s ignorance and lack of compassion. Romney may be the front runner but he is more of the same and I would say worse than what we have now, if that is possible.

    Obama’s announcement today represents an election knee jerk action to help underwater homeowners refinance is a token designed to give the impression he is doing something definitive about the “housing” dilemma that McCain, and others say must happen. What he did today is really no help at all and is designed to appease bankers. It will translate into almost no help or change in the status quo. As usual requirements are too narrow. He has not addressed appraisals, interest rates or other factors involved. I believe he has done this as a campaign ploy. Is there anyone out there not owned by theStreet?
    I am annoyed with both parties. Completely ignoring the fraud aspect as if it does not exist.. Anything that affects banking negatively is not going to be addressed by either party. There is a name for those who sell themselves to the high bedder.
    Support OCCUPY to develop a third party. Maybe that would take some of the arrogance out of the two faux parties we have now. Guys we need reform, get corporations, banking, out of politics. Something has to give!
    If I could demonstrate with OCCUPY, I would.

    • housemanrob says:

      There is talk going on that OWS is being co-opted……that they are falling for the elitest Robin Hood tax…….talk is that there is not enough knowledge in those young minds…………

  10. lies is all they tell says:

    love it run its course and hit the bottom???? can some one explain that to me i am a dumb american

  11. lies is all they tell says:

    this feels ALOT like Hitlers Germany revisited. i thought “never again” so what instead of killing 11 million people in the 1940’s (6 million Jews ) we are going to make 6-7 million “Americans ” homeless. then when rents go higher then our salaries , what send us to fema camps and send us unknowingly to “showers” and kills us ?/// i and so distraught over how similar this s to Hitlers Germany. after last week i heard a woman speak of her years at Auschwitz death camp. is that going to be our future. is thaw why they are stealing our homes. does everyone know that’s what Hitler did to 11 million people in the 1940’s (6 million Jews) he sent them all to death camps and confiscated all their property. then what to do with them all? hmmm the final solution. i learned why they didnt fight back. most jewish people sent to these death camps were very religious. the prayed to god. we on the other hand are not allowing them to come in and confiscate our property we all need to fight. i was at the post office today and told the clerk and the fedex guy about my fed ex package wells fargo says they lost yet it was signed by a wells fargo employee. the fed ex guy is even aware of this happening to everyone. it over whelming

  12. Yes Romney’s plan, lets put another 7 million families in the street, 6 million is not enough

  13. tee says:

    ROM has always been a hard head / hard a**. God help us all if that arrogant fellow gets in. “Let it take its course” ??? How nice.

    • housemanrob says:

      Hedge fund managers are sociopathic and narcicistic……don’t feel things like we do…..they are wired differently. One requirement for that job should be…….that they do it from jail

  14. Javagold says:

    Fuck you Mitt

  15. Beth A. says:

    Hell NO, Mr. Mitty.
    When I saw this clip on the news the other night my head about exploded.

    Yeah, let’s just sweep it all under the rug, huh? That just goes to show us that he’s another professional politician. G’day Mitt – there are no votes for you around our house – no way, no how.

  16. indio007 says:

    Romney is not in Congress and never has been.

  17. lvent says:

    This is what they want…a nation of renters…CNBC already reportied on Friday, FANNIE AND FREDDIE are aready allowing the foreign investors to BUY our homes after FANNIE AND FREDDIE STEAL THEM… and rent OUR STOLEN HOMES back to us…FOREIGN INVESTOR TAKEOVER…. under the guise of too much debt…WALL STREETS DEBT…NOT OURS!!! CNBC were discussing the fact that the foreign investors are using this as a ploy, a trick to get into our country WITHOUT A VISA…!!!! NATIONWIDE MORTGAGE AND PROPERTY TAX REVOLT…NOW!!!!!

    • talktotennessee says:

      Our government is inviting them in to buy the houses. They must pay cash and keep for a couple of years. They are allowed to come here because they are homeowners. You know what is strange. We are selling out big time. One one hand we are denying illegals from coming in this country but inviting illegals in to pay cash for our homes and they can stay! What have we become in this country?

  18. housemanrob says:

    There he is the next American NAZI DICTATOR…..another puppet on a string!

  19. Hell No - No More Bleeping Bankster Bailouts says:

    I think Mitt should cancel his run for the presidency, resign from his congressional seat and hire on as the internal auditor for Marshall C Watson.

    That way he can directly keep those foreclosures humming along at the Watson firm. Of course, with any luck he’d get canned very soon there too.

    Meanwhile to help all those foreclosures keep going, who is ‘up’ for filing foreclosure documents on each of Mitt’s properties? The paperwork would be just as good as what is filed against all the rest of us.

    Shall we start with the La Jolla property he is renovating for all his political events locally? His neighbors would not be sad to see the traffic problem he is creating go away.

    • lvent says:

      Sounds like Romney is invested in this somehow or he is a NWO member…

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent…..Of course he is……..look at the cash the stumble bumb is raising…..

      • lvent says:

        Rob, The candidate we choose will be decided among the 99%…and written in on our ballots..This will eliminate the rigged electonic voting booths…We need a nationwide movement on this.

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent……Good idea……

      • lvent says:

        RT news reporting its a bad scene down in Oakland, Cal. police are using tear gas and other excessive tactics on bankster protestors.

      • I vent…I may be wrong on this…but didn’t someone say Mitt Romney was a Morman ? And the Morman’s were some how connected with the NWO….? Not sure what was exactly said…but something just rings a bell with me……can you come up with what I am getting at? I believe the comment was on this site.

      • lvent says:

        Yes Marilyn Romney is a Mormon…I don’t know about their connection with the NWO but no doubt there is..Their tentacles reach everywhere.. I know they used the Catholic Religion as a ruse to distract us from their evil NWO plans for World Domination..The hierarchies wear many disguises and use many distractions to infiltrate nations and overthrow them…
        My local news reporting there are hundreds of Illinois citizens that have flooded the State Capital in Springfield today in protest of unfair and deceptive everything in general…Looks like Illinois might be going Madison on the dirty crooks…I will be joining them…They are definitely in the right place, there and at the city halls…Rahm Emmanuel announcing he wants to cover 47% of the City of Chicago with red light cameras and speed cameras…..I think that there is a spray you can buy for your license plate that blocks your plate number from camera detection…The people should all stock up on that spray… These Politicians really suck..they are all a bunch of Nazi Collaberators..Time for the people to fire all of them!

      • I vent….Yes, Chicago and/or the state of Illinois does have it’s share of criminal crooks…..seems it always has. But Florida has them also….they are worse than cockroaches….they even work in the dark ( hidden) turn the lights on and they scatter….But I must say this Mitt Romney has some guts to speak about the foreclosures…..he just cut his own throat……that is politician suicide…..

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, seems like the corruption is in every state now.,..Spread like a plague…The whole mortgage derivatives scheme was devised here… Chicago…we have some of the sneakiest criminals on the planet here Bill Ayers who was born in Oak Park Ill and Bernadine Dorhn were two notorious figures of the radical weather underground from the 60’s,they are some of Obamas cohorts…Bill Ayers is a professor at UIC .His wife Bernadine Dorhn is a law professor at Northwestern ..Did you know Hillary Clinton is from Oak Park Ill a suburb of Chicago?…Michael Savidge said on his radio program a couple of months ago that Chicago is running the world…. I find it no coincidence that Rahm Emmanuel became our mayor after he said that that is his dream job…..and then Daley stepped down… Michael Savage has mysteriously disappeared from the air waves in Chicago as of about three weeks ago…All roads lead here. Even the Bush’s are heavily connected to Chicago… I believe Chicago is where the whole hidden power structure lies…. Here are some proof in this article.

    • rictic says:

      “Meanwhile to help all those foreclosures keep going, who is ‘up’ for filing foreclosure documents on each of Mitt’s properties? The paperwork would be just as good as what is filed against all the rest of us.”
      Hell No, if you or I or anyone else did that then it would be FRAUD. The Law only applies to us peons, TPTB they don’t have to abide by “no steenkin laws”…..

      • housemanrob says:

        rictic……..better yet we just sell his house….the big ranch….. have it recorded…..break his chain of title….let him feel like us for a while….if he had any feelings…..

      • housemanrob says:

        No rictic…….we’ll file assignment transferring the property to Fanny Mae from rictic inc.

      • lvent says:

        Rob, do you mean you want to do as they do, not as they say? Sounds like a plan..!!

      • Rob and Ivent….LOL…..It all sounds great to me…..there is more than one way to skin the rat…..sell them out…..mess the title up….Ya..Do as the bakers and politicians do….than you are following the law….we have millions of proof that is how it is to be done……I vent….you are right …Do as they do, not as they say……

      • lvent says:

        Let’s create chaos for them for a change Marilyn!.

      • Hey I vent…there is plenty to pay back….even beyond messing the titles up….bet the Bushes are in South America in their compound of 100,000 acres…..where has Billie boy been lately.( well, he thinks he is young guy ) he was so connected to the White House before (Lately) and now he has disappeared from sight….now that his past has been up front….keep the people informed and tell them to pass the word or words….need it to get to everyone….everyone in this country will be doomed if the country does come together….we must vote them out……

      • LOL….Rob…I must be thinking of a good pastry….in my comment above I said ‘ bakers ‘ instead of bankers….and my mind controls what I am thinking…LOL oh lord…a coffee and a pastry sounds great compared to thinking of the bankers….

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